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  1. wow
  2. I have 5 Shimano Lcs with extra spools. asking $1400 for all 5. These are the ones that everyone likes.
  3. Love the big 6 idea.
  4. man all I need is 1 tripod lol. I have the pod and everything else.
  5. trade some fox microns and fox swingers.....
  6. im really interested!!!
  7. still for sale?
  8. we had to try and keep the dogs from peeing on everything and the owners from throwing tennis balls in the water.
  9. I wish there was one of these down in the south!!
  10. how much for the rosehip??
  11. Are you running it next year??
  12. Whos gonna do the odds this year. I know bob did it for years. I like seeing the funny comments.
  13. it was bad when people would throw balls over your lines and say " oh I didn't see them"
  14. We had that peg last year and it was terrible. I should have cried and said it was unfishable.lol
  15. ok that's what I was wondering. You're link doesn't explain what dave said.