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  1. The farther north the better off ya'll Yanks will be..... B-vill is without a doubt the best place possible for any event.
  2. should this link not be included for use with the Email for renewal??
  3. First I recieved a renewal notice. With this notice it tells me to go to the client area for payment. When I go there it says I'm not authorized to be there or something like that.
  4. when I go to the page in the Email it says I'm not loged in but I am...
  5. How does hook size come to play in competitions rather than off time angling?
  6. Do flavors do a better job of being an attractant that the bait Plain, or do they just compliment the natural attractant of the bait? Why/Why not??
  7. Are water temps in the spring different that the same water temps in the fall when choosing a bait? WHY?? Tom.
  8. Why would carp have a preference in baits, or is the same bait OK year round? Tom.
  9. In most conditions, which is best; the hair and method or the hair and packbait? Looking forward to a few responses from those that use the hair rig. Regards Tom.
  10. Charlie. How are the boys? Looking forward seeing ya on the bank. Tom.
  11. Do forum guests have an account?
  12. Good luck to you BCLT. On the Puff Tom.
  13. I paid by credit card m8. Might there be a difference??
  14. Thaks for providing the link and its now all done. Why was there no link to get back to the CAG site after I made the payment?? Or did I miss that too? Kindest Regards Tom.
  15. While I agree I should spend more time learning how you put it all together and I also thank you very much for all your time and effort but I would simply ask" why isnt membership renewal along with membership"? Why can I not just find it when I go to club buisness? Am I looking in the wrong place? Thank you for your patience. Ye Ole Knuckle Dragger Tom.
  16. I can not find where it says ( membership renewal ). Membership YES, membership renewal, NO. I'm probably missing something so someone please help. It also says $30.00 and under it says ( one year $25.00 ). What is the difference besides five bucks?? Tom.
  17. Ian is a straight up guy. He not only does it but lives it.
  18. Paul is a great buisness man and fair angler. He has the " ONLY " catapolt/slingshot on the market that I use. Its the bee's knees. When your good, your good.
  19. I have yet to recieve my last warning. I know you've been asked to go ahead and give it to me. lol.. ps. Hope your road trip was OK Regards Tom.
  20. So much for Peat and repeat. The gold dust twins are great. Ya got to love em.. I do. Good day and good bye.
  21. As a child we made Sun Tea. After living in the British commonwealth for 12 years I learned to take tea with milk. It's all great and the ability to know the difference is the difference.
  22. No matter who steps up there will be those that will cause trouble. Not due to the path of CAG but any hint of success. I love success, its catching. The loosers will never be happy so who cares. Loosers are loosers. They breed loosers. I think a lot of people have taken CAG positions to make money for themselves. A lot havent. The problem comes when one can't tell the difference between the two. I'm not supporting anything but the idea. Not yet anyway.
  23. I've always been of the belief that a good buisness background along with being an avid carp angler is indeed a winning combination. This club is a buisness, even if it is a not for profit. Regards Tom.
  24. For the record, Team Packbait/Team Jr Packbait go where they want to, when they want to, with zero influence from me. And, your not the only dissabled Vet on this forum my brother. This is a fishing Forum. NO more, no less. Unlike Local/regional forums, CAG is world wide and the members and guests have many objectives which among other is carp angling. I never chose to belong to an angling club that was monolithic. The more views and ideas the better. The more debate and test proven results, the better. Some might call it bickering but they are wrong. In each and every debate there is valuable information for those that take the time to look. jmho Regards Tom.
  25. There is an opening for CAG President. Laying out a perspective is the first step before implimentation. Hartford CT is a nice place for a CAG President.
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