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  1. The bugs this year were "non existent". I was up there for 10 days and didn't get bit by one Mozzie. This is a first for me, but the hot dry temps obviously were the reason why. I didn't complain one bit. I hope it's the same for you, because I've seen the bad side of it before.
  2. Thank you very much FrankB. I wish I lived where you do. Oh boy would I be in heaven.
  3. Stepping up the baiting will only increase your chances of catching, and catching well. If possible, boil the maize. Not only is it more attractive to the carp, it's easier for them to process. As you know that time of year is quite weedy, so baiting large amounts of maize will help clear swims from carp feeding aggressively. A sprinkling of boilies will help too. No need for hundreds of pounds of boilies like we had. Ha ha
  4. Thank you for the comments. We were fishing the Waddington area the entire time. As far as chum goes we used cracked/whole maize (25-35 gallons a day) and we did use boilies as chum as well. We used mostly two flavors (pineapple and coconut) everyday and put about 10-15lbs each in. We would throw in 5lbs at night with the chum and steadily add more bait to the swim after every fish totaling the 10-15lbs. The slow and steady approach keeps fish holding a little longer rather than dumping in a ton and them cleaning up and moving on. We specifically used cracked corn for this purpose. When fish weren't topping over our swim we wouldn't put much in. If they were clearly feeding on it we would top off and keep it going. You get the picture. I've fished the Larry in July a couple times and it can be tough to find fish. After they spawn they move out and forage until fall when they start stacking back up in the bays for winter. I wish you tight lines and will help anyway I can.
  5. I appreciate the kind words. Jerome, I agree with you. Terry would be the one to elaborate on boat fishing, since it is his boat. We've only recently been doing our last two trips strictly from it, and I must say it opens all new dimensions to carp fishing. The options are endless, from feature/fish finding, to chumming, eliminating most snags compared to shore fishing and the list goes on and on. I'll talk to him about it and I'll get back to you privately!
  6. I recently got back from my annual St. Lawrence trip with a my very close friend, Terry Fishlock. Unfortunately the fishing was a bit on the slow side due to a massive cold front a week prior to arriving. It pretty much pushed off the spawn for a week and needless to say, moved the fish into a more scattered state of foraging. Anyone that has fished this massive river knows that if they're scattered they are hard to find, let alone catch. Terry and I baited up a couple spots in different depths and kept the bait piling in for days and days. We eventually decided to keep only the deeper swim going since fish started to show in 20-40' of water. The fish were starting to cooperate when the warmer temps kept coming and the winds were favorable in a SW or WSW state. After a few days of catching some decent fish the winds unfortunately shifted to N and NE which once again, killed our swim. The winds kept in this direction for 3 days and it once again, relocated the fish we were just starting to catch. This brings us to the tail end of our trip. The last four days fished pretty well banking an average of 40 fish a day. That is a lot of fish for two anglers in a day, especially when the upper dbls or low 20's, hang in the current and feel like proper 30's. Every fish, especially the testosterone bound males, fought and felt like at least double their weight. Forearms were hurting, back tightening and legs like jelly all from fighting these hard fighters from the boat, in sometimes very sketchy water with waves crashing over the bow. There's nothing quite like fighting carp from a boat, especially in deep water. I highly recommend it to anyone that has the opportunity. This is our trip in a nutshell and don't want to ramble too much to be honest. All in all I landed the two biggest at 29-3 and 32-5. I was also blessed with two beautiful mirrors that I caught within a couple hours of each other. Terry got into many fish, but to much dismay, did not break the mid 20 area. We both had a fantastic time and formed new memories and experiences with each an every trip. Hopefully the fishing will be a bit better next year. Until then, we reflect on our trip and start to plan and prep for next year. Enjoy the pics everyone. Ps. There will be a few bait lots for sale after this. I usually buy and take too much with me and with my limited fishing time at home, I won't be needed it. Look out later today
  7. what kind of a deal would you give if I take both lots?

  8. I have been doing business with Simon for years for a very good reason. Professional and honest, not to mention a great selection of everything carpy!
  9. I"ll take the spool of line. My address is

    Dave Marceau

    3876 W. Broad

    Dixon ,IL 61021

    Is your email still the same ?


  10. Nice outing. Congrats on the PB's
  11. Fantastic fish. Well done. Also on my bucket list
  12. I have to agree with Joe Kalina on Simon being very responsive to any inquiry I have had in the past. I've had nothing but good experiences with him with an exception of one small hiccup, which was made right straight away. I hope your issue is resolved, I've gotten the run around before from a UK company and it's not fun to deal with. Hang in there!
  13. Looks like a good time was had by all. Well done everyone!
  14. Nice write up and nice fish. Thanks for sharing. My rods are on a 6 week drought. I'm going mad!!!!!
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