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  1. Barry

    2018 CCC Rules

    There is nothing in the rules that says you can't....soooo I guess the answer is yes
  2. Barry

    Final Peg locations

  3. For those of you who have never fished the Hudson and even those that have, a friendly reminder that the Hudson can be difficult at times(currant,tides,boat traffic etc). Heavy leads are some times needed (4oz,6oz,some have used 8oz on occasion). A long handle net would be helpful with most of the pegs , especially when the tide is out. I have a couple of long handle nets so If you are in need let me know. Maybe I could leave one in each section. It should be high tide the morning we start with the tide going out and coming back in before we end on Saturday.
  4. Barry

    Final Peg locations

    These locations are the same as the tentative pegs with the exception of two new pegs (12a and 12b) in Coxsackie. Here are the final peg locations, Section one Coxsackie Riverside Park Section 2 Dutchmans Landing Section 3 Catskill Point
  5. Barry

    2018 tentative peg locations

    The only problem with that spot Sam is that at low tide is only about 6 inches of water
  6. Barry

    2018 tentative peg locations

    I'm going to finalize them tonight. They're basically going to be the same the only changes there's two more pegs in Coxsackie
  7. Barry

    2018 Carp King

    A week from today the 2018 Karp King will be receiving his…. Who will it be??? Will there be a repeat?(I don’t think that has ever been done) Will it stay in NY??? We will know in one week..stay tuned!!!!
  8. Barry

    2018 CCC Tee Shirt

    The CCC is a yearly CAG event that has been held in various locations around the US. This year it is in NY on the Hudson River. Anyone can participate as long as you are a cag member. If you go to the official cag events on the forum and click on CCC you will get all the info you need.
  9. Barry

    2018 CCC Tee Shirt

    I'm going to need the final tee shirt order by Sept. 6 at the latest , in order to have them in time for the CCC
  10. Barry

    2018 tentative peg locations

    Section one Section2 Section 3
  11. Barry

    2018 CCC Tee Shirt

    Here is the 2018 CCC tee shirt... 15.00
  12. Barry

    2018 CCC Awards

    2018 CCC PRIZES Here is a list of prizes for the CCC so far. I will be updating the list as we receive new prizes. 1. Shimano tribal spod rod 12ft 50mm with Shimano Beast Master 7000 reel 2. Shimano tribal spod rod 12ft 50mm Butt Ring 3. TF Gear Hardcore Brolly System 4. Mat Lazlo donated a set of Homer Simpson Hangers
  13. Barry

    2018 CCC List of Participants

    Here is the current list of participants for the CCC Colin Peters 15- Barry Howard Bob Giordano Mark Reece Miguel Angelo Mike Dragone Chris Labucki Iain Sorrell Dick 10 boilies Laubscher David Moore LoRene Laubscher Fran Slasinski 20 - Zack Testa Brad Fromme Anthony Stout Ed Wagner Nigel Griffen Andrey Tsalkovich Adrian Bogdon Val(His Majesty) Grimley Anthony Blankley Tim Lago 25 Neil Kent Steve Clow Thomas Brown Sam Williams Richard DeOliveria Mike Chancer Mark Lowery
  14. Barry

    CCC 2018 Registration

    Yes there will be a list
  15. Barry

    2018 CCC Rules

    Your very,very observant....😁😡😽