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  1. Do Gobies Disturb Carp Fishing?

    I have been doing research for a while on the impacts on all of the "invasive" species and in a nutshell this is what seems to happen, 1st a population explodes then after seeks equilibrium...gobies have made the smallmouth bass population boom, also I have talked to carp anglers in the great lakes including carp flyfishing guides at beaver island and commons eat gobies, do gobies eat fish egg? sure just like bluegills do...many times the sky is falling on what ever invasive of the month is..its a SCREAM for $$$$..anyone who's old enough remembers just how nasty the water was in the great lakes, zebras def cleared the water and fish populations got better....the big issue was cleaning the mussels off things in the water....it was an issue with barnacles in salt water so the tech to address that issue existed...the silver carp issue..seems that traditional game fish feed heavy on them and get fat, the illinois river is experiencing a game fish boom because of them.....now I see the black carp is the next bad fish, they eat native mussels and they will take over the world....just another scream for $$ to watch them or else......I am all for good science, yet we risk the boy that cried wolf situation, I think this winters bitter cold has killed back many non-native species because over our last 10 years the winters have been mild, just like the global warming situation....anyone who wants can google up tons of data....we have been warming ever since the end of the last last age, some 13k years ago, and since the 1850's we have been having good weather data and have had faster warming...the big question is wether man is causing it......want to know how minor mans effect is on weather? google the year without a summer...a volcanic eruption caused weather to get much colder short term, snow in colonial new England in June, 1816 two foot of snow fell as far south as Virginia!...so many things have effected earths weather, the last 5k years have been some of the most stable....its a fascinating subject for anyone who wishes to read about it
  2. Big Kudos!!!

    I know how much work people have done that make an organization like CAG run, many times the bulk of what is heard is complaints, yet I would like to take this post to thank everyone who has stepped up all these years, carp angling is at that tipping point.... so many things are on the edge of our sport exploding across the USA. You can see it , feel it, even taste it...so much is being done behind the scenes...so much great news is so close it hard not to get excited....this is your time to step up and volunteer in some small way, it could be making polite posts about carping on a local fishing FB... getting a few carpers together and picking up trash at some local fishing holes.... to manning a table at a sports show handing out flyers....or sharing a day fishing with youth or perhaps a veteran/wounded warrior.....so many kind acts..CAG has 1st always been about sharing what a blast it is to fish for carp.... Some of the best people I have ever met are carpers, so take someone new fishing, that more than anything grows our sport, social media is a tool to reach out to new fishing buddies, Meaasge someone who's is interested and new, Go out and fish somewhere in 2018 that no-one ever fished for carp before...someone did that at Austin all those years ago...or dale hollow ....or lake fork..and all the other great places that remain secret until that day we no longer worry about its destruction. here is to a great 2018!!!! .
  3. Bernie Haines

    Sad a person that so much started putting Carp on the USA map...life is short
  5. Contact with a FFing carper

    I did an survey a while back and about 12% of fly anglers chase "golden bones" and its growing....considering how wide spread carp are vs trout its no surprise
  6. wow... crazy mofos!...LOVE IT!!!!!!.......this has to be the coldest FFF ever
  7. FFF 2018 - Your Winners, Awards, and Prizes

    You know its a cool event when you read this and smile!...grats on all who attempted this....and thanks for sharing..... heres to more fun CAGing adventures for 2018!!!!
  8. MAN! gratz to all that got out in this record bitter cold!

    Randall Hooker had a great Idea the other day and been brain storming a Carp and Sasquatch event, over night fishing and setting a few trail cams for giggles...for those who don't know our part of the country is a hotbed of bigfoot sightings....details to be worked out with all the state chairs.....any ideas on making this a cool event post up ideas...still trying to pick out a location

    lol yeah loved those

    size 24 foot prints would be interesting

    Randall Hooker had a great Idea the other day and been brain storming a Carp and Sasquatch event, over night fishing and setting a few trail cams for giggles...for those who don't know our part of the country is a hotbed of bigfoot sightings....details to be worked out with all the state chairs.....any ideas on making this a cool event post up ideas...still trying to pick out a location
  13. think I should post this...Question WHY SHOULD SOMEONE PAY TO BE IN CAG?...those reasons used to be obvious, Our objectives are clear: “To gain acceptance of the carp as an exciting and challenging sport fish." "To become better carp anglers, assist others and encourage them to join us. " But with social media you can learn fine tuning details outside of CAG like never before, you can in short order learn things that took the rest of us decades of trial and error....we still do that, yet the social aspect IMHO has been lacking..I joined CAG after a "fish-in" an old school CAG term for socials..friendly faces that can hand you extra kit, bait and you can see all the gear hands on goes along way to making someone a carp convert..and oh yeah handing someone a rod with a screaming run drag busting carp will bring a smile to even a old school fisherman....socials should be a major push of CAG...back in the day, people went to trade shows/boatshows/etc and they handed out "diddybags" IMHO CAG should do that at bigger "recruiting socials" where lots on non fishing "lookie lews" can see and become interested even have a tent to hand out diddy bags and hand out information...recruiting socials should be in locations with plenty of fish, and a public park like area where people can see..many of these places are available to grow membership and our ranks.... "To treat the carp with respect, promote the release of trophy-size carp and encourage others to do the same." this is a no brainer, proper fish handling allows a healthy carp to be recaptured, many a record or PB has been caught before a little bigger each time. C & R works plain and simple...also with the growth of Bfing and even harvesting carp for the table has made it a priority to seek regulation changes at the state and local level IMHO members will pay to be a part of CAG for this factor alone..but CAG will need to show an effort to seek better carp friendly regulations as an organization Other regs like 3 rod rules/chumming etc as well as the wanton disregard of on the books regulations by some state agencies (wanton waste - lighting & safety violations as examples) Sometimes a letter from our groups or even side groups, and in some cases a letter with a lawyers letterhead might be in order....many would join CAG and would pay to fight the good fight many not even in the USA. we should also seek alliances with other groups with similar goals and issues Most of all: go fishing, share with others, and have fun.” Carp are powerfull-intellegent-and huge compared to almost any fish in fresh water, that with its widespread availability like no fish in North America. spread the word! and take people fishing....
  14. 2018 TEAM competitive social

    I am sure you can use about anything..unsure why they would ban a float setup
  15. Hello everyone! an up-date about bob's fishing lakes in Savanna Mo....had a long phone call with the owner Ed..and he is excited about us having a competitive social there in 2018...he was VERY open about better carp care as anyone who had to spend $ to buy them!....a few brits have popped up there in the past...so he knew a tiny bit about the landing mats and nets etc...I told him we can share better carp care by example....and that he could get more sales out of his anglers selling kit they can't buy from Walmart or bass-pro shops!...as far as big fish the biggest fish like in any pressured water do not get caught much...there are several 40# class fish in the upper 30's and a mid 40's taken 2 years ago....I am confident that a state record resides in that 4a lake...no fish have been stocked in over a year....some buffalo are in the lake but they have been removing the large catfish and buffalo to his other lake....this is the closest thing we have anywhere like an english syndicate water...told him naming a few of the big fish and a capture board would motivate those like they do in the UK!.... we discussed about having a team event and costs/rules so will be working out details...part of entry fees will include their famous fried tenderloin dinner that was voted best in state....and some "if your not a carp fisherman you ain't ####" T shirt/hand towels...LOL....they are Bivvy/Brolly Friendly and open in April through October....already have about 8 people said they would go... if you have suggestions on when this should happen please let me know before I get this puppy planned he also said they have very few people fish during the day...so if someone wanted to chase a state record, they might hit it up some time....leading by example on fish handling and if you go please be nice and share why your catching way more fish than others (super secret baits aside) This place is a reasonable drive from KC and could be great for recruiting more carpers...both casual and competitive If you have any Ideas or suggestions please let me know
  16. Cold weather baits

    Many times this time of year can be a tough time for carp, lots of junk (chod) can blow it making it hard or uncomfortable for carp to feed on bottom so step one is find a location the carp are feeding, scanning the area with binoculars for breaches...also looking at winds and currents to see where leaves and other debris accumulate..these are areas to avoid this time of year..also wafers or pop ups are your friend...other than a single pop up plastic corn on a chod or KD rig...I also like a soft dough on a hair rigged spring...below is one that has worked for me 2 cups of wheaties brand cereal whizzed to a powder in a blender.... 1/3 cup of carnation milk powder...2 table spoons of schnapps....1 pack of strawberry or pineapple jello and the juice of a couple cans of sweet corn mix all your drys in a ziplock bag and shake well then in a separate bowl drain the sweet corn and save the corn for chum in a blender mix the schnapps and corn juice you can add some dry aminos to your dry mix or liquid to your wets mix to a nice dough ..if its too wet add more wheaties powder roll into a big ball and put it on a plate and cover with a bowl and nuke it for 30 sec place in a ziplock with a wet paper towel in the fridge you can roll it in a ball and fish it like a boilee or on a hair rigged spring post up captures and enjoy!
  17. 2018 TEAM competitive social

    Ill find out they charge so that will limit entries...but that being said a nice winners purse would be available.....having locals will be a good thing..they draw pegs so...its no biggie to have company......Ill send out a whats a best date as we get closer to like feb,,,we have time
  18. 2018 TEAM competitive social

    Amen to that......message me some dates, ..it supposed to be a magic kinda place at night ...but they are open april thru oct
  19. 2018 TEAM competitive social

    a few pics of what its like there..closest some us will ever get to an east coast pay-lake.
  20. 2018 TEAM competitive social

    1st pic is a 46..2nd 39..other are mid low 20's all from Bob's