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  1. Nice fish but I think you'll find fish have been caught and released out of Champlain over 10lbs bigger and over 15lb's bigger elsewhere in Vermont Great to see a kid with such an impressive fish though.
  2. Tidal river carping

    You can be successful in tidal rivers fishing flats that are dry land at low tide. I typically don't worry too much about the depth, but look for the weed line and drop off areas and fish just off them. Structure is also good. The key is finding the feeding behavior of the carp as sometimes they will be feeding hard on a specific tide (incoming, outgoing, high, low etc). Bait wise, particles work well, as long as they don't wash away! Maize is always effective and I've caught plenty on chick peas. Due to the tidal nature I tend to add oils or powders to my baits to create a scent trail. Remember to take into account the flow as where you bait is not necessarily where the bait will end up. Up your line/braid (15lb mono or 50lb braid is good) add a leader (leadcore or 30lb mono) and up your end tackle with bigger hooks as the fish fight a lot harder than lake carp! Good luck.
  3. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    That's a monster fantail Dave!!! Awesome
  4. SPRING BIG4 post your pics

    Guys, just a reminder that for your fish to qualify: YOU MUST POST A PHOTO OF THE FISH (WITH BIG FOUR LOGO AND SCALES) ONTO THE LEADERBOARD. With 3 days left I see a few fish that are posted, but no picture is uploaded. I'd hate to see them miss out on prizes due to missing the picture. Good luck to everyone competing.
  5. Cag Big 4 Prizes

    The last couple of Big 4's were financed by CAG. We set aside $500 as prize money and I also added as prizes; CAG merchandise, membership extensions and also articles in NACA. With around 40 entries a $500 prize pool will only cost us $100 extra and maybe a little more if we add some of the other things. I think it's great we have extra sponsor prizes but I still think we should have the $500 prize pool and some of the other extra's.
  6. Leaderboard

    David, without a picture posted the fish are not valid. They could also start a thread in the Big 4 section and post pictures there as file size won't be a problem
  7. NECC Carp Conference - Thanks!

    Be great to see pictures and videos. I believe Edwin also taped all of the talks?
  8. NACA 2017 Printed Edition

    Magazines are printed and have been mailed. Sometimes takes longer to reach certain areas of the country but keep a look out in the mail over the next 2 weeks. Hope everyone enjoys the edition. Dean
  9. NACA 2017 Printed Edition

    COMING SOON!! This years printed edition is on it's way and hoping to have it in the mail in the next week or so. Please make sure you update your membership mailing address if it has changed as once I get the list from Willem this is what I will be working off. Thanks, Dean
  10. How Do You Romove a Snagged Carp?

    If the fish is stick in a solid snag (log, rock etc) then changing the angle sometimes works but failing that slacken off the line and put the rod down. It may take 10-20 minutes but sometimes the fish will swim out of their own accord. With weed, the fish generally bury their heads unless you've allowed the fish to run through the weed bed, which is a much harder prospect. In the first instance, keep the rod high and apply some pressure, but don't double the rod over! If you keep the rod high with a bend in it, the fish will usually start to move although again this can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. If this doesn't work put the rod down and slacken off and wait. If you can get the fish moving, even slowly you will usually land them. The only other option that works well is to go out in a boat directly above the fish, at which point they are easy to bring to the surface. Other things to bear in mind when fishing in weed; use braid as it cuts through the weed better, use a drop off lead system as this will help stop the lead getting jammed in the weed, fish with a fairly tight drag so you don't allow the fish to bury itself in the weed, keep the rod high when playing the fish, use strong hooks as you may have to apply more pressure. Usually, if you have to apply a lot of pressure you will lose the fish more times than not. Sometimes patience is a much better option.
  11. Guys, I'm just putting together a printed edition of NACA as we transition over to a new Editor in Chief. As all of the pictures posted on the leaderboard were thumbnail size I would like one picture from each of the winners so that I can feature it in my write-up. Below are the people I'm looking for pictures from. You can attach them in this thread or PM them, either works. Big 4 Category 1st – Jacob Ayotte 134lb 14oz (I have pictures) 2nd – Barry Howard 121lb 15oz 3rd – David Pickering 91lb 10oz 4th – Tom Perron 84lb 3oz 5th – Iain Murray 77lb 2oz (I have pictures) 6th – Kirk Suedmeyer 73lb 10oz 7th – Frank Rink 71lb 3oz 8th – Keri Doire 70lb 6oz 9th – Todd Richer 60lb 10oz 10th – Christian Torres 17lb Big Common Jacob Ayotte – 31lb 7oz (I have pictures) Big Mirror Jacob Ayotte – 37lb 11oz (I have pictures)
  12. Congratulations to everyone that took part in the CAG Fall Big 4 contest. Below are the winners and prizes. The big winner this year was Jacob Ayotte who took the Big 4 prize, the big mirror prize, the big common and the combined big mirror and common prize; in fact ALL of the major categories. Well done Jacob. I will contact everyone individually with prize details so please check your PM's and if you don't hear from me it is because I do not have a contact for you. BIG 4 Categories: 1st - Jacob Ayotte (134lb 14oz) $150 Gift voucher Free Entry into 2016 Spring Big 4 contest Pictures and details to be featured in future NACA 2nd - Barry Howard (121lb 15oz) $100 Gift voucher 3rd - David Pickering (91lb 10oz) $75 Gift voucher 4th - Tom Perron (84lb 3oz) $50 Gift voucher 5th - Iain Murray (77lb 2oz) $35 Gift voucher 6th - Kirk Suedmeyer (73lb 10oz) *Please PM me your contact details* $30 Gift voucher 7th -Frank Rink (71lb 3oz) $25 Gift voucher 8th - Keri Doire (70lb 6oz) $20 Gift voucher 9th - Todd Richer (60lb 10oz) $15 Gift voucher 10th - Christian Torres (17lb) $10 Gift voucher BIG Common - Jacob Ayotte (31lb 7oz) $50 Gift voucher BIG Mirror - Jacob Ayotte (37lb 11oz) $50 Gift voucher Combined Big Mirror/Big Common - Jacob Ayotte (69lb 2oz) $50 Gift voucher
  13. Fall Big 4 - Last 2 days

    Congratulations to all of the winners. I'll post an update and prize winners at the weekend and contact everyone with details if they won. Great job to Jacob for the big win
  14. Fall Big 4 - Last 2 days

    Just 2 days to get your captures posted on the Leaderboard. The competition concludes on November 15th @ 11.59pm so please make sure you get the fish logged if you have anymore captures. Hopefully, some of you got out over the weekend to log a few more fish
  15. Guys, It's taken longer than I would have liked but here's NACA Q2: http://issuu.com/northamericancarpangler/docs/naca_2016_q2 It will also be uploaded onto the CAG Servers. Thanks, Dean