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  1. Hi,

    I am a brand new member of CAG; just started carp fishing the end of June and have been very successful. I have started assembling the equipment (proper net, unhooking matt, sling, etc. and tying my own hair rigs. I noted some contests sponsored by CAG, but don't see registration for a Fall 2016 Big 4 CAG event- is there one? I may submit a discovery month article, but Im not familiar with all the proper terms used, i.e. what is a "swim", a "run", etc......I can be a big promoter of CAG; I am very impressed with the level of expertise, care and professionalism demonstrated by the members. Any additional information you can provide would be appreciated!....thanks!   Kirk

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    2. Brookesy


      Discovery Month is free. Just go out and fish a new area (a swim is a fishing 'spot', honey hole, whatever phrase you prefer) and then write about your experiences. Post the write-up in the Discovery Month section and we then vote on them after the contest finishes.

      CAG Fall Big 4 commences on October 1st and I'll have all of the registration details and links posted a day or so before. It runs Oct. 1st to Nov, 15th so plenty of time to get out and catch.

      Welcome to CAG and good luck.


    3. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Thank you all!- what a first class organization!!...The welcome packet, including a first-class magazine is impressive!.The care afforded the landing, weighing and returning the fish to the water is truly impressive; (and thanks Willem for the tips!). I have implemented those methods in my pursuits.....While I am a consummate angler of all species, I have to say a creek-caught carp is the hardest fighting fish I have encountered (and that's up against pike, musky, bowfin, ocean bluefish, stripers, and even lake-caught carp like my avatar!....That one was 38" and 22lbs, but this one caught from a creek last week was 30" and 16lbs and took longer to land!!....what a fish!..I look forward to learning from you all, refining my techniques and entering the contests!!.... please let me know how I can help the organization!-it doesn't appear there are many carp fisherpeople here in Kansas City-is there a list somewhere?...sorry for all the questions, just youthful enthusiasm!!...(and somehow can't get the pics to line up correctly in the post... :(.....


    4. (MO) MOCarper

      (MO) MOCarper

      Ok......so I looked at the CAG registration and my Adobe acrobat says the leadershipboard. com isn't supported and will not download......how do I register for the CAG big 4 then?............thanks!!      Kirk

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