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  1. Most of mine were from the 21st on, no better than I can hear on the phone/anywhere (I'm nearly deaf) I may have misunderstood the date but most were in the last few days!
  2. Mine started early this month according to my CC Co.
  3. Willem any thoughts how we all are getting hit? I'm again not pointing fingers just trying to help solve the problem. Seems to be a possible connection since all of us carpers got hit.
  4. Makes me think theres a connection somehow??? I won't point fingers just wanted to throw out where I uused my card at for carp related services! Wouldn't been so bad if they woulda sent me an escort to comfort me! Let me add I made no purchaces for carp stuff before January 2013
  5. GD IT!!! This thread prompted me to check with my card company! Sure enough the MF'ers got me too. Escort Services, Electronics, Porno Magazines. I got screwed and never even got a kiss! Got the card company on it now! Not pointing fingers at anyone but I made purchaces with that card online at Wacker, BCT, Resistance and Shop Bettys and CAG Store those are the only carp related purchases I have made recently. Since all of us carp fisherman/wimmin have been hit there might be a possibility someone hacked into one of the sites/companys I mentioned??? I killed my card and now have to deal with fraud investigation! I did buy stuff from the CAG Store and bought my girlfriend a Membership here!
  6. Thank You for the kind words! You'll be very happy with the Saxon Rod and now the addiction begins! Glad to see a fellow Mountaineer win!
  7. Ok got it, but let me make sure! If I order POSSUM I get 4 if I want say 6 that say POSSUM I pay $17.00 And are money orders ok? And if I want 2 different names its $15.00 per name per set of 4 correct?
  8. This is great and will be an added value to the club!
  9. I didn't explain what I was meaning! Like do it state, regional, national, international but its only the biggest. Just one common and mirror per person.
  10. Those are all cool! But what I'd like to see (You ask) is a biggest common and biggest mirror contest. Something like say ??? April 15-May 15 ?? a 30 day deal maybe a 60 day deal. CAGs big fish contest. I realize we already have big fish in the state recognition I'm talking a seperate contest, could be free or a small fee. But you have to sign up to be eligible. Or....since I've never read the rules does the CAG Big 4 already cover this? If so ahhh nevermind!
  11. I might try my hand at this but like Brian it'll be a couple weeks before I start fishing. Supposed to snow tooday and I hate snow with a passion. Anything I could contribute now would be old hand. Will try to present a story after I get fishing again!
  12. Yes it was my understanding Brid was to pay all shipping costs! Thanks Brid!
  13. Is this the dual acting hemp oil or single acting? Or in other words if I burn this stuff and huff the smoke can I get high and catch carp to?
  14. Ok cool! Possums are marsupials like kangaroos, tree rats is squirrels, like rats!
  15. Ok in that case I'm bumping up to $75.00 Current Bid $75.00
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