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Carp Kit International-- Two Thumbs Up

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Very Pleased with the order I received earlier in the week from Carp Kit. I realize the boyz up there are " just doing their job" but my limited experience working with them was perfect. Everything I ordered was in stock and shipped quickly and well. Prices were very reasonable also. Unfortunately, with all this stinkin ice on the lakes and ponds, I have been limited to just "air-fishing" in my den. I think I have assembled and disassembled my new reel and rod on 3 different occasions since Monday just to look at it. Not to mention all the smelling and touching of my new Boilies, Pop Ups and Pellets. I need open water soon!!!


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I am 99.99% happy with carpkit. Very nice guys and they have great stuff for sale. My only issue with them is that they only ship UPS and no matter how little stuff you buy, or how light it is, shipping starts at 15$. Sometimes I buy a pack of hooks and those can go in an envelope at 2-3$ shipping costs, so when it comes to small stuff, I go BCT

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Just wanted to add to the long list of Simon support! He's a great guy who runs a great business. Every order I've placed has arrived safe and on time, not to mention he's went out of his way to special order items for me he didn't have in stock. Highly recommend!

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