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  1. Dusting off the rods and boiling up the crack... :-)

  2. Thanks Bill, mental note made for the future...
  3. Bill, how's life in PA ?? all sorted and back on stream ??
  4. Seems fine Paul's probably passed out, trying to count the non sarcastic Phil post count... Got to keep those traders on their toes, and now even better value with the CAG card..
  5. Hey Bill, hope all goes well with the move.. Great news on the St L junior front, is it going to be evil clam all round ??
  6. Lowell, I'm sure Paul will be very pleased with the field report..
  7. Thanks Bill... Best wishes to you and all the Boilie Shop Teams... May your runs be frequent
  8. Hollywood, hopefully that's a "cya" on this thread only.
  9. Bill, many of us are CAG and ACS members, you really don't want us to have to pick just one do you..
  10. Paul, I just got a report that "Pineapple" Tim's fish is doing cartwheels in Town Lake at the prospect of the free meals .....
  11. Paul, I cant believe you would say such a thing... I was just bringing it back to the top for you ..... That's good stuff.... I'm glad it didn't end up in ashes... Will future shipments be hassle free ?? I'm thinking for the CCC etc ?
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