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  1. To be transparent, I've owned some nash luggage and a nash umbrella, and its served me well I don't know the circumstances of your rod breaking, but if it broke after minimal use, that's weak.
  2. St. Croix and GLoomis have incredible rod replacement and customer service. Unfortunately, Nash doesn't really care about the US market. You learned an expensive lesson to not purchase Nash products.
  3. Despite the few specks of dirt on the side of the fish, I always thought this was a quality specimen too.
  4. Even though I don't think any of these fish beat Miguel's great mirror, here's a few. A mirror from Dale Hollow, a common from the Schuylkill, and Don Hoffer's common from Town Lake. I always thought this was one of the most perfect common's I ever saw.
  5. Your knowledge is zero cause they are top secret and their only field tester is 007. I couldn't help myself. I'm looking forward to some new baits being available, any chance there will be a crayfish banana pineapple flavor? Matt
  6. It is against the laws of nature to separate "Scott" and "freebie" from the same sentence.
  7. Scott - you can buy one from Louis, but I think AFbob and Chris were sent home with a shirt for you? Did you talk to them about it? Matt
  8. I'll snatch up one or two of those shirts. Matt
  9. Why make it "us" and "them". Truthfully, I'm part of them and us. Be a uniter, not a divider, this carp world isn't that big... Matt
  10. I ordered and tested some of the royal pva tube. I will have to say this is REALLY nice pva. Can withstand slightly moist contents and stretches nicely if really jammed full. Breaks down nicely too. The only complaint would be how narrow the shape of the tube is, is not as conducive to streamlined rigging for the super long cast. But, I'm sure with some practice, I'll get a nice package suitable to my aerodynamic desires... Matt
  11. My suggestion for the paylakes dudes who are masters of the pack is to make a stiffer pack, add some crushed boilies, and fish hair rigged boilies. Or, add corn to their pack and fish maize on the hair rig. I know this is no new inovation, but with just a simple tweaking of techniques, I'm sure the paylakers will clean up. Personally, I'm just beginning to perfect my method/pack, and I only have one or two good recipes. I really think the pack/method technique is highly respectable science. Throw in some boilies or maize, and you have your paylaker crossover... Good luck to everyone! Matt
  12. When you look past the end of your nose I think you see a dark crevice with a wierd smell. Yes, that right, that echo you hear when you talk is the echo coming from your butt, because that is where your head is.
  13. I heard crawfish are the hot bait when pineapple don't work.... Matt
  14. Wouldn't this be considered treason, seeing as you are a "Royal Team member"? Matt
  15. Scott, your more than welcome to let your piehole flap I'm looking forward to it! June can't come quick enough! Matt
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