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  1. I know which swim I would be in Andy..............
  2. Welcome to Mi Brian. Stick with Robert and he will increase your PB for you..................
  3. dju

    Lake Lancer

    Nick - trust me ..........
  4. dju

    Lake Lancer

    I live on Lake Lancer. Created from a small trout stream and about 800 acres. Plenty of bass, panfish and pike but in 20+ years here I have never seen a carp in it. Downstream in the rivers and lakes leading to the Saginaw river there are lots of carp and some monsters. PM me if you need more info.
  5. I have Jury service the whole month of May Dave so will have to play it by ear?
  6. Dave - I am in and believe so was Robert.
  7. 3 fraudulent charges. C card from Resistance, BCT and Cabelas.
  8. Well done guys! Keep it up and good luck!
  9. Not much has changed Dave.............
  10. Only bothered to apply once. This is for a fish I caught 20 yrs ago and it looks like the patches have changed a little.
  11. As the Saginasty Master is coming out of retirement for this it would be churlish not to participate!!! Will be great to see you again Don. Sign me up for Mi please.
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