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  1. Looks like you all had a great day. Who was the mystery angler that caught the cute "ghostie"? It must have grown too big for someone's aquarium. Iain
  2. Personally I'm done with trying and failing to get past the captcha step and getting a message claiming that "a person of that name is already registered on the leaderboard" It's not like I need any prizes - in the unlikely event that I catch owt - I'll just post my pics on a Forum thread. Iain
  3. Oops.......there goes the neighborhood!! Iain
  4. Keith Looks like a smart move having Jerome and I at the top of the list. Will cut down on some of that pesky editing after the event!! I've heard the "Can't beat the locals!" refrain many a time.........but here in MA there are clubs where folks pay good money for exactly that sort of thing. Iain
  5. Also "for the record" I feel obligated to point out that Jerome is being a tad "economical" with the truth here! It must have slipped his mind during our rather frantic session but he neglected to mention that we did weigh another fish in addition to his "baby" award winner. Modesty precludes me from reminding him of the precise weight..........so let's just say that it would have garnered a certificate! Iain
  6. Hi Kirk Can I borrow your wife for the Spring 2017 Big-4? I am prepared to pay extra if she can also cook tiger nuts! Many congratulations on the big kitty Kirk. I wonder how far one would have to drive from Salem, MA, to find Flatheads? Iain
  7. Hi Frank Thanks for organizing the FFF again. If I am in the USA on January 1st.........I'm in. Name: Iain Murray Forum name: redcoat State: MA Venue: MA Junior: if only....... Best wishes, Iain
  8. Sorry to have to point this out Jerome...........but last time I checked your own "tally" was only a couple of pounds north of MINUS 2. Hence, you are dangerously close to being oufished by my WEIGH SLING!! Best Wishes! Iain
  9. A couple more from Friday evening to offer Jerome some encouragement. 25 pounds 10 ounces 28 pounds 12 ounces Iain
  10. Hi SoCal I'm sure Jerome is just waiting until he has something significant to post for the Big4. He is retired now and has plenty of flexibility to time his fishing trips! Iain
  11. Well I only posted one fish so far.....a 22.12.......but here is a somewhat larger photo. Now I just need to find one twice the size. Iain
  12. EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST I will still fish......so if anyone decides they want to turn out after all I should be at the river by 1200-1300 tomorrow. Iain
  13. OK Jerome........but I will probably fish anyway. The earliest I could arrange anything after this weekend would be the weekend after Columbus Day. Iain
  14. OK folks.......I need to know if anyone plans to attend the Fish-In on Saturday? If you do, please let me know before midday on Friday otherwise it will be cancelled. Regards, Iain