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  1. BOW FISHING!!!!! i have seen 50+ pounder killed at clark hill lake!!
  2. me and david dodaway will be fishing below the dam of watts bar from friday (11/29 ) about noon till sometime saturday (11/30) afternoon/evening. this is the friday an saturday after thanksgiving!!! come one come all!! just come on!!!!! rod mills.................i am now alot closer to you than florida! come see us.....................................
  3. awesome fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. incredible fish!!!!!! i believe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i have the chub 9' outcast rod and i love em. but i have a insert missing on the last eye. how do i get it rpaired? it does have the unconditional warrenty! right?
  6. zoomie gave me this info............he is famous for hurricane forcast!!
  7. slow fishing at Dale Hollow with the water high. free camping permit needed. i have a HUGE tent.and 2 bed chairs and a biviy!
  8. it is a drug!! LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! max needs a intervention!!
  9. i paid with paypal. no problem! if you do not have a verifyed address then it may cause problems. News: PayPal Option Due to a high number of fraudulent transactions new customer orders will only be shipped to the billing address. This will not effect current customers and once an account has been verified we will ship to any address as requested. We apologise for any inconvenience. is this whats happening to yall?
  10. what is the difference between the SK3 and the SK4 Sonik rods. the XTR's ????
  11. yep! with JD fishing several days before we get there the fish should be feeding well. a few 50 pound bags of cracked corn off the I-40 bridge will do wonders!!! hint hint hint
  12. the water temp jan 14th was 58-60 with a air temp of 14!!!
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