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  1. Hi Randall, What Kind Of water Depth do you have in front of your place?
  2. ive been ordering from the tackle box in the UK for over 20 years, great service and good people to deal with.👍
  3. WOW, I've been fishing the southeast for 35 years and have never found such a lake, Nice captures congrats.
  4. Hey Guys, I really enjoy your videos, very well done. I'm an old fart but we need to hook up sometime. Todd
  5. WOW , awesome fish Congrats !!! Ive only fished the river once and only caught grassys
  6. you guys make nice video , I would love to get out to DH........
  7. Hey guys, were you at the big Allison landing? i'm glad you guys caught some buffs but its sad. Lake Wylie used to be awesome, used to be. There have been so many big buffs taken from there and doomed into a miserable life in a paylake........Those beautiful fish just are not meant to be in a small cramped dirty water environment . Super nice video
  8. I am going to make this one , Looking foward to it.
  9. sadly here in SC , the only records that are kept for Carp and Gar are for those killed by bow fishing, the only ruff fish record SC recognizes for being caught on rod and reel is for Bowfin. I guess thats because the world record Bowfin was caught here in SC.....
  10. Hi TK, I live in Chesnee but have fished Greenwood for years for Carp and Gar. Would love to meet up with you some time to see what you have in the mobile tackle shop and maybe we can fish some too. Give me a shout or text sometime Todd Davis 864 680 1646
  11. Hello , I will probably be able to attend and may bring a few with me. Keep us posted on the details. Thanks Todd
  12. Jerome , very nice catch but look out , the Hawgmaster ain't coyote hunting anymore
  13. See you have gotten things updated! Sorry it took so long to get it sorted out.

  14. Evan , If I am walking then you know I will be there, Even If I can't fish I can help you with it.
  15. Hello, My name is Todd Davis and I live in Chesnee SC, I used to be the CAG SC chairperson back in the 90's and even though I haven't posted on the forums in a while I have still been carp fishing under the radar so to speak. I am a steal rule die maker for a large printing and packaging company in Spartanburg. I am 48 and have been carp fishing since I was a kid. I look forward to fishing again with Evan and anybody else hear who fishes in the southeast.
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