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  1. Just got the magazine in mail. I made some tea, relaxed and enjoyed. Proud to be part of this great club. Lots of history. And thank you CAG for the pin, the magazine, and all the effort people put into making the articles, magazines, etc.
  2. I have been out of the loop. when did the magazines start shipping out? I never received any magazines being a member. I thought it stopped lol
  3. Can't wait to get them this weekend. I got two hoodies and two t shirts.
  4. I hope these shirts will always be available. There amazing. Plus the new items are awesome. Good job barry.
  5. barry your the man. Im placing an order
  6. My prayer has been answered. Finally CAG shirts with the logo in the back!!! I'm ordering a bunch of shirts
  7. Sweet. I thought I missed it lol. Good luck to all
  8. when will the raffle be held or did I miss it? lol
  9. Good luck andy. so does this mean that the bait shop is coming back? man I remember ordering so much stuff from you back then. awesome baits!
  10. as mentioned previously from someone else, harrissportsmail.com Damn they got good pricing and on shipping.
  11. I have not fished them yet. With my bad back I can't fish. They seem really nice though. Strong and very light. The line guides they say are very strong but look fragile. Not a fan of that part. All in all it's going to be a life savor for me. Condensed gear is my goal this year. I need to able to haul my gear with no cart or barrow. Bait, my bag, rods, everything.
  12. Well I got my toys today. Nash scope products and some other goodies. I am officially broke lol. I will try to post up pics ASAP. I was in the emergency room today for my lower back. So I was not able to take pics or really look over the goods
  13. just waiting on dave to give me a call to say my stuff has arrived. should be any day. All the vendors on here are great. I have dealt with most of them and always had great service. At times they don't have what I need so I shop at Thetacklebox in the uk. The stuff arrives at my door in like 3 days. And that's coming from the uk.
  14. I will take pictures and do a review. whats nice about the scope 3 rod hold all, is that, you can put your bait, tackle, rods, net, in one bag. no need to be carrying a million things on your back and hands. landing mat that I have just rests on top of the bag, and I will only need to carry a bucket or two to mix my bait and spod. Im curious to see how the 3.5lb rods handle a method feeder. pva not really worried as I use mesh.
  15. Been ordering lots of stuff from BCT. Great customer service and fast shipping. I even have a special order coming from them. They can get everything. I ordered the whole nash scope range. want to condense my tackle. Great vendor guys. love it!
  16. Ok cool. Would love to see hoodies and t shirts with the logo in front and a big logo in the back so people can see who we are. I will be a paying member again and glad to be back
  17. do the CAG shirts also have the logo on the back of the shirt or just the front? I want to order some stuff and support this site
  18. rob my phone number is 659 3913 your message box is full give me a call

  19. frank, are your boilies shelf life?? will they stay fresh for awhile? what do you recommend on how i should store them
  20. frank i will be ordering all 14mm size boilies as i feel those are a great size for the lakes here. i will be contacting you later on today. i am sold!!!!
  21. yea frank i was lookin at the pineapple, so ill be pickin some up.... pineapple,strawberry, and some other flavors.
  22. i must say frank is a very cool guy!!! just spoke with him and im going to be purchasing a decent amount of boilies from him. gonna be hittin some spots soon and test these bad boys out. hopefully frank can chime in here and recommend some other flavors!! ps....... frank im gonna take your word up on that brother!!! hopefully we'll get some big boys!
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