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  1. only reason I make the balls that big is I can chunk them out farther on my baiting spoon with 5 foot handle, any bigger they don't fly out as far and it sounds like someone lobbing bricks in the water.....I catapult them out, golf ball size when I am fishing as I don't want that much noise...as a note in a pinch a big method ball can be a personal space defense weapon..it the dark-no lights-dress in camo - give a new meaning to "death from above"..ask me about my special cat chit/litter and coyote urine method balls sometime
  2. an affectionate term for those that "stab harvest" fish....feed corn rocks never noticed a black line reddish maybe, I take out a handful of boiled maize and use for hook baits prob the best go to bait....in a big stock pot presoak it 24 hours then boil for 30 or so min or until it starts to split... a 1/4 cup of salt and a table spoon of crushed red pepper..and use well water or in a pinch distilled water..lots of flavor options off the shelf in the grocery store, just remember the golden rule "less is more!" when i first started I over flavored the jeezus out of my baits..I think it overwhelms a carps sensory perception...so a 1/3 teaspoon in a 1/2 full bucket of fresh boiled maize is PLENTY even less if its a concentrate...a single packet of jello (some very interesting flavors) in that 1/2 bucket of boiled maize, with the water mostly drained off, stir in the jello while the corn is still hot, put the lid on and its ready for your next days fishing
  3. I use well water for boiling everything.....if I am making a method mix I like oats pack/cream corn most of the year sometimes grits,.... winter bread crumb/canned sweet corn...a spoon of crushed red pepper rocks in boiled corn..corn chops boiled turns into a big goo..dumped into and ice chest and pour in rolled oats (can get it in 50# bags at a feed store) pre make your method balls...you can spike up the mix with hemp seed, boiled pop corn, peanuts, chick peas...a touch of deer attractant called "stump liquor" I use a baiting spoon and lob out big orange sized balls...do that most anywhere there are carp you will haul fish....be stealthy because Bfers will shoot you out........
  4. Big carp tackle

    I agree, when I first started it was crazy hard to get even the simplest kit...but BCT has stepped up and provided great goodies and always ready to help with questions!
  5. Missouri Team Event

    cool...we should have more details long before the event..will try to schedule the event so all interested can attend
  6. Planning stages of a TEAM event this spring, cost will be in the $75 range format will be a bit more pay-lake-like. bathrooms, Bivvy friendly, dinner provided, diddy bag with carp goodies, T-Shirt etc...prob have a crack at winning $500-$1000 depending on how many sign up already have some commitments....It will be held in the KC Missouri area (Kirk) contact me please sir....
  7. Best way is boil some corn and pre bait...find a nice place to set up and pull the fish to you!...50# of corn is cheap..once fish know food is there they will come back....once spring gets here and fish are in a feeding mood...I'd use a turkey fryer set up and boil up a whole bag of corn put it in 5 gal buckets and use a 50 pound bag of rolled oats and a bit of regular flour to make method balls lob them out with a catapult or baiting spoon on a long handle pick several spots along the shore and don't forget the margins.... do that twice..over about 10 days then go fishing.....I'd bet you'll catch some mammoth fish....
  8. Missouri Team Event

    The lake will have pegs and teams will draw for pegs..and a team can be just one person..but usually 2....unsure but think its a 4 rod per peg limit, but working out the details with the owners..will try to set up a date to maximize participation my goal is 10 CAG teams..that will also have their locals...they can have 60 teams! Hope to pick a date with a good moon faze to maximize catching! (I am a big believer in solunar tables) this will be a great chance for people to give the paylakeing environment a shot without driving clear out to NC!......http://www.solunarforecast.com/solunarcalendar.aspx
  9. Missouri Team Event

    ........ Kirk is sexier than me.......but Frank..it would be awesome to see you fishing anywhere!
  10. 2017 CAG FALL BIG 4

    if your in St Louis need to get you hooked up with doug reed and Marco Koning...carp fishing fools
  11. Throw back pic 06!

    I can tell you there was an organized attempt to destroy CAG by elements in the Bfing community ..most CAGers I ever knew were friendly and giving freely of information I agree...with social media now it will be FAR easier than it was in the 90's even early 2000's what happened to the guy called KCcarper was the Kansas state chair? I have been reaching out to a group in the St Louis area...they left CAG because of perceived lack of value...biggest on their list was needing events...thats the easy part....I would work with our state chair and personally call is I could and email if necessary to get the old gangs back together..
  12. Any good spots around here?

    Guntersville, wheeler any of the known Bfing holes....I would tell you to do some exploring, more Bfing = smaller fish...keep that in mind....
  13. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    sounds like a plan! The feeder boilees, were do hold better as chum in current...If I was fishing it I would use pop up plastic maze...glugged...I have always caught my biggest carp on boilees....maze for numbers...but one rod always has a boilee for me..good luck and take pics and share!
  14. 2018 social...possibility Bob's Fishing Lake 15140 N 71 Highway Savannah, Missouri Lake has fish in the 40# class from what I can tell its sort of like a pay-lake in the Carolinas they have a strange habit of holding the fish by they eyes, seems the fish are caught and released there..perhaps a social with proper handling and gear? its about an hour north of KC on 49...thinking an overnighter there during their busy weekends, seems like a recruiting spot for sure
  15. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    yes! but with the current you can't chum just anything to hold in A-B areas as you notice.....I would say C is an eddy area where chum/food does accumulate , feeder boilees, cut in half, don't roll as easy..dence base mix, say 50/50 semolina-masa corn flower, a Capsicum based attracters (peppers) like chili powder and black pepper I'd make up a buttload of feeder baits, you could roll them out in sausages, and flatten them a bit then cut them in 1/2 inch sections, be less likely to roll around as much since you don't roll them just enriched flour will work..no oil ether..less to make them float! per large egg....40g masa flour.... 40g enriched wheat flour.....14g powderd milk..... 1.5 g black pepper..... 1.5 g chili powder....1.5g MSG......1.5g salt......500mg l-lysine (one pill crushed... 1ml of Tai Fish sauce This is a VERY cheap effective feeder boilee you can make several pounds!... to make hook baits add 1ml sesame seed oil to help roll, change out the plain flour for semolina...35g/35g masa/semo....add 10g hemp flour to the base mix (you can grind your own in a spice grinder) I like to take some hemp seed and flash roast them in a wok, then grind them in my spice grinder.... you can make 10# or so feeder "boilees" pretty quick that way... do you have issues with crabs there?
  16. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    Pre baiting a couple times before you fish will really help, chum ..3 days later chum again but a little lighter than 1st time..3 more days fish and you have the general idea what way does the current flow? remember they will trail the scent from down current, like lions stalk wildebeest....so you may need at least at first a heavy bread crumb trail, range cubes do well in current as chum anything that can hold bottom...you can load a 6 foot section of PVC pipe...drill a few holes fill it with molasses soaked maze and put enough weight to hold in any current...try to keep you chumming on the d-low....least your swim gets shot up, of meat fishermen make a raid

    found more pics about the place...looks nice and they serve food!

  19. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    Fish where the bottom is best, chum the jeezus out of it but put a "bread trail" to it from the main channel with boiled maze....and the main area make the chum area more diverse beans, corn, peanuts.. boiled corn chops (makes a blob of corn goo that makes great method balls), whole oats (groats) boiled rice...chick peas, hemp..always hemp....a hand full or too of feeder boilees...should have at least a 5 gal bucket of mixed particles....and 5 of boiled whole maze...and one of corn chops goo balls (mix in rolled oats to make the balls) the current should cause the bay water to swirl, toss in some corn cobs "dry" in the bay they will end up where the current takes food and carp will always be there... as a note thats how they used to find drowning victim back in the day
  20. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    google rigs on you tube......if you get hook pulls and loosing fish its a sign of rig issues....i'd say try hard deer corn soaked over night then boiled in crushed red pepper as hook bait....simple and works ....plastic pop up corn is dirt cheap..it helps make your offerings neutrally buoyant, that allows it to fly right into the carps mouth, and as the hook turns it should hook the fish in the bottom of the mouth, line aligner shrink tubing etc..10 bucks can buy all the little things you'd need off Ebay or amazon... BCT about anywhere, make some glug from flavoring in the baking section of your local supermarket glycerine and a few drops of anything sweet, molasses some aminos from the vitamin areas and you'll catch way more than most
  21. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Dale Holmes what kind of bait do you use with that set up? Cannonball hard to say, it seems like they are touching line..almost like giving them a "shock" I know a braid hook link seems less to spook carp for me and catfish.....I think bigger fish because they live a very long time figure out how to avoid getting caught...usually just by being more cautious, baby carp get munched if they just swam up and started feeding in the open..even then the fastest strongest dart away to live another day..would explain why carp are so much stronger than other fishes on that 1st run..as I started to use more sophisticated rigs my size of fish went up, I think bigs are there, just mouth it once..feel a hook or line then eject it without getting hooked...better rigs hooks them the 1st suck.....
  22. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    one of the best things I ever did was by better hook link materials, its pricey buy lasts, my catch rate jumped 100 fold, same bait-hook-etc but this alone will catch you more fish, hinge rig...KD rigs..chod... so much more you can do rig wise below are the ones I have used, I like 20# If I was to give anyone starting advise is learn all you can about tying good rigs and why its important