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  1. joepool

    ATC Rules

    Love the big 6 idea.
  2. im really interested!!!
  3. we had to try and keep the dogs from peeing on everything and the owners from throwing tennis balls in the water.
  4. Are you running it next year??
  5. joepool

    ATC odds

    Whos gonna do the odds this year. I know bob did it for years. I like seeing the funny comments.
  6. it was bad when people would throw balls over your lines and say " oh I didn't see them"
  7. We had that peg last year and it was terrible. I should have cried and said it was unfishable.lol
  8. ok that's what I was wondering. You're link doesn't explain what dave said.
  9. How will the peg draw work? Will we draw 2 random envelopes and just choose one or do we get to se the swims in the envelope?
  10. joepool


    Team IGTWMG?? lol
  11. I don't know brid. I really like tits. I mean I do have 4 children lol.
  12. I like the big 4 idea because not all pegs produce fish all the time.Look at the past few atc and see what pegs have produced the most fish.Why do they call the area between the ballfields and 35 the dead zone if all pegs produce?Why does everyone want the gazebo,redbud or first street? Because its known for producing fish.Where does everyone fish the day after the atc? gazebo or first street almost all the time.Big 4 evens it out for everyone.You can go down to redbud and catch 30 mid teen fish like has been done in past years. The big 4 makes it even.I know of other tourneys that do the big 4 and it works out well.In fact most of yall will be fishing the other ourney and its big 4 so whats the issue with this one being big 4?I think we should do BIg 4 and random draw.Thats the fairest way to all of this.Plus my 2 cents is that no competitor should be able to fish 2 weeks before.I firmly believe in this because me and a few more people were told that a few people were fishing it the week of.
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