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  1. Received two new RTA4 alarms that had been ordered for my birthday today. Fast shipping as always - thanks ! Now to get a couple of batteries and plan the next Carp Quest Colorado session for hopefully Monday, once I've finished my 4x12 of nights for work tomorrow. Yay !
  2. Sorry to see you go Shawn. Your videos were some of the first I found on the "tube" when I first got back into fishing for Carp here in the States last year. Keep on Carping ! John
  3. I have used Wacker, BCT and Resistance - and so far, fingers crossed, have not been hit (though i'm now checking on a daily basis) ! I would highly suspect that the root cause of this activity is coming from another source, be that a virus, screen scraper, trojan, a re-directed URL that wasn't noticed, etc. Of course, now I will have cursed myself and be beaten to death with fraudulent charges! I would highly recommend that you ensure your virus definitions are up to date with whatever s/w you use, be that Windows Defender, Norton, McAfee et, that the s/w is actually enabled if you have it, that you do not click on "links" in emails, even from people you know, and that you are diligent in checking URL's on websites you visit. Always manually type in a website URL, rather than click on a link - especially for any site that requires you to enter credentials for identification. My 2 pennies worth on this. It used to be 5 pennies, but with inflation, I need to cut costs by 60% ! John
  4. If all planned systems work went without issue, i'd be unemployed ! Given that i've worked in the IT Management field now for 27 years i've seen the good, the bad and the totally unexpected. No matter how much ITIL/ITSM, change control, technical advisory boards, change advisory and review boards, online, or offline backups, detailed plans, back-out plans and testing you perform - chite always happens ! My job is to mitigate customer impact and restore systems to operation asap. The why's, the wherefore's and the blame can follow later. Willem I salute you for all your efforts in getting us any data back at all ! Thanks ! John
  5. My wife had thought my carp sickness had been cured and treated long ago - before we were married. I am still not convinced that she is pleased to see it return again, though at least she is supporting my rehabilitation through tackle during this difficult time for me ! Sadly, or fortunately, once you have the carp disease in your system it has no long term cure - perhaps just a quiet point for a few years! John
  6. My wife wanted to post her thanks to BCT for their super fast delivery of the items she ordered earlier this week. From order to doorstep was <48 hrs! Sheesh ! Almost as fast as Santa on his sleight the night before Christmas ! So, thanks to BCT ! Excellent ! Of course, what this does mean, is that I must be on Santa's "nice" list this year ...! either that, or my wife is taking up carp fishing ! <unlikely>. John
  7. Quodos to Paul & Wacker for his assistance in sorting out my ordering woes overnight and getting the CAG Member Discounts applied. Very professional, responsive and helpful ! Thanks again Paul !
  8. Robert, A Brit, President / VP - highly doubtful (I think some would likely die in horror at the thought!) - perhaps in a few years time when I have a lot more knowledge and experience of the modern sport especially here in the USA ... thanks though... However, Robert, you'd make a great VP, though I understand your time is limited somewhat - that's likely most great candidate's problem, limited time, certainly not passion! Of course, for my future consideration, the positions would need to be rebranded as "King" and "Prince" for VP, JF
  9. Ironic, rarely drink tea nowadays, since moving to the US - I have become a coffee addict, infact, lack of coffee is almost worse than lack of nicotine for me ! I do occasionally sip a cup of tea, white, sugar and still get a smile from the horror folks here have at the sight of pouring some "milk" in there. btw, what the heck is "ice tea" ? some tea like syrup concoction!! I know, off topic, but hey, it's always tea time somewhere! John
  10. Being both a newcomer to these forums this year and a tech geek, I can say 100% that what goes out there in Social Media space, is out there for all to see and very hard to take back once you hit "post". When looking for source of Carp'ing information I searched, Google, Youtube, Facebook, read posts on both CAG and "other" websites forums to get a feel of what the community via. that portal was like. I must say, some of the older CAG "vids" still on youtube even made my sick sense of humor raise an eyebrow. After joining, paying my dues, I must say that the people in this community are are outstanding, helpful, knowledgeable and generally gracious with the advice they offer. For me, it was certainly worth the membership fee and my knowledge, catch rate and PB are growing almost monthly. Individuals need to decide for themselves if the value of membership, private forums, etc, is worth it to them. If they don't want to pay, then don't. There are as has been mentioned a ton of "vendor" sponsored or even hosted sites out there with information - you get in life typically what you pay for. Personally I prefer the lack of overt advertising here and the community spirit offered. As far as fly fishing goes, I know there is an avid group of carp fly fishermen here in Colorado, generally up in Denver where they just had the Carpslam event. Knowledgeable and skillful for sure - would I like to see most information on Fly fishing here (private or otherwise) ? of course. That would be a _value add_, again certainly worth the membership dues to learn from others with more skill and knowledge than I. Is it going to be the end of the world?, solve world hunger, prevent the hext hurricane, if there isn't, no! I have a browser, search engines, if I am that interested in finding out information on fly fishing for carp, pretty easy to facilitate with the tools vailable - just type in "carp fly fishing" into youtube and see how many hits you get! Would it be great to have ALL the Carp communities and information in one place, one happy family, all playing nicely together, yes ! Will that ever happen, very doubful ! My 10 british pennies worth of thoughts, FWIW. John
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