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  1. Carp Rod Blanks

    sorter, It is really tuff to find American blanks that have the same properties as the euro carp rods......I have spent hundreds of dollars on shipping charges ordering and sending back blanks trying to find the right feel and casting ability. Lamiglass has a few 12' steelhead blanks that are close to what you could call a 2 1/2 lb test curve. a lot of the saltwater blanks that are 12' are just to stiff and a lot of the steelhead and salmon blanks are just to soft. so far the last 3 sets of carp rods I have built for myself I just ordered blanks from the UK.......yes they are are expensive but damn they are the best if you are looking for something nice. I have a new HMX 12' - 2 3/4# blank that I got from the MUDHOLE 2 years ago that I can sell you but I only have the one blank. If you are looking to go the UK route I have had really good luck with Harrison Blanks, I have built their Chimera , Ballista and Accurix blanks and they were all nice and performed well......I fished with a set of 3 - 2.75# TC Chimera's for 20 years.....I love those rods, I recently built 4 - 3 lb. TC Accurix blanks that turned out awesome. I like a softer fish playing style rod versus a power casting rod, just my personal taste , but Harrison has blanks that you should be able to find any style you are looking for. Merry Christmas!
  2. South Carolina Introductions

    Hi TK, I live in Chesnee but have fished Greenwood for years for Carp and Gar. Would love to meet up with you some time to see what you have in the mobile tackle shop and maybe we can fish some too. Give me a shout or text sometime Todd Davis 864 680 1646
  3. Carp Tournament in South Carolina

    Hello , I will probably be able to attend and may bring a few with me. Keep us posted on the details. Thanks Todd

    Thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoy the receiver.


    I have a Delkim TXI receiver I want to sale, I bought it new and have only used it a few times and it worked flawlessly. I have misplaced the little belt loop hook that slides onto the back cover , I always placed it into my pocket when I needed to use it with no problems. asking 85.00 sent to my paypal. hawgmastertodd@aol.com
  7. Fall Big4: the bar is set...

    Jerome , very nice catch but look out , the Hawgmaster ain't coyote hunting anymore
  8. Another Bait Lot for Sale!

    PM sent

    pod has been Sold.


    I will consider offers, best offer takes it

    Hey Guys , I just bought a fox ranger pod and I love it, so I am selling my eclipse. It is also a great pod and I had no complaints with it. It is only a little over a year old and is in like condition with just slight signs of use. It has 4 rod buzz bars , is fully adjustable for placing on any ground and fishing your rod level , tips up or tips down. It has a built in bubble level so if you are as picky as me you can set it up completely level. when I bought this pod it did not come with a bag but I had to buy the bag seperatly at 49 bucks. I will throw in the bag for whom ever buys it. asking 175.00 shipped sent to my paypal: hawgmastertodd@aol.com or a money order I prefer paypal but if you don't have an account PM me for my address. Thanks
  13. Nash Globe trotter carp cradle

  14. Net replacement filler

    It depends on how bad you want it, I just bought 4 of the shimano X Aero RA 10000's and shipping was about 120.00 all together. When you look at the prices on the tackle box website , that price includes the VAT or Value Added Tax , since you are not in the UK it is deducted when you purchase, if you buy small items what ever the total comes up to will be close as to what the actual cast you pay plus shipping, but this is for small stuff. If you just purchase one 36 inch mesh I wouldn't think it would be to bad. they ship small packages thru the mail and it only takes 5 to 7 days to get. But if the guys At BCT have what you need then I would spend my money with them. They have done a ton of work to bring us US carp anglers the best gear from around the world and I buy from them when ever they have what I have an itch for.
  15. Net replacement filler

    Check with The Tackle Box in the UK , I have been buying from them for over 20 years , good folks.