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  1. NY CAG FISH  

    Just wanna Say thank you to Guys that showed up. 

    Also for @Barryfor bring Hotdogs and Hamburgers. 

    Well Done to Danny for his first Mirror. 

    Hope to see you soon, for the next NY CAG Fish in. 

    Jeffery Mirr1.jpg

    Jeffery Mirror.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing Catfish strike.jpg

    Sam Pole fishing catfish.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing extending the pole.jpg

    Sam Pole fishing reduce pole catfish.jpg

    Sam Pole Fishing thomas bull.jpg

    Danny 1st Mirror.jpg

  2. Hello Ken


    I dont know what PDF you are talking about, there is no PDF in the events for the St. Lawrence competitions 


  3. The Circle requirements are for NY State. If other states will follow then please check your state fishing laws. The reasoning behind the Circle hook. its not about what bait you use. its about being able to unhook the fish as quickly as gentle as possible for being released back into the rivers. Unfortately the mortality rate is too high from under sized stripe bass being caught and released and ending up being dead in the water. Being a circle hook should be alot easier to unhook with fingers or most people use is pair of pliers.
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