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  1. Meccanica rod pods

    This rod pod is bad ass. Pricey. But bad ass. Do want.
  2. New member

    welcome aboard!
  3. carp season is starting!!

    Just saw big carp tackles facebook page. Looks like the 2018 stuff is coming in!! My bank account is going to hate me. You know you are obsessed with carp fishing when you still have payments to make on your credit card, but you are still ordering carp gear and don't care.
  4. carp season is starting!!

    carp is open all season. I just meant carp season for me. I don't fish in freezing weather and snow here in new york. Im past that haha. I need decent weather to fish.
  5. carp season is starting!!

    zach, thats great! Im going to wait until you guys post up more stuff. you already know I will be placing big orders.
  6. Long Island carp jump

    Ed is a very dear friend of mine. we think a like lol. we fished some long island and queens waters together. Good memories. Looking forward to next year ed. Great chattin today.

  8. Long Island carp jump

    merry christmas ed. Ill give you a call tomorrow.
  9. Long Island carp jump

    lol yep thats def a long island carp. Its under 20 lbs hahaha
  10. A year to remember

    some nice carp right there
  11. usa carp fishing on nash tackle

    oh man you are right. I just went back on there page. They took it off.
  12. Unboxing thread

    Got these today from big carp tackle. Lets see what you guys are getting for 2018!
  13. Georgia Carp USA

    Good video. I remember watching this a while back.
  14. NTrap vs. Coated Braid

    coated braid all the way. I never use straight braid. Unless you prefer to fish pva bags, where your whole rig is inside, yes. Standard rig? I use korda IQ and coated braid.
  15. CAG 25 Year Anniversary - Pictures and Stories

    ed, we have to work on that 30!!
  16. Big carp tackle

    Super excited to see BCT has hinders bait in stock! Along with many many other companies! I was going crazy trying to get hinders. They make some good products. I know a lot of new guys getting into carp fishing wonder where to get supplies and so on. I recommend BCT. Iv been dealing with dave for a long time. with there new inventory, no need to buy over seas. They have everything. Including hinders! lol
  17. Big carp tackle

  18. Lets see your bait stash

    The boilies smell more anise with a hint of molasses. You barely smell the banana. The Scent is spot on with these boilies. I have a gut feeling these will work great. Lots of people I'm talking to are getting back to using anise. Back in 06 I used to get concept for you boilies. Banana tutti. It didn't matter where I went. Pre baiting or not, a water that never saw boilies, that combo hauled. Instant. But that company nailed the scent, texture, basemix. And there pineapple? Not Nash, mainline, nutrabaits, richworth, you name it, came close to the concept for you pineapple boilies.
  19. Lets see your bait stash

    I think I have way too much lol. carp fishing ruined my life. Lets see what you got! Oh and btw, I did not take a picture of my pack bait and ground bait lol.
  20. Big carp tackle

    The new video released free lining for buffs, came out amazing. I'm liking these new videos. Quality work
  21. Lets see your bait stash

    I can't wait to try these boilies. banana anise. They smell amazing. I am sure this combo will catch fish in the us. Picked them up at tacklebox.
  22. This weeks carp-beautiful mirror!

    put those alarms to use!! lol
  23. Big carp tackle

    Damn no conoflex! lol Im building my collection of super cast. just placed another order!
  24. CAG 25 Year Anniversary - Pictures and Stories

    Hey dean. I posted these pictures before. Little history on both pics. CAG helped catch my first 20lb carp back in 2006. of course I have broken that pb but that was a memorable day catching my first 20. The first 20 is like popping your cherry lol. To top it off, it was during the cddw event and I got to meet some of the original CAG members and some of the finest anglers in the country. Best trip I ever had. It goes to show you what kind of members CAG has. Just top notch friendly guys that love to share and teach and promote carp fishing.