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  1. Thank You for the kind words! You'll be very happy with the Saxon Rod and now the addiction begins! Glad to see a fellow Mountaineer win!
  2. Ok got it, but let me make sure! If I order POSSUM I get 4 if I want say 6 that say POSSUM I pay $17.00 And are money orders ok? And if I want 2 different names its $15.00 per name per set of 4 correct?
  3. This is great and will be an added value to the club!
  4. I didn't explain what I was meaning! Like do it state, regional, national, international but its only the biggest. Just one common and mirror per person.
  5. Those are all cool! But what I'd like to see (You ask) is a biggest common and biggest mirror contest. Something like say ??? April 15-May 15 ?? a 30 day deal maybe a 60 day deal. CAGs big fish contest. I realize we already have big fish in the state recognition I'm talking a seperate contest, could be free or a small fee. But you have to sign up to be eligible. Or....since I've never read the rules does the CAG Big 4 already cover this? If so ahhh nevermind!
  6. I might try my hand at this but like Brian it'll be a couple weeks before I start fishing. Supposed to snow tooday and I hate snow with a passion. Anything I could contribute now would be old hand. Will try to present a story after I get fishing again!
  7. Yes it was my understanding Brid was to pay all shipping costs! Thanks Brid!
  8. Is this the dual acting hemp oil or single acting? Or in other words if I burn this stuff and huff the smoke can I get high and catch carp to?
  9. Ok cool! Possums are marsupials like kangaroos, tree rats is squirrels, like rats!
  10. Ok in that case I'm bumping up to $75.00 Current Bid $75.00
  11. You could be right! But I ain't done yet and that bids not my final offer!
  12. HA HA!!! Still holding the lead! I'll be the tiger nut King!
  13. Glad to help! hope my bid don't hold but if then ok. Bump it fellers!
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