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Wackerbaits Bait making products....

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As with many here I'm constantly playing with baits and ingredients...primarily for boilies and pack/method mixes. This year I decided to make a few baits with some items I've never tried..Wackerbaits Sweet 34 and Preferred 24 Basemix. Extremely happy with how both worked.

Sweet 34...sweetener...a little goes a loooooong way; no after taste and no burn; smoothed out the taste in some very strong esters that I've used for a long time and it's only the 2d sweetener I've run across that'll do it...in 14 years of boilie making it's in the top 2 for me now and will keep a place on the shelf whereas the vast majority of sweeteners I've tried over the years end up in the trash within minutes of arriving at the house. Definately on my top 2 list....the other shall remain nameless.

Preferred 24 Basemix...GREAT mix and rolls very easy. Says you can use water...no eggs required but, I'm old fashioned and eggs have always been in my boilies so I used eggs LOL. It is also light enough in color to be easily dyed.

Top notch baitmaking products that I will use again.

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I agree Bob! I've used both products and while I have no confidence at all in boilies, the Preferred 24 did roll nice. I use a little Sweet 34 in my doughball recipes and am happy with it.

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I agree also Bob. Great stuff!

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Never use it yet. I tryed making my own mix this year and haven't gotten a chance to see how it works yet. Hopefull it will have some good results when field tested. Here are a pic of them I rolled all by hand so im thinking they are some where around 15mm.... I'll let u all know how they field test. If they dnt works I have heard alot of good stuff on that mix & ill start using it instead.


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