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  1. After a spring of fishing we finally got some footage edited, the coffee pot filled and a mug ready for some victory action ! Our first trip of the new season took us to Adams County Fairgrounds. The calm morning quickly turned into a cold, blustery afternoon. Our efforts were rewarded towards the end of the session with a with a nice low double common. We were lucky and shot some footage of a magnificent bald eagle flying over the lake. A very short video from a very cold few hours on the bankside! Hope you enjoy this teaser of the season to come! Best Regards John
  2. The Fairgrounds can be a harsh mistress. Super congrats on your catches there, top stuff ! We have found, over the many years fishing there, location is everything. Just 5-10 yards off the "spot" they chose to feed makes all the difference. Crazy place, yet, the rewards are worth the effort ! Well done ! Many carp at the Fairgrounds were spawning about 2 weeks ago, though some have still yet to finish up. I spent yesterday there, fishing and with my brother over from the UK doing some wildlife photography. 3 of us fished the point most of the day, results were varied, with most catches coming either early morning, just after dawn, right of the point, or throughout the day, straight of the point. Bite really turned on after the thunderstorms rolled through around 5pm. Fish fell to either super-sized corn/maize (Ryan 7 fish), boilies and pop-ups (Andrew 3 fish) or for me, pop-ups (9 fish), all 3 of us also deployed packbaits of one flavor or another... The fish all fought like crazed maniacs, ton of fun !
  3. I do find any type of high fish meal content certainly can attract the catfish, or worse, crayfish, caught a few nice cats over the years. Ironically I have done well lately with some baits infused with krill. Sometimes I add a tin of tuna to the pack as well. Endless possibilities!
  4. Milk replacement, I just use dried milk powder from the big box stores, SamsClub here, I'm sure Costo also has its. When I am feeling flush with $$$ I actually use condensed or evaporated milk in my pack, creates a bit of a cloud. When I use molasses its liquid form, from the grocery aisle, that or dark karo syrup.
  5. Michael, ironically, the couple of times i've been to places where "chumming" is legal, I did not really catch more fish. First time was in KS, a two day and night affair, though plenty of chum was thrown in, all we ended up on the line were lots, and lots, and yet even more, catfish ! The second time was fishing back in the UK last year. The wildlife ate nearly all my free offerings catapulted out during the day, was hideous seeing the birds, like vultures, swooping down, diving, to eat it all. I eventually did get some fish on the bank, though that was using a modified method/pack mix and corn on a stringer on the hair. Yes, I would love to be able to pre-bait some spots here in Colorado, alas, not happening, not legal and not sure it would really be productive given the public and well known spots I am fishing. Footnote: I would highly recommend using liquids and glugs for your baits here in Colorado ! plenty of options out there....
  6. Michael, I wish I had a better answer for you. It's sad to say, that a lot is going to depend on the particular wildlife officer you encounter. Some will say it's fine, "hey, that's like a dough ball we used to use for catfish", others are going to not be so accommodating. 100%, if they see you casting out in quick succession, repeatedly, they are going to ticket you for chumming. We fish the Tight Line Outdoors, Carp Tournaments each year here in Colorado. At the rules meeting, they are pretty consistent in stating, packbait is ok, but, in moderation with no repeated casting, so long as your hook is embedded in the pack. TLO have to get a permit from CPW to hold the events. Tightline have also had CPW threaten to turn up once to a night tourney, in force and ticket everyone in the tournament for chumming by the use of packbait; which they eventually did not do. I believe TLO contacted the District Wildlife manager and complained to them about it all. The most enthusiastic officers are at Chatfield Reservoir, we have had them watch us with binoculars, from afar, to ensure we weren't doing anything illegal. My thoughts, as I said before, just be mindful of your surroundings, if you are using packbait, don't leave it out in plain sight with the ground littered in oats and corn in front of you, and refer to it as a dough bait, if asked. 100% feeding wildlife in Colorado, ducks included, is going to get you a ticket that far more $$$ than simply one for chumming. CPW are VERY aggressive to people feeding stuff here. Here is a link to an article that I had to write, and send to CPW, regarding carp baits and chumming in Colorado, after they mistakenly accused me of promoting illegal fishing techniques in Colorado. Seems they had me mixed up with some cat fishing folks and drifting chum bags of blood with hooks, behind their boats. Took me months and a few phone calls to get that all sorted out. I am not the only Colorado CAG State Chair to have had bust-ups with CPW over the years ! http://carpquest.org/local-info/colorado-rules-clarification-for-use-of-packbaits-in-carp-fishing/ In the end, myself and CPW still disagreed slightly !!! Best of luck, John
  7. Having spoken multiple times, in person and via email, with Colorado Parks and Wildlife representatives; multiple casting, every 5 minutes, with packbaits, is CHUMMING. Casting out packbait, without your hook in the packbait, (to meet the ;etter of the written regulations at least) is CHUMMING. Tossing out a softball sized huge monster ball of packbait, depth charging the water, is likely going to be considered CHUMMING. We as carp anglers here in Colorado should at least "try" to practice a modicum of sensibility with regards to our use of pack/method bait techniques. As always to anyone fishing here in Colorado, be mindful of your surroundings and whom may be watching you. Some CPW officials will still say just using a method feeder, is chumming, some will say it's perfectly fine. It perhaps comes down to how they see you using the method mix/packbait and your intent. Just be mindful out there. The place you are most likely to get a ticket nowadays, would be Chatfield Reservoir and lakes in the Littleton area; the CPW District Wildlife Manager for that zone is very "enthusiastic" on this topic ! Good old Colorado !
  8. I've fished with fresh, aged and even rather fermented packbait; all seem to work well. I do draw the line at mouldy bait, more from a personal revulsion to sticking my hands into and packing such a concoction that it's lack of effectiveness. 😷 I often make up multiple bags of packbait at a time, storing it in the fridge between sessions. Lasts easy a few weeks though can dry out a little; either adding some water from the lake or more creamed corn when ready to use again. John
  9. Welcome to the Carp Anglers group Michael !!! 😎 As for eating the carp here in Colorado, as you have noted already, we have many lakes that are overpopulated with small carp <10 lbs, many stunted in growth. We also have plenty of lakes jam packed with even smaller carp, even more stunted <7 lbs Eat away ! I do respect your decision to release the larger fish and would highly recommend releasing all grass carp in Colorado (CPW stocked those for algae control at considerable cost) and mirrors of any size and all/any MA quality fish. IF you have any questions about carp fishing here in Colorado, do drop me a message. I see you are a regular on FXR, what's your handle there? I admit, I am USELESS at remembering names !!!. Do drop into the Colorado forum here on the website, tell us a little about yourself.... http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/215-co/ (Main Colorado Forum section) http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/forum/216-co-meet-greet-questions/ (Meet and Great section) There are now a steadily growing number of CAG members from Colorado. We are generally all active on various facebook groups, if you are active there, drop me a message/friend as well. Best Regards & welcome again ! John
  10. A warm welcome to Michael Thompson, another new member to CAG here in Colorado ! T'would seem that this year all the "stealth" Colorado carp anglers are all joining up ! ðŸĪŠ
  11. He reminds me of those big commons, early season, you know they are out there, but where !!! 😎
  12. You are most welcome. One of these days you got to get Mark into the electronic age and online ðŸĪ 
  13. Just wanted to post a quick note of warm welcome and highlight our members from Colorado. Looking forwards to meeting up and fishing with you all this season. Our ranks are growing and now include; Amy & Mark Demrovsky Mark Caldwell Bob Crook Holland Oats For those that don't know them, Amy, Mark, Mark, Bob have all featured in CarpQuest videos in 2018 and are frequent posters on the CAG Facebook page, Holland is still elusive and i've yet to fish with him on the banks and get him on photo/film ! Tight-Lines, John
  14. Hope you enjoy a few highlights from a couple of carp fishing socials we hosted this year for Team CarpQuest. The first, at the Fairgrounds, was tough with only a couple of carp caught. The second, at Chatfield Reservoir, was total madness. Over twenty carp were landed, including new PB mirror for CAG's Mark Caldwell ! CAG"s Mark Demrovsky also appears in this episode. John CarpQuest
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