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  1. I posted on your thread , I want the Fox rod , if your still interested in selling contact me at hollarmatt@gmail.com

  2. From the album: OhioCarpCrew

    Release shot....fish was recaught 3 weeks later by Rob Shiflet at 1.01 lbs heavier....CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE works !!
  3. From the album: OhioCarpCrew

    40.0 lbs April 2014 witnessed by Craig Welch .
  4. From the album: OhioCarpCrew

    40.0 lbs April 2014 witnessed by Craig Welch.
  5. From the album: OhioCarpCrew

    I'm the USA distributor for Carp Candy O-Rings , contact me for ordering information .
  6. From the album: OhioCarpCrew

    My brand new Fox NTXR 3 rod presentation set.
  7. 2015 season....here we come ! !

  8. Johnsonross Is My Favorite Shop In The UK , never received any extra fees or taxes after any of my purchases.
  9. I've said it many times on this forum , Nash makes cheap Chinese junk and sells it under the well know Nash name...but it's still junk. I do think they make nice bed chairs and bivvies but they should have stayed with what they know...not rods and reels. I own a Nash ball maker and do think it's a good idea. I will keep it until a better manufacturer like Fox or Korda come out with a better version....then I will give the Nash one away. Until then it remains the ONLY tackle item from Nash and will NEVER own anything else from them.
  10. Brooksey, man that sucks....I really loved Frank's new bait range......geez that's horrible. If you got some inside info on SOLAR baits.....please PM me . Rebel , I contacted Dave and Jim at BCT , I had a LONG bulk list, but they could not get the items for me.....I'm about to start paying some UK mates to smuggles some baits into the USA for me.
  11. Jim at BCT is the man , ALWAYS willing to help and ALWAYS comes through....just wish BCT would stock more SOLAR baits and tackle....and the Frank Warwick range of baits....not so subtle hint hint hint Dave !!! lol Have already made 3 orders from BCT this year.
  12. Yes BCT is one of the shops that I use to get my UK baits and I have purchased from Dave since the start in the old ACS days......but not everyone again uses CC Moore as the market seems to be flooded with another popular bait at this very moment.....Dynamite will always be one of my favorites , Mainline is OK , but as with CC Moore , not one of my best producers...sadly and at the same time thankfully the baits that work the best are not popular with the main stream of carpers...Solar , StickyBaits , Nutrabaits , Richworth , ect. I know the red tape and permit cost is high......but to whom ever decides to look to the future , the shop with the most selections of UK baits will get the most business , which in turn will yield profit for them. I have been looking into this topic and maybe in the future it will just be easier to obtain an import bait license for ones self and sell to the anglers in your home State ?
  13. With the restrictions from the UK carp shops for USA carpers trying to buy carp baits and now the recent announcement from Carp Kit in Canada not selling UK baits to USA carpers....my question is , are the USA carp shops going to be stocking more baits to meet the demand that WILL be building or are they also going to stop stocking/selling UK baits too ? I know MANY in my home State that are starting to panic as they need to stock up on baits for the upcoming season too.....my e-mail box has been filling up with fellow carpers asking these same question that I also need answers too. Not everyone uses the few USA bait companys and a lot of us depend on the UK baits to catch fish....and we want to continue using them.
  14. Bill come to EAST HARBOR next weekend , Matt the owner of CNY baits will be attending our Ohio event and he will be bringing baits...I have a VERY large order that he is delivering to me and I will be more than happy to give you some of the baits you choose to try out....if you can not make it to EH , I will gladly meet up with you out your way, out my way or anywhere you want and you can SEE for yourself just how much Ohio carp love these baits.
  15. You are very welcome , you cant go wrong with ANY of the baits Matt makes , top notch owner and his baits CATCH FISH (without having to chum POUNDS of them in your waters)...what else could you want from a bait ? They are doing VERY well for lots of OHIO anglers and you can expect to see lots of pictures from us up on MATT's site this year of some big catches.
  16. The first baits from StickyBaits I ever used were the bloodworm dumbells after seeing the success that Danny Fairbrass had with them all over Europe.....worst baits for carp in the USA , but instant catfish catchers of course. I use 4 flavors of pop-ups from StickyBaits and they work very well....even gave a tub of P&P to a fellow CAGer in Northern Ohio and he caught is PB 54 lb. Grass Carp on them...lmao. Their baits DO produce...wish someone in North America would stock them...HINT...HINT to the carp tackle suppliers !!!
  17. Well my usual supplier was JohnsonRoss, but they stopped shipping bait to the USA as you know...I have another supplier...I will PM it to you.
  18. Good luck Zack.....I have been buying Sticky Baits from the UK directly for the last few years...sadly no one in North America carry's them...Carp Kit used to have a STICKY BAITS banner in their "coming soon" section but must have never panned out ?? If you find a source, PLEASE let me know.
  19. I really dont know....have'nt visited that site for a long time now. They used to be my go to shop in the UK , specially when they had the "Stars and Strips" section...could get stuff in 2-3 days from the UK...also was great when they had a shop over here up on the Larry in NY , all I would do is call Danny Henwood and he would have stuff shipped over for me on their next container and he would only charge me shipping from NY to Ohio. Bought my Fox Classic Brolly and Fox Ultra bedchair through them many years ago, and again only paid for shipping from NY to Ohio. Bought a LOT of tackle through them back in the day. Miss that shop but last time I was on there they didnt have hardly anything on their website.
  20. As always Simon......you are the MAN !!! I will be in contact sir.
  21. Never purchased any big ticket items from JR , but have through TackleBox and Specialist Tackle and NEVER recieved any additional bill from either. But thats the reason I would like to purchase through a North American dealer , to avoid any hassel and any customs tax that might come with the purchase. I have ordered Shimano rods through one vendor and they shipped direct from the UK and at a cheaper shipping rate than I could have purchased rods from a USA shop...no customs tax on those either.
  22. Can any of the vendors that carry UK Daiwa products get the Daiwa Infinity DF models , i'm interested in the 13' 3.75TC version. Johnsonross offers them for £319.00 tax incl. VAT...which equal $482.81 , so without the VAT they should be a little cheaper. If anyone can get them in , please let me know.
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