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  1. Nash alarms for sale

  2. Nash alarms for sale

    3 s5 alarms. with a carry case. I know the carry case says s5r. The alarms I have dont have the receiver. For short sessions and small venues there great. cheap too. Three alarms with carry case. 100 shippled. I basically knocked off 10 bucks of each unit from original price. If in the future you want the nash alarms with the receiver, you will at least have the carry case and these as back ups. if you want to save some money, pick em up. The alarms are also brand new. They still have the sticker in back of the battery cover.
  3. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    I agree with jerome. post up a pic.
  4. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Not sure why you keep loosing fish on the hair. The hook is fully exposed. Make sure you are threading the line the correct way into the eye. I also see people making a very long hair and the bait is very far apart from the hook. I am not a fan of that. There should be a little gap but not a lot. If you are using braid or any kind of supple hook link, use a korda kicker. it will create that "bend" for better hook ups. Or just use mono. Use fluro. The stiffness of the mono will naturally create that bend without the korda kicker.
  5. Nash alarms for sale

    These alarms do not have a receiver. They are not designed to have one. A receiver is good if you are away from your swim, you can hang put it in your pocket or around your neck and it will notify you when you get a run. its also good for if you fish over night. You can turn down the volume on your alarms and your receiver in the bivvy will notify you. The alarms with receivers are more expensive. If you are just pleasure fishing, doing a short session and you are not away from your rods, they work just fine. I have delkims and other alarms with a receiver and I hardly ever use my receiver. Alarms come in handy because on the bank, I am always doing something. Im either making my pva mesh, keeping my packbait or groundbait in "working" order ( doesn't dry ) and making grounbait balls to chum the area. so my eyes aren't always on my rods. Ill be doing my thing, alarm goes off, bam.
  6. Nash alarms for sale

    price dropped to 80 shipped.
  7. Nash dwarf rods for sale

    I put the rods up for 70 a piece. The rod carry all for the dwarf rods is 70 bucks. shipping the items isn't cheap either. My stuff is brand new. They were used 3 times. and each of those times was a lake next to my house for 3 hr sessions. Yes they still used I understand that. I did drop the price down a little and they are sold.
  8. Nash dwarf rods for sale

    I got two 9 ft dwarf rods for sale. 3.5lb test curve. There like new. Used them for stalking and for smaller ponds. I even have a carry bag for the rods. Lighter than this setup, you can't get. Really hate to let them go but I have to. Asking 200 shipped for both rods and carry bag. will post up pics when I get back from work.
  9. Nash dwarf rods for sale

    open to other offers. Pm me
  10. Big carp tackle

    Super excited to see BCT has hinders bait in stock! Along with many many other companies! I was going crazy trying to get hinders. They make some good products. I know a lot of new guys getting into carp fishing wonder where to get supplies and so on. I recommend BCT. Iv been dealing with dave for a long time. with there new inventory, no need to buy over seas. They have everything. Including hinders! lol
  11. Two PBs busted in one session!

    Now thats a session!! nice job.
  12. nash cube ruckall

    Bag is sold.
  13. nash cube ruckall

    Hey guys. Long time. I am selling my nash cube ruckall. It was only used once at a local lake for a 3 hr session. Its brand new. I paid 120 and shipping for it from BCT. 100 SHIPPED seems fair I think since its brand new. I will try to post up pics tomorrow.
  14. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    welcome to CAG.
  15. Throw back pic 06!

    was going through some of my pictures and found this one. To this day, it was the best trip I ever had. I am posting bc I am seeing the forum getting little action. It used to be active but, facebook and so on, kind of took over. But, if it wasn't for this forum, I would have never met these top notch anglers and create memories. Learn more about carp fishing. This was all bc of CAG. This forum. My good friend ed wagner called me up and said hey, we have a private fish in, come along. You will fish with some great anglers. I didnt sleep that night lol. I met some top carp anglers. I even had the pleasure to fish with nigel. The man, the myth, the legend. I fished next to him for the last part of our trip. And if you look at the second pic, you will see HALF OF OUR GEAR lol !! That wasnt even all of it. we had two boats worth lol. CAG ROCKS.
  16. Throw back pic 06!

    Someone needs to reach out to the old car members. Bring the group back.
  17. Throw back pic 06!

    Alan, I do understand what you are saying. There was even a time where a certain person said that there were no real fisherman's on this forum. No talent. I won't go into detail why it was said. I even printed out that page and may still have it somewhere. It wasn't nice to say. But its in the past. I would like to see some old members come back, more members and keep growing even more. If long island didn't have so many meat eaters and fished out lakes, I would expand CAG to long island by doing fish in's but its not worth it. Ed did an amazing job handling NY and the fish in's in queens, NY.
  18. Throw back pic 06!

    cannonball, go ahead. Looking at the pic, I am to the "right" of ed with the green sweater. Nigel, the man who basically started all this, is all the way to the left. The guys in that pic are the originals. The talent in that picture is crazy. Not one amateur angler in that picture. Id like a copy of that newsletter if you do it.
  19. Little bait lot for sale

    Ill throw the matching dips for free!!
  20. Little bait lot for sale

    20mm nash squid with stick mix 15 and 18mm equinox boilies with stick mix. 10 dollars each for the boilies and 8 for the stick mix.
  21. Nash alarms for sale

    Appreciate it tony. Let's plan a session!
  22. Bags and hookbait pouches

    Thanks tony.
  23. Bags and hookbait pouches

    Guys, selling brand new gardner pouches. I got three of them. 8 dollars each shipped. I also have two nash hoobait pouches. One is still in the box, with all 4 bait pots, the other one just has one bait pot. No idea what happened to the other three lol. But im sure you guys have tons of pots. 20 for the new one, 15 for the one thats missing the pots.
  24. Bags and hookbait pouches