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  1. I've also got a partial refund of the shipping charges. They also usually throw in a nice little free item, which I appreciate, as a customer. Thanks!
  2. I still get the error when trying to checkout with PayPal.
  3. Thank you for confirming that. I'm not trying to accuse anyone here, but from what I read online on this subject, a lot of the times it's not outside hackers who forced their way into a database, but some disgruntled kid with too much access, who just got canned from his job for watching porn on company time & machines, and decides to help himself to a nice "severance package" by making a copy of the clients' database and selling it online. No way to trace/detect that after the fact...
  4. I believe that if PayPal or Amazon were hacked, a LOT more people would be affected and this would be all over news already... None of the other forums I read (or Facebook, etc) report these issues. I still believe it's related to some carp specific B&T shop we all use. This is the only common thread visible so far... Just my 2 cents.
  5. Anybody contacted Andy from Resistance Tackle, so he can run some checks on his database? I only ordered once from RT, but luckily I used PayPal, so no hits on my CCs.
  6. I hope everything went OK at the doctor's today. Speedy recovery, JD!
  7. Anyone here has any experience with this online shop? http://www.askari-fishing.com/ It's located in Germany and I'm interested if anyone ordered from them. They seem to ship worldwide. Thanks!
  8. Also, weird way of submitting a new post. Once I tap "Submit" a pop-up asks me if I want to open an external link. If I say yes, a blank Safari page opens. If I say no, nothing happens. However it saves the post each time. Hence the double post above.
  9. It's not working, at least not on my iPhone. I'll try the iPad later tonight.
  10. It's not working, at least not on my iPhone. I'll try the iPad later tonight.
  11. I bought "IPS Communities" version 2.0.3 and it works OK. The only bug I see so far is if I choose to see new content, then select a topic with multiple pages, it won't turn the page. I tap the "page" button, then the "2" or "3" button and nothing happens, it stays on page 1. If I coose a topic from the home page, it will turn the page. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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