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  1. I'm sure that there are a few of us here in Georgia who would attend at least one TN fish-in - if not more - particularly if the venue is in eastern TN -- or maybe central. Interstate 75 provides fairly easy access to a number of possible venues on the Tennessee River system, and I-24 opens up several others to the west (e.g., Nickajack, Tim's Ford) that are from 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours from the Atlanta area.
  2. I sent mine several hours ago. I pretty much used your letter, but added a few comments of my own, including -- where you said, "Where you find trophy sized carp you will invariably find trophy sized bass, pike, walleye and other species.", I added as an example of carp and other species co-existing well, that a few years ago there was a new TN state record largemouth bass caught in Chickamauga Lake, part of the Tennessee River that has long been recognized as trophy carp water. I also said that some day I hoped to "be able to cite the new CT regulation (as it exists) to the legislators in my own state, as an example of a reasonable, fair-minded, and forward-thinking regulation".
  3. I second that! My copy just arrived today.
  4. Tony,

    Good post.  Thanks for the offer. I don't need anything at the moment.  Making plans for a fall fish-in, but the guys who usually attend come for the fellowship and fun, and not for prizes or medals.  I still have a decent supply of CAG brochures and stickers, so I'm probably good for this year.

    Not much going on right now.  It's too HOT here in GA to do much fishing (we've had a stretch of more than a month with temps at least 90, except for just 1 or 2 days).  Most of us won't be fishing for more than a few short sessions until fall.

    Two years ago I ran a year long contest and awarded medals (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) for the "Outstanding Carp" caught in the state.  I had ZERO entries from CAG members and only a few from other anglers. As I said, most of the guys don't fish for awards.  Unless they're pay lakers fishing for cash, they're just fishing for the enjoyment of it.  I thought about trying it again, but based on that response, it might not be worth it.  Maybe next year???

    Anyway, I don't think I need anything this year.  I'll let you know later if I do for next year.  Meanwhile, good luck and "tight lines".

    Barry Shildneck,  Georgia State Chair

  5. I have a completely different question relating to "Member Search". It's a problem that has existed "forever", and very possibly, there is no good solution. When someone creates their personal profile, the "location" field -- which is essential for State Chairs, so we can identify people in our respective areas -- is (1) optional, and can be left blank, and also "free-form", in that there's no 'standard' way to list a state name. Here in Georgia, some members, especially in Atlanta, don't even show the state at all. Others choose to spell the state completely - "Georgia" - while others abbreviate it - "GA". That wouldn't be too bad -- I can find 95% of our members by searching for either "Atlanta" or for the state (Georgia" or "GA") -- except for the fact that a search for "GA" also matches everyone in Michigan who spells out their state name -- "MichiGAn" is a match for "ga". I seem to remember having had some success restricting the search by setting the parameters to ", ga" (comma-space-ga) -- but because of the free-form format, not everyone uses a comma in the location field. That means that when searching for GA members, I'm forced to open and examine every match, one at a time, just to weed out the guys from Michigan -- and there are a bunch of them (which is great -- except when I'm doing a search for GA members). Any suggestions to help make my life easier? Thanks.
  6. After some of the dust settled following the massive effort to rebuild the CAG website and database, as the State Chair for Georgia, I'm trying to follow up with the guys here in GA who have been active on the site.

    The new format isn't very intuitive, and the member search is difficult because of the free-format entry in the location field (thus, a search for "GA" matches members in "Atlanta, GA" as well as those in "MichiGAn".

    Anyway, I found your profile and see that your location is Acworth.  I haven't seen any activity from you in the last 3 years, so I was wondering if you've been fishing recently.  If you still live in Acworth, you might be interested in coming to our May fish-in, which will be at Salacoa Creek Park in Gordon County (I-75 north to US-411 at Cartersville, then about 25 miles north).  It will be on a Saturday, but I have not yet decided between the 14th and the 21st for the date.

    If you're interested, watch the CAG Calendar and/or PM me -- or email me at bshildn@yahoo.com.

    Regardless, I hope you're still fishing, and have been catching some good ones.

    Barry Shildneck, CAG State Chair

  7. The USPS came through -- mine arrived today !!! I'd like to commend all who were involved for an excellent job. Even the (minimal) advertising was done tastefully.
  8. Maybe the guys at the Post Office are reading mine. At least I hope so. I really wouldn't mind the delay if I knew somebody was reading it. But I've had past issues with my mail delivery here in Lawrenceville, GA -- I just hope it gets here eventually.
  9. Thanks to everyone involved. I'll be watching for it in the mail.
  10. Agreed -- I like "Carp Anglers Group - Quarterly NewsLetter" for the reasons John noted above. Regarding content... although the term "hack" generally refers to computers, it is now being used more and more in the mainstream to mean "an unusual use for, or change to, something familiar". Why not include a "Hacks" section, where unique changes to rigs or baits might be featured? The Hacks section wouldn't have to be included in every issue -- only when someone submits a particularly clever or useful new twist on an old bait or rig (or if the editors need some filler material - LOL).
  11. Super job! This is an excellent resource and a big step forward.
  12. Congrats, Evan !!! By the way, Evan is already on top of things. At his suggestion, we've already had several discussions about holding a multi-state fish-in with both SC and GA anglers, plus anyone else who might want to come join us.
  13. Andy, There's not much I could say that somebody else hasn't already said. Thanks for all your hard work and help. Now take some time for yourself, relax for a while, and go catch some fish. Tight lines !!!
  14. I've never seen this posed as a question, but I have read conflicting answers to it, sometimes even including opposite views from the same writer. After baiting a swim, is it best to use a pickup (or if you prefer, a "hook bait") that is (different from / the same as) the material used for baiting? Some anglers feel that if you get the carp feeding on a bait, it makes sense to use that same thing as your pickup. But others believe that a different bait would "stand out" more, and be more likely to get bit because of the contrast. For example, if you've baited with maize, should you fish with maize on the hair, or might boilies (or puffs or something else) be better? Why? If you believe that "conditions should dictate" which to use, then describe under what conditions you would use the same thing, and when you would use a "different" pickup.
  15. Still laughing at Brooksey's "It's a Flier" bird story. It reminded me of something funny that happened to me last season (but not as funny as Brooksey's tale). Lake Lanier has way too many Canadian geese. In fact, the Corps of Engineers closed West Bank Park for several weeks last December for safety reasons, so they could open the area for hunters -- as an attempt to thin the goose population. But except for one time, the geese haven't interfered with my fishing. Anyway, I was fishing alone one day last Fall. The fish weren't biting well, so I figured they were pretty well scattered. I decided to place one of my rods off a point about 50 feet or so away from the rest of my rods. I didn't have an extra alarm for that rod, so every few seconds I'd glance in its direction to keep an eye out for any action. After a while, a small group of people came walking through the woods, which apparently stirred up a flock of geese. The geese flew toward the lake, and landed 100 feet or more off shore. I was distracted by the birds, and apparently hadn't watched the remote rod closely enough, because about that time, a teenager shouted to me, "Hey -- you have a bite!". I looked, and saw my rod was doubled over, and my line was streaming from the reel. My reel has about 50 yards of mono backing behind 100+ yards of braid. By the time I got to the rod, the fish was already into the mono backing! Wow! But then I realized it wasn't a fish -- one of those geese had flown under my line between the rod tip and the water, and got hung up somehow. Luckily, the line was just draped across the bird's body, and the hook hadn't snagged it. When I picked up the rod and tightened the line, the bird flopped and tumbled into the lake -- but that was enough to free it. I guess I should consider myself lucky that I didn't lose my rod to a blankety-blank goose!
  16. Last week in an e-mail, I "not-so-tactfully" reminded my old buddy of this incident from 50+ years ago. His reply was: " Yes -- I was the DUMB-@$$ who ended up with the blistered @$$ !!! " Somehow, I don't think he was particularly impressed with my powers of recollection.
  17. Nope ! And fortunately, it seems to have stopped now. But yesterday, when it was still happening on nearly every mouse click, it would pop up various messages. Most, but not all, of them offered to redirect me to some (un-named) software that would correct generic computer problems, or update my Windows drivers. The fact that I never saw any specific company info was a clue that it probably wasn't legitimate. One of the most frequent ones was a flashing message (with the Windows logo) advising that "Your Windows drivers are out of date". Since I set up my laptop to do automatic (windows) updates, that was suspicious from the very start. The only way I was able to identify any of the actual urls involved was by right-clicking on the pop-up, then selecting some appropriate option ("save link address", "view page info", or "view page source", for example), which I then viewed by dumping it into a WordPad file. I then did a Google search for parts of the url that looked interesting. A few of my Google searches found reports of related malware of adware, but I never found any easy solutions for cleaning it off. I also didn't see any installed programs that matched or resembled those urls. By the way, since you asked, I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser. In the past, for me, it's been more reliable than IE. But thanks for offering to help.
  18. Thanks for checking. I'm glad I didn't inadvertently "share" my problems with anyone through the Forum. I run a firewall and anti-virus software, but as John noted earlier, the hackers are making viruses faster than they can identify and prevent.
  19. The only programs in the list that were installed in the past 10 days were (the problem I described.1) installed by Windows automatic update, (2) the "malwarebytes" fix I installed yesterday, or else remnants of programs already uninstalled when I ran malwarebytes. I did delete several programs that I don't need that were automatically installed by Windows, and -- at least for now -- I'm not seeing the problem that I described. Even though it's not misbehaving now, I'm not 100% confident that it's fixed permanently, but the good news is that it doesn't appear to be related to the CAG website.
  20. Beginning yesterday, my laptop seems to have been infected with some sort of Adware that causes pop-ups that try to redirect me to some unrelated page I care nothing about. I downloaded, installed, and ran "Malwarebytes" (free version), which identified about 30 problems, which I removed. That seemed to fix the problem for a while, but the next time I returned to the CAG forum, I saw the same behavior. But interestingly, I reran the Malwarebytes scan again, and it failed to identify any problems that time. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed any similar behavior when using the Forum. I hope not -- I THINK that the problem is still isolated on my own laptop, and tomorrow I will try some other remedies. But these past 2 or 3 days I've visited the Forum quite a bit, so I thought I'd ask, "just in case". I know that some of these problems (bugs, viruses, trojans, etc.) often get planted on "innocent" websites (I recently read a report that said there is a higher probability of your computer being infected by malware from a church website than from a porn site --- because the latter typically runs better and more efficient (and more costly) security than most church websites). The reason I'm asking is because -- after I ran the initial cleanup -- everything seemed OK until I went back to the CAG website. That proves nothing, of course, but it's "possible" that someone has hacked us and left behind something that's spreading adware -- or it's even possible that I picked it up somewhere else, and -- depending on our security -- I might have spread it to our site. If I do find the culprit (and if I can determine that it's local -- just on my laptop) I'll let you know so you won't have to worry.
  21. I nearly forgot about this one -- and it happened just last year. Short-term memory loss, I suppose. Tim Lewis and I were fishing at West Bank Park one day last June, not too long after the heavy rain that forced us to cancel our late-May fish-in. There was still a lot of water covering the walkway where we usually fished, so that day we were fishing a spot in another part of the park, in a cove at the back end of a 50-yard point that extends toward the open water. I don't recall whether we caught any carp that morning or not, but some time after noon, a young couple walked up and asked if we would mind if they went out to the end of the point. They had a cooler and a basket, so we assumed they just wanted a nice spot to have a picnic. That certainly wouldn't bother us, and we appreciated that they even bothered to ask, so we told then to go right ahead. Maybe an hour later Tim packed up and left for home, but I decided to fish a while longer. Not long after Tim left, I noticed a disturbance in the water near the edge of my swim. When I looked closer, the young lady was wading, and wearing a very skimpy two-piece swim suit. A few minutes later, her companion (boyfriend ? husband ?) also got in the water and they both began swimming. I don't think they realized that they were swimming less than 10 feet from where I was fishing. After they had swum for about 15 minutes or so, they dried off and left. I stayed a while longer, but needless to say, I didn't catch any carp there the rest of the day. NO --> But, since they had been courteous enough to ask if we minded, I couldn't really complain, Plus the view wasn't "exactly terrible", either!
  22. I'm still waiting for my copy, too. But based on the past performance of my local Post Office, that's not too surprising. I've lost all confidence in them. A few examples: Last week I received two months' worth of Readers Digests on the same day. Some years ago I was expecting a check that was more than 2 weeks late, so the company reissued it. The second check arrived just fine. But three weeks after I got the reissued check, the first one finally arrived (5 weeks total). A couple years ago I mailed a bill payment, and a few days later, the P.O. returned half of an empty envelope to me (the part with the return address). Since they had destroyed the envelope and my check was missing, I asked them to pay my bank's "stop payment" fee -- which they refused to do. After that, I started paying all my bills on line, and asking for an electronic funds transfer any time a company sends me money. Also, I constantly get "junk mail" ads and coupons for deals that have already expired. I'm sure my copy will arrive -- someday.
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