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  1. I'm experiencing a few bugs with the new forum. Please email me at craigbuddo@hotmail.com with a price for the book.

  2. Okay guys: I suspect not many of you fly fishers look at the tackle trading forum, so I'm posting this here. I have a net for sale that is close to being the perfect fly fishing net for small to medium size carp. It's handle is 2' 7" and 4' 7" when extended. It also folds down. It has a very soft, large weave to the netting--fish friendly and easy to move through water, and it's 22" deep--enough to engulf a very good sized carp. The dimensions of the hoop are 30" long x 21" wide. This is a net I bought over from England--I don't think there is a model quite like it on the American market. I'd
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