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  1. 2017 CanAm Waddington NY

    Bob, for personal reasons, I'm informed that our past event Canadian Captain (who is holding the CanAM trophy) may not be available for that weekend. Would other dates be possibly considered?
  2. 2017 CAN AM

    I'm in.
  3. 2017 CanAm Waddington NY

    Dates are good for me. Count me in.
  4. Are Boilies Overrated

    I do use boilies on the hook bait with corn. I'll also prepare my site/spot with maize and mixed bird seeds (no sunflower seed). Place whole corn and bird seeds in pressure cooker with CC-Moore (or other make) of flavor liquid. When I have sweet horse feed, I also mix a hand full in.
  5. 2017 Seaway 6 Pack Throw Down

    I'm going to be a Marshall again this year. Great event like many others. Always enjoy assisting.
  6. Corn Aligner Rig Tutorial Video

    Hope you don't mind me sharing this with my contacts.
  7. Welcome. I'm from Gatineau [Aylmer], QC Canada NB is a real nice place to fish. Enjoy.
  8. Sad news

    Always sad to hear. Condoleances/sympathy for loosing your fishing friend and to his family.
  9. Can Am 2016

    From # 10, Go Canada teammates, unless I join the USA team to even the flow. May the best camaraderie team win and have fun.
  10. 2016 CCC

    Like the tattoo, although I am not partial to them myself on my body. Made in 1969 - Your date of birth? I see white wiskers on the chin, so maybe prior to that date? LOL Wish I could attend, but no time available.
  11. Can Am 2016

    Vali, As stated before, I'm in 100%. Will give you $$ at Peg Draw. Michel
  12. Hi Willem,

    Can't remember the process used when renewed my membership.

    Do you save info on members like method of payment?


    Michel Dumont

    a.k.a.: LeGrand

  13. Can Am 2016

    Perfect. Thanks.
  14. Can Am 2016

    Things are progressing well Vali. Bravo. For the 4th gathering, let us know as when and where specifically.