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  1. I've fished with fresh, aged and even rather fermented packbait; all seem to work well. I do draw the line at mouldy bait, more from a personal revulsion to sticking my hands into and packing such a concoction that it's lack of effectiveness. 😷 I often make up multiple bags of packbait at a time, storing it in the fridge between sessions. Lasts easy a few weeks though can dry out a little; either adding some water from the lake or more creamed corn when ready to use again. John
  2. Welcome to the Carp Anglers group Michael !!! 😎 As for eating the carp here in Colorado, as you have noted already, we have many lakes that are overpopulated with small carp <10 lbs, many stunted in growth. We also have plenty of lakes jam packed with even smaller carp, even more stunted <7 lbs Eat away ! I do respect your decision to release the larger fish and would highly recommend releasing all grass carp in Colorado (CPW stocked those for algae control at considerable cost) and mirrors of any size and all/any MA quality fish. IF you have any questions about carp fishing here in Colorado, do drop me a message. I see you are a regular on FXR, what's your handle there? I admit, I am USELESS at remembering names !!!. Do drop into the Colorado forum here on the website, tell us a little about yourself.... http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/215-co/ (Main Colorado Forum section) http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/216-co-meet-greet-questions/ (Meet and Great section) There are now a steadily growing number of CAG members from Colorado. We are generally all active on various facebook groups, if you are active there, drop me a message/friend as well. Best Regards & welcome again ! John
  3. A warm welcome to Michael Thompson, another new member to CAG here in Colorado ! T'would seem that this year all the "stealth" Colorado carp anglers are all joining up ! 🤪
  4. He reminds me of those big commons, early season, you know they are out there, but where !!! 😎
  5. You are most welcome. One of these days you got to get Mark into the electronic age and online 🤠
  6. Just wanted to post a quick note of warm welcome and highlight our members from Colorado. Looking forwards to meeting up and fishing with you all this season. Our ranks are growing and now include; Amy & Mark Demrovsky Mark Caldwell Bob Crook Holland Oats For those that don't know them, Amy, Mark, Mark, Bob have all featured in CarpQuest videos in 2018 and are frequent posters on the CAG Facebook page, Holland is still elusive and i've yet to fish with him on the banks and get him on photo/film ! Tight-Lines, John
  7. Hope you enjoy a few highlights from a couple of carp fishing socials we hosted this year for Team CarpQuest. The first, at the Fairgrounds, was tough with only a couple of carp caught. The second, at Chatfield Reservoir, was total madness. Over twenty carp were landed, including new PB mirror for CAG's Mark Caldwell ! CAG"s Mark Demrovsky also appears in this episode. John CarpQuest
  8. After another month of computer issues, editing s/w updates, corrupted templates, I was FINALLY able to get another episode edited and released. So, it's time to sit back, grab an extra HUGE mug of java and watch the show. https://youtu.be/nv1CQwVaGnI An overnight session at Chatfield Reservoir resulted in many common and mirror carp for me, including a great mid 20s mirror just after midnight. James caught consistently throughout the night with some good fish banked. Hope you Enjoy! John CarpQuest
  9. In this week’s new special episode of CarpQuest we travel 5000 miles back to the UK for a summer vacation. I took with me all the tackle I could pack so I could take my niece out fishing whilst there. The Quest, to help Stephanie catch her first ever fish, a carp. Could we get it done? Hope you enjoy ! Tight-Lines, John
  10. What an epic days fishing at Chatfield with my friends, Ron and Bob. Both landed their new PB common carp, Ron with a 24 lb'er and Bob with a 22.5 lb'er. I added a few more to our days tally including a nice mirror towards the end of the session. Hope you Enjoy !
  11. Crazy hot weather and carp fishing action on Memorial Day weekend. I pushed the scales close to 30 lb's a couple of times with some mighty Chatfield Reservoir common carp. Scopex Squid doing the job paired with Trokar Magnum curved shank hooks. An insane session with over twenty carp landed. A new PB mirror was landed for Bob Crook and an almost twenty pound common for James. Hope you enjoy our latest episode! Tight-Lines, John CarpQuest
  12. I have had success with the microwave method. Perhaps you may just need to blast them for a bit longer ? i did find that the very buoyant ones increased in size quite a bit after microwaving, just be careful not to burn the bait. Other options, Make your own cork ball pop'ups, cork balls are commercially available and you basically wrap the ball with your boilie mix. Or take a piece of cork, a knife, and make your own. Use a commercial pop-up mix in your base boilie mix Use cork dust/fine powder in your base boilie mix (if you save lots of corks from wine, you can grind these down into a powder/dust) Take a bait 6mm drill, drill out a hole most of the way through the boilie, insert a cork stick, commercially available, or take a piece of cork, a knife and make your own. You may simply be not using enough cork to counter balance the weight of the ingredients in your mix ? Best of luck ! John
  13. The carp and coffee gods just continued to show me favor this spring; the coffee just kept on flowing ! With thunderstorms forecast we returned to Chatfield Reservoir for an afternoon session with Bob and Ron. By mid afternoon the storms blew through and the fish started to show. Our efforts were rewarded late afternoon with another new PB mirror for me and the first ever carp for Ron. For just a short session, great results. Hope you Enjoy. John CarpQuest
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