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  1. Looks like those got washed down the Anacostia
  2. Troy, the event on the 10th isn't a tournament, well maybe for bragging rights, but typically just a social fishin where like minded folks can spend some time chatting and with luck have a few nice fish thrown in.
  3. Don't sweat it Bob, I'm assuming the river will be frozen for a few more weeks, :-)
  4. Doubt I'll be able to make 2 on the bounce, but would not be keen on option 3 unless you could go and bait up on Friday evening.
  5. Snow is packed and ready for transportation..
  6. Thanks Tom, I'll swing by on the way there and pick up some "spawn bait" fond memories down south.
  7. Marcus, you could look at it as a massive pre-baiting for your trip over..
  8. Might want to think about moving this to the members section unless you want the world and his wife on your doorstep in the coming months.
  9. Huge thank-you there is every chance we will be hooking and looking sharp.
  10. Fairfax / Alexandria. but will travel... :-)
  11. Plenty of time yet to get the passport etc sorted..
  12. I hear the ice skating is pretty hot on Burke. With recent rains I would think that Algonkian would be tough due to the flow. But Moon is closer to check that one.
  13. Nearly 8 years have past.... It's that time of year again to head south west.
  14. Thanks, can we start a new topic ie 2014 Can-Am Once something is resolved.
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