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  1. The Circle requirements are for NY State. If other states will follow then please check your state fishing laws. The reasoning behind the Circle hook. its not about what bait you use. its about being able to unhook the fish as quickly as gentle as possible for being released back into the rivers. Unfortately the mortality rate is too high from under sized stripe bass being caught and released and ending up being dead in the water. Being a circle hook should be alot easier to unhook with fingers or most people use is pair of pliers.
  2. Hi was going through the event calender and i see your even For April 17th but you got the even blank all over april may june july september. you might wanna fix this thanks. 



  3. Hello Everyone. In 2 weeks I be looking to fish in the Mohawk river. Anyone with info as far locations would be great full. 


    Also October 13th Sunday I am doing a fishin at Dutchmans Landing. You can contact me on Facebook at CAG NY State Hudson Valley. Or message me here on the forum.  Look forward to seeing everyone.

    1. Ken


      Which end of the Mohawk are you fishing?

    2. (NY) Sam Williams
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