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  1. First, you need to be Canadian to participate in this event. Secondly, I believe there is going to be more pegs this year than the last two events (i.e., 2017 Shimano and 2018 Fish'n Canada Carp Cup). Don't believe registration is open yet, but I believe last years participants will have first bib. Date of 2019 event will be May 29th (peg draw), May 30th start until June 2nd (noon or so). All details soon to be announced. Follow the Facebook blog to be informed when.
  2. Received mine today. Thank you. Love the 25th Anniversary pin. First time I have received this magazine even if been a member for a few years.
  3. That's to bad. Was looking forward to it. See everyone next year I hope.
  4. This is not a CAG event in Ontario, but as a CAG member I thought I should share the information. Interested persons can go on FaceBook at the following to view more content and details: #fishncanadacarpcup Overall, this event was started to have Canada represented in the World Carp Classic (WCC) tournament, plus to encourage visibility so to possibly bring fishing policy changes/regulations so as to allow fishing with 2 rods in Ontario. This latter objective could convince the WCC to consider Ontario as a venue for their tournament. The event started in 2017. It was initiated by dedicated Individuals and the sponsorship of Shimano :Shimano Canada Carp Cup. This year and the next following 4 years, the main sponsor/organizer is the Fish N Canada Show. The event has been renamed Fish N Canada Carp Cup. Last year's winning team will be attending (all expenses paid) the September 2018 WCC held in France. This year's winning team will be attending the 2019 WCC to be held in Italy. This year event will be televised as an Episode of Fish N Canada Show. Time to be determine. Yours truly, with his partner, were leading on the second day, but saw our standing go to 3rd place on the third day, then finally to 4th place. Fishing is fishing. For those that live near Waddington, NY, you have an idea of the weather condition we went through just on the other side of the St-Lawrence River in Long Sault, ON area during those days.
  5. When you say no camping at the swims SATURDAY night, did you mean FRIDAY night instead?
  6. Count me in. Keep us informed at to the fee logistics and when to make payment.
  7. Bob, for personal reasons, I'm informed that our past event Canadian Captain (who is holding the CanAM trophy) may not be available for that weekend. Would other dates be possibly considered?
  8. Dates are good for me. Count me in.
  9. I do use boilies on the hook bait with corn. I'll also prepare my site/spot with maize and mixed bird seeds (no sunflower seed). Place whole corn and bird seeds in pressure cooker with CC-Moore (or other make) of flavor liquid. When I have sweet horse feed, I also mix a hand full in.
  10. I'm going to be a Marshall again this year. Great event like many others. Always enjoy assisting.
  11. Hope you don't mind me sharing this with my contacts.
  12. Welcome. I'm from Gatineau [Aylmer], QC Canada NB is a real nice place to fish. Enjoy.
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