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    Mike Dragone
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  1. ctcarper

    2018 CCC

    I think there will be an announcement soon...
  2. ctcarper

    List of participants

    Just signed up Barry. See you there.
  3. ctcarper

    2015 Yankee Challenge - Register now!

    Barry, I will see you tomorrow, I have some boilies for you & Ed to use next week on the CT River.
  4. ctcarper

    2015 Yankee Challenge - Register now!

    I will definitely be there tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the gang.
  5. ctcarper

    2015 Yankee Challenge - Register now!

    In for CT.
  6. ctcarper

    Connecticut Spring Fish-in

    See you guys tomorrow.
  7. ctcarper

    Hudson River Fish-In Oct 13Th 2012

    This spot looks like a no brainer for some good Hudson carpin'. And as we all know, Ed puts on a good fish-in. Looking forward to this one. Don't forget the hot dogs...
  8. ctcarper


    Great job guys!
  9. ctcarper

    Fish Of A Lifetime!

    Holy COW! Sincerest congrats - that is a fish of a lifetime! Talk about putting Jersey on the map in 2012! -Mike/CT
  10. ctcarper

    2011 Big 4 Finale!

  11. I had the privilege to fish with Ed Wagner a couple of weeks ago when had had one of the best sessions of his life. The day included 2 thirties, with a new PB common at 37lbs, 8oz! Well done Ed! Truly deserved for all the hard work he has put into this awesome new water. Special thanks to WCB for a quality bait! -Mike/CT wagner session.wmv
  12. ctcarper

    A Perfect Session Ends With A New Pb

    Rick, Glad to see you finally carved out a little "bank time". Nice results - you have not lost your touch! I am looking to be in the area in a few weeks... -Mike/CT
  13. ctcarper

    2011 Big 4 Leaderboard

    Val, I had the same problem - image size was too large. When you upload it will tell you the max size (500KB)? Just res-size as necessary & upload. -Mike
  14. As usual, informative and entertaining! Thanks for sharing, -Mike/CT
  15. Wow - what a stunning fish. Perfect! Super congrats! -Mike/CT