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  1. Georgia Carp USA

    Great video !
  2. Big carp tackle

    Zach is always lurking the forums, yet, with his monumental beard now, nobody recognizes him anymore!
  3. Carp fishing in fall can be both challenging and very rewarding. In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest we fish an afternoon session at the fairgrounds and land several great looking common carp. I also discuss the important difference between "Victory Coffee" and "Proactive Victory Coffee". One tastes better than the other, but both will do in a pinch. Hope you enjoy !
  4. Possum & Dunkel Fall Fantastic

    Top stuff !
  5. Congratulations to Iain ! As for the low turn out, it must have been the Russian hackers that worked against Larry Seriously, thankyou to both Iain and Larry for stepping up and having some constructive dialogue in the Q & A.
  6. Epic Vacation Session!

    Dang, great session ! #victorycoffee !
  7. Mirror Carp..?

    Perhaps 5% here in Colorado on the lakes we fish are mirror, perhaps higher depending on location. On one lake, over 4 yrs, and 100+ fish, not a single mirror, then a couple in a few sessions. When i fished a lake in UT, it was nothing but small mirrors it seemed. That's the joy of carp fishing, never know whats on the end of your line!
  8. Well, it's been a long tough fall, the victory coffee could not keep me from being sick for a month and out of work. Finally back on my feet and found the time to put together a new episode of CarpQuest. So, it's time to break out your java, heat up the water, grab a huge mug, sit back and enjoy our latest episode. In this session I travel up to northern Colorado and fished with two anglers new to carp fishing, Ryan and Bleu. It's one of the things I love about CarpQuest, the opportunity it provides me to meet so many passionate anglers. It was a great day, good conversation, lots of commons in the net and finally a new PB grass carp for me landed. What an amazing session. Both Ryan and Bleu continued with their carp fishing, with Bleu winning the TLO Carp Tournament at the end of this year, and Ryan placing in the previous one. What a great couple of guys, passionate and dedicated to their fishing. Hope you enjoy ! John CarpQuest
  9. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    Welcome to CAG !
  10. Two PBs busted in one session!

    Epic, well done !
  11. With only a few day's to go until Colorado's final carp tournament of the year, at Lake Arbor, 1st Oct it's time to sit back, drink some java and enjoy our latest episode of CarpQuest. A great day's carp fishing on the banks of a favorite venue with friends. Andrew lands a handful on his Nash Sawn Off Scope's, myself and James each land a fish before a strong thunderstorm moved in and we had to depart of the day. Hope you enjoy ! John
  12. Are Rod Pods Worth it?

    I would say, my little "red-wagons" have been a life & back saver over the years. The first one lasted me about 5 years, the second one, is still going strong. Sadly I have overgrown the wagon and now it's getting ridiculous with the amount of stuff I pile on there and expect to be able to drag it to the swim. A barrow in my near future. Rod pods, bank sticks, each has their place, though I have a couple of pods there are still occasions when I will just pack a couple of sticks and the alarms, especially when traveling real light (which is a rarity for me).
  13. Marchin carp!-BEAUTIFUL MIRROR!!!!

    Big or small, i do have a soft spot for mirrors.