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  1. I just sucked up 20+ pounds of these - got them today. A great deal. Thx.
  2. Anyone wishing to order bait supplies for B-Ville can have them delivered free to the venue. Also, there will be a 10% discount on 10 kilo orders of the same flavor. Just mention B-ville shipping when ordering & Concept will take it from there. Deadline for delivery to B-Ville will be 5/9. Tight Lines.
  3. The new stock arrival date is set for 2/16. New flavors, products & packaging for 2008! New inventory flavors include: Honey & Maisecorn, along with fresh stock of the favorites: Tutti Banana, Pineapple, Banana Bigfish, Peach Cream & others! Dips & Slimy's to match. New method/particle booster! Visit the newly updated Concept for You website for the latest! Mike Dragone C4U/USA Carp_Goodies_Jan_28_08.pdf
  4. Donnie, Check out next issue. -Mike/CT
  5. Scotty, I hear they are banning that bait here in the states. Apparently it is so tasty that people are starting to eat it... -MD/CT
  6. Funny you should mention that Matt. Ed & I were just discussing that very possibiblity only days ago... We'll see what develops. -Mike
  7. Len, Not sure about that, but it is possible. My knowlegde of Top Secret baits is zero. But you know how people can re-invent the wheel... I had some of these baits during the WCC and I believe someone asked me the same question. I will say though that the baits we tested were top notch, and now with water temps dropping I have been playing a bit more with the powdered attractors as well. Cheers. -Mike/CT
  8. Just a quick note... In another effort to help make quality carp baits available to U.S. anglers, "Concept For You" baits, a leading German boilie manufacturer is proud to announce their products will soon be available for sale in the U.S.. Ed Wagner & myself have been field testing 5 different boilie flavors for a good part of the summer with promising results. One of these new boilies is the "Stimulator", which is a liver based boilie with a truly unique flavor with real fish pulling power. All boilie flavors also have corresponding "Super Slimy" enhancing powders, designed to help fish zero in on hookbaits. Into next year we hope to bring the entire Concept range to your doorstep, which includes liquid flavors, enhancers, pastes, and their complete line of boilies, all for a VERY competitive price. More to come soon! -Mike/CT
  9. Tim, I remember reading about that situation after that WCC. Did you guys even get a response as to "why" said prize monies were not paid out? Were the other finishing places given thier advertised winnings? I would have a hard time letting that one rest! It does note bode for a good reputation in upcoming events there... I'm sorry this happened to you guys... -Mike/CT
  10. Richard, Is Zack collecting royalties on that name brand?? -Mike/CT
  11. Kyle, They are tough enough to stay on a hair unless you are heaving them a mile. Sometimes I will put a piece of foam or maize between them & the hook just for added "security". I have also fished with a single kernal straight on the hook. -Mike/CT
  12. Yea Kyle, There's something in it that keeps them a long time. -Mike/CT
  13. Kyle, I just finished a bottle I had over 2 years.... -Mike/CT
  14. Yes, it's very good, one of my old fishing buddies Andy was really into that flavor. Just got my Pips order today (thanks for the quick service Paul!). I did get a bottle of the "reel run" with it. I can't put my finger on it, but when I smell it I think of pipe tobacco?? Any opinions on this?? Definitely a unique smell. The Troy fish this weekend will be all over this stuff... -Mike/CT
  15. How about the flavors? Do you have to add preservative to them or will they keep for several years on their own? How about the flavors and meilie bom? How about flavors for warm water? Can you describe the vaaldam flavor? Not sure if the liquid they are in is alcohol based, but as long as you keep the liquid level covering the kernals they will keep for a very long time. Vaaldam has a sweet "candy like" smell. Bottles also contain a pretty potent red dye (notice the fingers...). Kernals are not overly big like Pescaviva, more like sweetcorn but a little firmer. -Mike/CT
  16. Kyle, These are some strong smelling, long shelf life sweetcorn kernals. I just used up the last of my supply that I've had for a couple years. You can leave them in the water for hours, & put them back in the jar. I have had great luck in cold water situations with the tutti frutti & vaaldam & pineapple flavors. -Mike/CT
  17. somebody pinch me.... Paul, you will be hearing from me shortly... -Mike/CT
  18. I used the long shank hooks I received in the membership package for rigging double boilies, they worked excellent. No hook pulls or missed runs. Unfortunately they are not immune to zebra mussels... -Mike/CT
  19. Bill, Great news - good to hear business is strong. Good luck to you & Wayne at Len's Tournament - I guess now he doesnt have to change Wayne's affiliation to the Boilie Shop now! Best, -Mike/CT
  20. Dave could not have been there...not enough gear! -Mike/CT
  21. pips?pips?pips?pips? I'm dyin..... -MD/CT
  22. Wow, I just saw the price. Is this for a pair? I paid just over $100.00 US for a pair a few years back. On the Gardner website they list retail for @57 pound a piece. Seems the Royal price is quite elevated? -Mike/CT The pair I had years ago were very quiet. Too quiet for me. Reminds me now that I sold them to Quid and he hasn't yet paid for them. Fran Fran, Quid had a pair way back when I first fished Troy, are they the same ones? That was so long ago I would have forgotten I sold sold them... -MD/CT
  23. Keep a'watchin mate!!! You'se gunna see some big fish this year!!!!! Karl Wow, I just saw the price. Is this for a pair? I paid just over $100.00 US for a pair a few years back. On the Gardner website they list retail for @57 pound a piece. Seems the Royal price is quite elevated? -Mike/CT
  24. They look like the TLB compact's from Gardner Tackle. Their is a couple other items on there that looks like gardner stuff too. Yeah Steve I knew they were Gardner, You gotta' agree they look pretty cool eh? Karl My first set of alarms were TLB's - I still have them as backups or for when my son fishes with me. They are extremely reliable, and I like the stainless steel looks. -Mike/CT
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