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  1. if we can't separate our commons fro bigheads and silvers we can't get better regulations
  2. Ok people time to grow..we can not afford to Veg out while Bfing is growing, I am reaching out to people with skill sets we NEED to more forward CAG needs to double its membership in 18 months!!!! It can be done... Check egos at the door..we have a job to do...so if you have these skills we need you. Fund raising Legal multi media go pro filming....video editing with the relaunch of the ACS its time to get this going contact me to move forward and help!!! Thx in advance Mo
  3. OK people how much are these worth? and who wants some? Pure UK type strain Lumpage....disease free
  4. Ian, if there is anything I can do to help let me know, I have resources and have made a living as a sales/pitch man....I can't be there in person, but will do what I can to help achieve your goals, its one reason I got back into this.....



    cell 210-771-8392

    email hagg60@peoplepc.com

  5. I have used this a lot and started a carp room....its secure....Bfers need not apply LOL (we know who you are!) message me for our server in forum or FB! Thx! https://discordapp.com
  6. ok...ill re-up....just need that 50lbs-er im supposed to catch.....lol
  7. wow I havent been online in months if not a couple years! and I walk into this?..man and I was going to order some gear, and re up my membership...
  8. ok reuped my membership

  9. It will be interesting to see just if the bait can out produce boilies--as THE bait in the UK and all the time -money-and -research that goes into UK bait market-- Unless some bait guys tank up a few carp for 2-3 years--and get 100 wild carpers field testing bait--head to head with proven baits...better yet win at competative events I would be surprised if the "new" bait worked any better than a boilie carring the same attractants--which in the end is what a boilie is--if it works great it will be bought in paylakes and in the UK--if not it will be on wally worlds discount bins for 25-cents at the end of the season
  10. Paul is pork butt king???--work a mean grill does he???
  11. I can say that Paul's customer service is why people buy his gear and why they keep coming back--me included now if we can --just get him to carry LOTS more cool stuff wish list bike chain hangers and swingers really nice baiting tools opal boilies hhmmm more but can't think of now.....
  12. Thanks order is placed!!! Again Thanks!
  14. MINSTRAL?? does that mean they bleed in the water MoCarp
  15. I think this whole tread is a riot I bet the tiemco people are wondering why all those 2457 hooks are being sold! MoCarp- goods or services at a fair price will be good for business - its all about value- we could use a product shoot out feature and I put my name in as a tester!!!!
  16. hmmmmmm now If you want a nich get carp rods ringed for casters!!!!! 2.5-3.0 test curve please! MoCarp- I am not cheap- I just like value I am not ashamed that I have kit from wally world and bass pro They all catch carp!
  17. MoCarp

    ACS Thread

    REEER hisss - Quit being a bunch of sissys do business with who you want- let others do business with who they want- its GOOD to have choices when buying goods/services JUST talk carp- Use your mothers rule if you cant say something Nice don't say it- we all can be guilty of verbal/indiscretions- just opinion- everyones got one! ACS looks like a positive addition-I don't understand why people get heated up over some peoples twist on things. EVERYONE PLAY NICE MoCarp
  18. Caro- wolves buffalo??? well chap my hide rangler I guess Ill hire some pro carp hunters and feed carp meat to the chinese to build a bridge to the UK I think you have little to worry about the end of carp as we know it-Carp and roaches will prolly rule the world one day!!! where I fish they say we have 125# of carp per acre size...27,000 acres thats 3.375 million pounds of carp give a million pounds ether way as few as carp are recaught here I do not think hook damage/ mortality is a issue in the states mocarp
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