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  1. Fly fishing shows

    Fly Fishing with white & green or white & blue streamer patterns work fine in the Lake Michigan harbors and the shoreline, as do Float and Fly and Float and lead eye jig patterns. Drop-shotting up and down the water column with small fish patterns is a growing and very popular technique in the UK. And, don’t even get me started on zig options, rigs, and bait permutations... Carp are omnivores and opportunists... they don’t get hung up on what’s written in books (I’m not sure they can actually read?). They just try to eat what looks or smells like it could be tasty, wherever in the water column they find it.
  2. Spring fundraiser fishin

    Sunday April 15th; count me in please Carver! 👍👍👍
  3. Post ATC 2017 Catches here!

    Well Done Guys! Nice to see some St. Croix Avid rods in action at the ATC. ? Always wanted to fish this one, but it's a long way and the timing always seems to conflict with work. Maybe next year? ?
  4. WI CAG Fish-In: Two Rivers, Sunday August 28th

    9. Kyle Koslowski
  5. WI CAG Fish-In: Two Rivers, Sunday August 28th

    Hi Marcin, yes it's fine if the two of you want to fish; I assume you will share a peg? Same rules as with Frank; you are out of state so can't win the WI CAG Fish-In Medals, but you can win the cash if you want to go in the optional Friendly Big Four tournament. Current List: 1. Adam Schumacher 2. Carver Hansen 3. Lee Young 4. Dave Hubbard 5. Frank Rink, IL 6. Alex Mehn 7. Marcin Szydlowski +1, IL 8. Kevin Ivio
  6. WI CAG Fish-In: Two Rivers, Sunday August 28th

    5. Frank Rink - Out of State, so Frank is fishing for the cash prize, not the WI CAG Medals. 6. Alex Mehn
  7. CCC 2016 Results

    Many Thanks to the Carp Anglers Group, who donated some raffle funds raised to Team USA 2016 Carp Squad. I will be putting this donation towards the purchase of Team USA Carp Squad Caps. We will have something to keep off the French Sun (hopefully!) during the daylight hours of the World Carp Fishing Championships, and a keepsake to give to our new French Friends (gifts for Sector Officials & Weigh Teams) at the end.
  8. CCC 2016 Results

    Jerome & Iain, you are welcome back in the Fall, or whenever your travels take you across that MI, MN, or IL Border... Into Carp Paradise. I'm not sure how many good fish were enjoying themselves in that 70 plus degree jacuzzi we fished on Saturday, but here's a fine fish that my "underworked netsman" Alex caught on Sunday morning.
  9. Team USA sponsored fish

    Carver, I will pledge $10 per fish. Just please try to catch no more than 50 Carp on Saturday? LOL SoCalCarper (sorry, I don't know your name?), I was explaining to Carver why there appear to be a lot of rules surrounding the World Carp Fishing Championships. And, all World Fishing Championships, for that matter; CIPS and FIPSed take their events very seriously. Probably because they don't want to get into any issues with Nations about their Teams? Anyone who has been following the Russian Team "going or not going?" Rio Shenanigans (following the WADA revelations about the Russian "dope dodging" scandal), understands that banning or penalizing national teams at the Olympics and/or IOC-sanctioned events is a very big deal. I apologize if if I wrote anything that you found a concern with; that was not my intention. I was just trying to clarify for Carver (and any other interested parties) some of the differences between World Fishing Championships and all the other, "cash prize" events, whether in the U.S. like the WI CC & KICC that I help organize, or elsewhere in the World. As an organizer of many cash prize/professional angler tournaments, an official for two FIPSed World Championships (2010 & 2013), and the USAC-selected Captain for 4 U.S. Fishing Teams (2011 Italy, 2014 Italy, 2015 Spain, & 2016 France), I'm a big fan of both models. I enjoy winning a big cash prize tournament as much as the next man (or, possibly more than most!), and I'm also happy to help the USAC, as the CIPS-accredited charitable organization, raise money to send our Fly, Ice, Match, Feeder, Bass, or Carp Anglers to fish against the Best in the World at the various World Fishing Championships. There's plenty of room in the World for both types of tournament; best of luck in your event, and I hope you win a big prize to more than cover your competition expenses.
  10. Hi Folks, I had to change the date of our local Fish-In, as too many people were unable to make the 13th. So, we will be meeting at 7:00am on Sunday the 28th of August, at the M&M Restaurant, Washington Street, Two Rivers. All WI CAG Members are welcome, and please feel free to bring interested friends along. There will be an informal Big 4 Carp tournament ($25 Entry Fee, 100% Payout) for those who want to add some competitive spice to their day; medals for top 3 places kindly donated by CAG. Tournament will run from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Anyone interested in trying Carp Fishing can stop by and fish with us throughout the day; we will leave some space beside each Tournament Angler and be available to chat and answer questions, demonstrate techniques, etc. Non-WI CAG Members are also welcome to attend; please let me know here. You will be eligible for the tournament cash prizes if you pay your $25 Entry Fee, but the WI CAG Medals are reserved for the top-placed WI Anglers, whether they are current members of CAG or not (after all, you have your own State Fish-Ins to win medals at!). Lastly, if you have any gently-used Carp Fishing items that you'd like to swap or sell to new Carpers, please let me know. If there's enough interest we will make some space available for "Sale or Swap" items, during the tournament. Currently signed up (8/8): 1. Adam Schumacher 2. Carver Hansen 3. Lee Young 4. Dave Hubbard
  11. Team USA sponsored fish

    Sorry Carver, FIPSed Rules prohibit our pre-fishing or practice on the venue, weeks before the start. As this is The World Carp Fishing Championship, an Olympic style event, each National Team has to follow a bunch more rules and regulations (than usual in cash prize tournaments not regulated by world governing agencies). For anyone interested in the Carp Fishing World Championship, here are links to the World Governing Agencies & Organizations: FIPSed: http://www.fips-ed.com - World Governing Body for all Freshwater Fishing World Championships CIPS: http://www.cips-fips.com - World Governing Confederation of all Fishing World Championship Events World Anti-Doping Agency: https://www.wada-ama.org - Testing & Advisory Body for the International Olympic Committee & all accredited & sanctioned World Athletics Federations & Confederations (including CIPS & FIPSed) USAC: https://usangling.com - the U.S. National Angling organization sanctioned by CIPS & FIPSed to create & control U.S. Fishing Teams at all World Fishing Championships Team USA Carp Squad: https://www.facebook.com/TeamUSAcarpsquad/ World Carp Fishing Rules: http://www.fips-ed.com/fipsed/regolamenti2016/eng/Reg_FIPSed_Carpa_2016_EN.pdf
  12. 2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    Here's the Map of the 2016 CCC Sections & Pegs. There may be subtle changes depending upon (a) how many Anglers actually show up, (b) any changes in forecast Saturday wind direction this afternoon, and (c) if I decide to squeeze a couple more pegs into deeper or shallower sections (depending upon size & numbers of fish I see while pegging out). Last Reminders: 1. Travel Safe, and don't forget carp mat, scales, sling & tripod/monopod... and some rods, reels, and rigs might be useful, too? 2. Remember the 5 Gallon Pail Rule - whatever you want to throw in must fit inside a 5 Gallon Pail... after all, you want to CATCH the fish, not FEED them! :o) 3. 5:00pm at the Port o' Call, right on the haborside at beautiful downtown Kewaunee... a.k.a. Section A, Pegs 8, 9 & 10.
  13. 2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    Thanks Jerome, and yes, I can run with the list you have quoted. I'm going to add a few extra pegs for A and D sections, so I can if necessary pull a few out early Saturday morning when we all have a clearer picture on how many anglers are actually attending. Frank, I'd appreciate (as a fellow tournament organizer) you double-checking that peg removal process with me at 5:30am on Saturday morning, please? I'd rather not make a mistake because I'm not totally awake at that time... And have a redraw situation on my hands... ;o)
  14. 2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    I tried to register' but then I got dumped in PayPal No Man's Land... So, two questions: 1. I was intending to pay my $50 cash on Friday evening, if there is space available (as I don't have access to the list I have no way of knowing when I peg out on Friday afternoon how many people will actually show up on Friday night & Saturday morning). So, I may have to drop out if there aren't enough pegs for any unexpected arrivals? For example, I read earlier in the week that soemeone was showing up with "a couple of friends"... Do I allocate 2, 3, or more pegs for this group? If the "friends" can just show up on the day, without registering, apparently there already are exceptions being allowed, for some? 2. What about the folks who want to sign up for CAG and the CCC (there's at least one that I know of); they can't register either? Will they now not be able to fish, because they couldn't register? I'm just trying to be a good guest official; I don't want to put in too many pegs or not enough, as I'd like to make the event as fair as possible for each angler... Hard to complete this task with this objective when I'm still in the dark on exactly how many entrants are allowed. I can just place 40 pegs, but if only 33 or 34 show up, that's statistically likely to leave some anglers a long walk from a "buddy weigher", or one of the sections with a lot fewer anglers and thereby an advantage for the few pegged there?
  15. 2016 Kewaunne River WI CCC

    Thanks Frank & Larry, I definitely will be a "Buddy Weigh Volunteer" for those in my Section. If you two and me are all drawn in 3 different sections, that leaves only 1 other section needing a Volunteer; with Team Stout also volunteering to help, we should be in good shape with a few more Volunteers, with the option of neighboring Anglers to also weigh and record.