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  1. I know. It was like we were trapped in a parallel universe of goodness! And I am only temporary Buffalo King since Bri was unable to attend.
  2. It was a great day indeed. Much of my fishing time is spent grinding for big fish in really crappy surroundings. Clearly not what carping is about, but the path that I have chosen. I had just returned from a weekend at the land o' the 50. And I was tired. Frankly, I was exhausted from laughing myself silly all week after watching Brad get bucked off of a Grassie. Still, I couldn't miss the E Tennessee fish in ! Charlie's fish-ins are a fantastic vacation from my current carping path. Instead of weeks of planning, careful bait selection, and hours of study, I flung a few rods in the back of the truck, grabbed a few bags of pre-mixed grits, and brought my three favorite flavors. If I catch something, great! If not, it is a great day to chat with people and sit and watch the world go by. This is the first time that I have fished the TVA side. They put in a beautiful little park out on the point. I actually got to safely run around barefoot a bit, versus pulling nails and glass out of my river shoes and boots. I arrived to see Charlie and Brad. In addition we had some great guests. These guys were impressive. They came to catch fish and were dead serious about it. One guy even had a cigar clenched between his teeth just to show how serious he was ! Thanks to Charlie's magnificant baiting strategy, fish were rolling everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. It was about a 50-50 mix of commons and buffs. Nothing gets your heart racing like watching roll after roll. Our weather was stellar. Maybe the best day of the year for 2012. Low 70's, sunshine, and 5-10 mph breezes. It was so beautiful that I found myself pining for my bed chair to pull up under the shade of one of those magificant oaks. I would have slept like a baby. I was invited to jump in to the middle of Charlie's prime baited area. Instead, a moved to the outside of the group. I wanted our guests to have lots of swim area many choices in cast angles. I tossed 2 rods out and was..........um..........rewarded with a smelly Buff. For some odd reason, I didnt mind catching the buff. That happy face of his kind of set the tone for day. And there was no reason to be irritated as my fearless fishing partner Brad just loves loves loves to do water releases for anyone that catches a buff. Catfish too. He is the Mother Teresa of releasing all things smelly and slimy. He feels it important to sacrifice his nice clean clothes for those of us unfortunate enough to catch those "other" fish who should only be mentioned only in hushed tones. My second fish caught was a Mirror. My first out of Kingston, and the second for our group of the day. I have been chasing a Mirror out of Kingston ever since I was told that show from time to time. Finally! In between my Buff runs, I watched Charlie & Brad hold court and helping our guests out. It was not so long ago that these very same gentlemen that invited me out for my very first dedicated carp trip. I caught so many fish that I actually had to pull my rods and rest. Sounds kind of silly to say but it brought a huge grin to my face watching them help new folks just like they did me. I really am blessed to know and fish with them both. I continued enjoying the breeze, the sun on my face and yes, even the buffs as my captures continued to climb. In the end, what arrived at the bank was only ancillary to the incredible day. Charlie, I tip my hat to you, sir. Every single person that came to fish, caught, guests included. A feat not easily achieved, even with a group of veteran carpers. And I thank both you and Brad for all that you have taught me. I have managed to catch some remarkable fish thanks to the both of you! I could sure use a few more days like yesterday!
  3. Zoomie

    Tennessee Spring Fish-In

    It had to be one of best weather days for fishing ever. Low 70's, 5-10 breezes, and stellar company. Once again I must tip my hat to Charlie for his hard work in pre-baiting. Every single person there including our guests pulled in a few. I'll wait for his report before commenting on the rest of the day.
  4. Zoomie

    Tennessee Spring Fish-In

    On the road in 15. Look forward to seeing everyone today.
  5. Zoomie

    Tennessee Spring Fish-In

    OMG ! It's Tom ! Tom, I just told Tosh the story about me sending a PL alarm to it's watery death during the BVille tourney last year and you walking up to our table and explaining that all of those alarms false but can be fixed with a 2 cent rubberband. Critical bit of info..........PRIOR to being launched in to the river. Hope that all is well with you, sir.
  6. Zoomie

    Tennessee Spring Fish-In

    Willem, Mrs. Zoomie has spent more time at the No-Tell Motel near Kingston than those vamps in short skirts. She brings her laptop, cellphone and tablet and goes in to a clucking frenzy marathon with all of her friends ! Charlie, if you're asking for votes, I'd like to try the grassy side as I have never been able to fish it due to the ash spill. Seems like we'd have a bit more room and I won't be forced to throw over Brad's lines in order to ninja a sweet spot out of his unofficial peg. Besides, I can outcatch any of you bums when it comes to Buffs and Cats no matter where we fish. And in all fairness, it's been a while since I have rolled an ankle and the rocky edge looks perfect for it!
  7. Zoomie

    Tennessee Spring Fish-In

    I'm going to do my best to be there. Brad will be there. Remind me to tell you the story about Brad getting bucked off of my 40-12 Grassie. I could have made a fortune on YouTube with the video.
  8. Zoomie

    How To Register For The FFF

    Third year in a row for me. How I could I possibly miss it !
  9. Zoomie

    Kingston Tn For The 2012 FFF

    I have fished it the last 2 years at Kingston so yes, I'll be there. So will Charlie.
  10. A little birdy told me that some Nash freak just busted the TN CAG Mirror record. Ugly thing too. The carper, not the fish ! Interestingly, it was caught exactly 365 days after I caught the 32-12. Should be a good story.
  11. Zoomie

    Fox Ranger Pod (4 Rod) Brand New

    Last call at 325.00 shipped.
  12. Zoomie

    2 Shimano Bbr Long Casts

    Sold to CW as he is a man with discerning taste.
  13. Zoomie

    Fox Ranger Pod (4 Rod) Brand New

    Help some more people cheat on tests at school and you'll have the money in no time! rofl
  14. Zoomie

    Centron Hi-Pod

    Lightly used. I'll go 75 shipped. EMail me please. Thanks for looking.
  15. Very lightly used. Currently spooled with 65 pound PP. Have boxes and paperwork. Need 160.00 shipped or or 300.00for the pair. Email me please. Easier to find me.