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  1. List of participants

    I just wanted to see if anybody actually reads these posts pays attention
  2. List of participants

    Here's the list of paid anglers as of 9/21/17 Mark Reece Chris Labucki Steve Clow Chad Harper Dick Labausher Phil Davenprt Dave Moore Phil Nathan Andrey Tsalkovich Colin Peters Tony Stout Iian Sorrell Jerome Moisand Barry Howard Stelian Bogdan Ed Wagner Bob Giordano Fran Slasinski Mike Dragone Terry McGaw Val Grimly
  3. The Peg draw and scale certification will be done at CHRISSY and TIM’S Diner. 11830 route 9w, west coxsackie ny 12192. The only red light in Coxsackie right on 9w, pull around behind the building to the large parking lot. They will be open for b’fast @ 6:00 if anyone wants to grab a bite before the fishing starts. Certification will be from 6:00 to 7:00. Peg draw @ 7:00. If your coming to the meet and greet on Friday you can get your scale certified then.
  4. Carp King

    There aren't any local guys....
  5. Carp King

    you are right, my apologies
  6. Carp King

    The Carp King 2017 Who will be the next North American Carp King? Every year a Carp King is decided at the Cag Carp Classic (CCC) . The Angler that catches the biggest carp of the event will be the North American Carp King. He will get a silver belt buckle. In all the years the CCC has been going there have been only two Anglers to ever win it twice (Bogdan Bucur and Rick Slinker). I might be mistaken and some one correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think a New Yorker has ever been Carp King. We have over thirty Cag members in NY and as it stands right now there are more Anglers from out of state signed up then New Yorkers. Chances are the Carp King will not come from NY again this year. So who do you think will be this years Carp King? Here is the list of entrants to date: Mark Reece Jerome Moisand Chris Labucki Barry Howard Steve Clow Stelian Bogdan Chad Harper Ed Wagner Dick Labausher Bob Giordano Phil Davenport Fran Slasinski Dave Moore Mike Dragone Phil Nathan Terry McGaw Andrey Tsalkovich Colin Peters Tony Stout Iain Sorrell Val Grimly
  7. List of participants

    Here is the registered anglers as of 9-11-17. Mark Reece Chris Labucki Steve Clow Chad Harper Dick Labausher Phil Davenprt Dave Moore Phil Nathan Andrey Tsalkovich Colin Peters Tony Stout Iian Sorrell Jerome Moisand Barry Howard Stelian Bogdan Ed Wagner Bob Giordano Fran Slasinski
  8. List of participants

    I'll make a list as soon as i get a minute
  9. 2017 CCC Awards

    Awards The awards will be consistent with the CCC tradition: - The North American Champion trophy will be awarded to the angler with the four fish with the greatest total weight (big 4). - Additional trophies will be given to each section winner (big 4). In case of ties, see the rules in the previous post. - The North American Carp King Jeweled Belt Buckle will be awarded to the angler catching the single heaviest carp. In addition, we will have a special award for the angler landing the first fish, and for the angler catching the biggest combined total-weight. Finally, we have commemorative coins, and you'll get one if you land at least one carp. And we should have a few spare ones for the raffle. Definitely a collector's item to keep preciously in your safe. ·
  10. 2017 CCC

    I'm hearing the ones that are closest are sold out. Your best bet would be the Rip Van Winkle Motor Lodge and it's about 5 miles away. The ones that are sold out are three miles away
  11. 2017 CCC

    There is another option for those who want to camp: Indian Ridge Campground in Leeds NY. 30.00 for a tent site 40.00 for a camper 75.00 for a cabin with 2 double beds This place is with in 10 miles from Coxsackie and Catskill 518 943-4513 1446 leeds Athens rd Catskill NY 12414
  12. Tentative Peg sites

    Theses are the tentative peg sites... 1-5 Newton Hook/ 6-16 Coxsackie river front park 17-26 Hudson NY south of river front park 27-40 Dutchmans Landing Catskill NY Catskill Point , Catskill NY
  13. 2017 CCC Rules

    Here are the rules for the CCC: Prizes for the CCC will determined by CAG BOD; at a minimum there shall be prizes for the biggest carp, and biggest 4 carp (total weight of 4 biggest carp caught by angler). 1.The Peg Draw shall start no later than 7:00 am on Saturday morning (Anglers who are arriving early in the morning must register and have their scales checked before 6:30am), with Fishing from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The Award Ceremony will follow at the advertised time & place. 2. All anglers must hold a valid NY fishing license. All anglers must have pre-registered and have pre-paid all entry fees before the draw. All pre-fishing must end along the venue on Friday September 15; any competitor found pre-baiting, plumbing, or fishing after this time and before the official start of the competition will be disqualified, and their entry fees forfeited. 3. This is a catch-and-release competition; no fish will be weighed unless it was caught fairly (hook must be within 2 inches of the fishes mouth), has been handled safely, and can be released alive. 4. Any angler found attempting to weigh in fish that are snagged, foul-hooked (hook is in a part of the fish’s body more than 2 inches from the mouth) or caught by any other unfair means will be disqualified from the competition. The Weigh Officials’ decision in all such cases shall be final. 5. Only Carp ( Common or Mirror ) can be weighed in and counted for any awards or prizes. All other fish (including Game Fish) do not count, and must be returned immediately to the water. Anyone attempting to retain a Game Fish will be disqualified from the competition. 6. There will be a random, fixed peg draw. Only one peg can be drawn. If 2 Anglers wish to fish together, they must make themselves known to the Draw Official on Friday evening before the Peg Draw; These anglers will draw first. One of the two Anglers will draw a peg number and the next peg will be assigned to his partner. If the first angler picks an end peg the peg before the first one picked will be assigned. Each angler must fish and place all of their fishing equipment within a rod-length (12 feet) either side of their peg. Anglers can cast to any point up to half way between their peg and the pegs on either side, or up to 15 yards from their peg in the case of end peg in the section. Any infringements in placing their fishing equipment more than 12 feet from their peg, or in attempted casting outside their peg area, will make the Angler concerned liable for disqualification from the competition. 7. Big Carp are hard-fighting fish; there may be a need for an angler to leave their peg location momentarily, to play a fish that is running parallel to the bank. Please be considerate of other anglers; try and avoid playing your fish in their pegged areas. Adjacent pegged anglers are encouraged to help an angler in difficulties with a big fish by removing their lines from the water while the fish is being played. Neighboring Anglers can help by netting fish or removing other rods for the Angler; no other assistance is allowed. 8. Anglers may leave their pegged area to answer a call of nature, etc. If the angler intends to return to their peg, all lines must be reeled in before leaving. If the angler wishes to leave during the competition, they need to record their leaving time with the Anglers either side of them, and remove all their equipment from their pegged area. Anglers must be present at the end of the Awards Ceremony after competition closes to be eligible for any prizes and awards. 9. No boats, bait-boats or wading, use of floatation devices or swimming (except in an emergency!); fishing from the shoreline only. Exception – an angler can enter the water by authorization from a Weigh Offficial or Angler at the next peg, to free a fish caught in a snag, weed or otherwise in distress or possible danger. Please ensure that you receive a verbal authorization from the Angler at the next peg or Official present before you enter the water. 10. Only 2 RODS per angler may be used at any time, with 1 single hook per rod. Hooks can be no larger than a size 1, recommended hook patterns are barbless and micro-barbed (e.g. a standard Carp Hook), or have the barb squeezed down with pliers. Hooks larger than a size 1, multiple hooks, double or treble hooks and hooks with an oversized barb are not allowed. Weigh Officials have the right to inspect angler’s hooks, and can disallow fish caught on any other type of hook; Weigh Officials decision in all such cases will be final. The angler can use an additional rod for spodding, spombing, or controlling a marker float; no fishhooks can be attached to any part of the line on this rod. The angler can have additional rods pre-rigged at the peg; but they can only have a maximum of two baits in the water at any time. Any angler found breaking these rules or fishing or attempting to fish in an unsportsmanlike way will be disqualified from the competition. Any angler breaking the 2 rod, 2 hook competition rules will be disqualified from the competition. 11. Required for each angler: a well-padded unhooking mat, a carp-specific weigh sling, a set of scales & tripod/monopod for weighing the fish, and at least 1 mesh style/CAG approved & well ventilated carp sack (for retaining fish in the water before weighing), and a soft, knotless mesh “fish friendly” landing net of the appropriate size. Anglers will not be allowed to count fish towards their total if they do not have a suitable mat and landing net. 12.Pre-Baiting will not be allowed. No breaking of the water is allowed before the start of the competition, except to plumb the depth, position a marker float, wet nets, unhooking mats and carp-sacks. Anglers are allowed to draw a small amount of water in a suitable bucket or pail, to wet and prepare groundbait (chum). 13. The competition will start promptly at the advertised time; fishing time will be signaled by one long blast on a car horn or by Weigh Officials. The fishing period will last a maximum of 8 hours with competition close announced by two long blasts on a car horn or Weigh Stewards. All fishing lines must be removed promptly at the end of the competition. Any angler playing a fish when the competition end is announced must call out and signal “Fish On”. The angler will have a maximum of 15 minutes to play the fish in and net it; timekeeping will be the responsibility of the Anglers at adjacent pegs 14. Baits allowed are; human food-quality baits such as bread, corn, beans, carp-safe boiled baits, pellet and paste baits, etc. The rule here is that the angler must be prepared to taste the bait, to prove it is safe for the fish! In addition, anglers can use natural baits; worms, nightcrawlers, maggots, mealworms, waxworms, crickets and hellgrammites, etc. Artificial baits, attached to each hook/hair rig system (e.g. artificial corn, boilie, crayfish fly, etc.) can be used, but no spoons, plugs, jigs, or other metal lures can be used. No Live or dead whole or cut fish, stink baits or other smelly catfish-type baits are allowed! Weigh Officials have the right to inspect all baits, and disallow any bait they deem illegal, offensive or dangerous. 15. All standard, Carp-safe rigs are allowed; all rigs should include either a Safety Clip or allow the lead/sinker to slide over knots in the case of an Inline, Helicopter, or Method Feeder rig. Zig Fishing, Fly Fishing, Float Fishing or Pole Fishing Rigs must include a lower breaking strain leader/hooklength/tippet, to avoid a Carp breaking off the whole rig. All rigs are liable to inspection by Weigh Officials; any unsafe rigs found must be changed immediately, or the Angler concerned will be disqualified from the competition. Weighing Officials decision in all such cases will be final. 16.Groundbaiting (chumming) is allowed (after the advertised starting time) Spods/Spombs, PVA bags, nets & string, catapults (fishing slingshots), throwing spoons, and feeders of all types are acceptable. Please bait intelligently. 17. Scales Calibration Check - Any Angler wanting to use their scales to have their fish weighed by a neighboring Angler must present their scales for calibration check to the Weigh Officials on Friday evening (or at 6:30am on Saturday morning for those Anglers arriving on Saturday). Weigh Officials will mark checked scales for neighboring Anglers to identify which scales can be used for weighing purposes. 18. Weighing System – Each angler’s fish will be weighed and recorded by a neighboring Angler on the Anglers Weigh Sheet with exact weight, type (Common or Mirror Carp), and time caught. The neighboring Angler will also sign the Weigh Sheet. It is each angler’s ultimate responsibility for ensuring that his/her fish is recorded accurately, and that the Weigh Sheet is delivered to the Weigh Officials at the end of the competition. In the event of any weighing disagreements or discrepancies, please notify the Organizer or Weigh Official immediately, within 1 hour of the end of the competition day, in person. The Organizer and Weigh Official will examine the Angler’s Weigh Sheet, talk to the Recording Angler, and will advise the angler of the decision.. In all cases, the Organizers decision shall be final and binding. 19. In the event of a tie for any total or big 4 weight awards & prizes, the angler with the biggest single fish shall be judged the winner. In the event of a tie for the weight of a single fish award or prize, the award of trophy will be decided by a coin toss. 20. A Runner (Angler’s Guest) is allowed to be with the Angler at their designated peg, to support the Anglers by netting fish, assisting the Weigh Officials with the weighing and recording of fish, and by releasing fish safely back to the water. In addition, the Runner can leave the peg at any time, to fetch food and drink, carry the Angler’s gear, and liaise with spectators, the Weigh Team, and Media Representatives. The Runner cannot bait the hook for the angler, cast out, or otherwise touch the fishing rod until the fish is netted; at that point the Runner may move the rod and net out of the way, assist with unhooking the fish, and liaise with the Weigh Official. 21. Anglers are responsible for their own property, safety and liability for any damage or injury to others. The Organizer of this competition,and the Sponsors, wave any liability for any personal loss or injury, howsoever caused; this is an “enter-at-your-own-risk” event. Please remember that there are likely to be spectators and children present at all times. Look behind you before you cast! Anglers will be required to sign a waiver before being allowed to draw; any refusal to sign will result in instant disqualification of that Angler. 22 The $50 Entry Fee must be fully paid to CAG before the draw on Sept 23rd. This event will be limited to a maximum of 50 Anglers. 23. If the event needs to be cancelled, due to extreme weather conditions, any refunds will be at the sole discretion of the CAG BOD; their decision will be final. A valid NYS fishing license must be with you when fishing. Licenses can be obtained on line. http://www.dec.ny.gov/permits/6091.html Out of state members can purchase a one day license for 10.00 The Hudson River is a tidal river and as anyone who has ever fished a tidal river knows adjustments have to be made. Be prepared.
  14. Register for the CCC 2017

    Registration for the 2017 CCC on the Hudson River is available here...http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/68-ccc-2017/ For the first time ever the CCC will be held on the Hudson River which will give everyone in the Northeast an opportunity to attend a CAG event that they ordinarily wouldn't. The CCC is a great social event that allows members to meet new anglers and to touch base with friends they haven't seen in a while and we even get to do some fishing. Hope to see you all.....
  15. CCC Registration

    REGISTER FOR THE CCC http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/68-ccc-2017/