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  1. Thank you for hosting us Frank . It was good opportunity to meet you all ..
  2. Nah.. I shall hold my record of Blanking in IL .
  3. +++ this point .. "No one Bait is ever really better than another. Timing of how and when a bait a used and how it presented in conjunction with what is happening in the water and environment can determine and make any bait the best bait at a given moment....that's why fake corn can win tournaments, boilie introduction can make a crappy spot hold fish after some time, corn can produce instant bites, pack and puff can run up the numbers, and bread or a night crawler can produce when nothing else will.." Dont catch me here - I'm still a learner... small personal experience - I started to fish local for carp in 2012 at one park here - I fish two sides say A and B .. the spot B would run best - 9/10 times i catch fish there... spot A only about 30yards away occasional catch no long cast fish the shore say about 4yards about Over time I observe on quite days summer days the fish coming close there was a tree with brid nest ..they group up these to eat of what spills out food- bird poop whatever.. I fish plain corn or whatever you can catch them.. just find their feeding spot. Again the style of fishing matters and I dont completely agree you have to give them loads of boilies to get them .. I see it in two ways # if you are fishing method - pack or whatever with food ..then anything oh hook may work .. anything I mean anything ...I even got a take on black piece wood. while fishing method ...(dont know better word to describe it ) .. # if you are going boilie only fishing at venue new to boilies - they you may need some amount of freebees.
  4. very value info Larry ...
  5. Congrats Frank and Tracy .. great result for a visiting anglers - out of town anglers.. normally used to read detailed report from you .. so this was short but good may be u bit tired with long travel and haul fest
  6. NGTs ,, about less than 30$ a pair ... BCT !!
  7. pm sent
  8. I guess Eric used to fish there ,,I believe he had many 20s from there .. was talking with him few years ago to fish it but it never materialized..
  9. welcome to the MN group..
  10. ++ Korda and Gamakatsu . when it comes to hooks - go for the best names out there .. dont compromise on end tackle - specially hooks
  11. Max we will be fishing buffalo this week .. come join us ..
  12. Hello and welcome ..
  13. Very Nice Fish you got in there .. - take some more pics on your next catch .. I never seen a fantail here i think they are rare to find...