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  1. Kokak

    Bite Alarms

    I had some Delk's for about a season... thy are nice. Got some Fox Warriors for a quarter of the price... and they are nice too. I now own 5 Fox Warriors (a few for friends and family when they come fish with me) and have no regrets. If you get the Fox Warriors, buy the hard case.
  2. Kokak

    Summer Location

    Hot... try 112* in the shade... but we're still catching them close (within 15' of the bank) and far (75 yards out).It really depends on the venue more than anything else.
  3. Don't think I can convince anyone to ship one of the whips to me in AZ?
  4. WOW... I just love to hear alarms SCREAM like that! Good job!
  5. well I fixed that problem... I just caught a bigger fish... LOL
  6. Just noticed something... I am seeing my heaviest fish as being a 15lb 14oz fish I caught. When I have entered a 16lb 03oz fish. Both fish show in my results but the 15lb 14 oz fish is being displayed as my biggest fish. Just thought I would let you know there seems to be something buggy happening.
  7. Decided to do a little more fishing today. So I waited till the sun started to set and made my way out to Water Ranch Park Lake. I arrived at about 7pm, as the sun started to set and setup my pod and 2 poles. I was fishing the Oat Pack from this morning and the same plain Puff. Within 15 minutes I had a strange take and landed this chunky little guy... After that in about another 30 minutes I landed this nice 'stunted' Grass Carp... After that I started catching Catfish until I called it a night. It was a nice warm Arizona Evening and a great night to be out fishing.
  8. Kokak


  9. I was looking around on the net and came across a Wikipedia entry for a "List of the world's 100 worst invasive species. When I looked down int he fish section; of course the Common Carp was listed. but there were several other fish on the list that I found interesting to be labeled "... Worst Invasive Species..." Common carp Rainbow trout Largemouth bass Brown trout Kind of funny when you think that the other 3 sought after fish are on the "... Worst Invasive Species..." list. List of the world's 100 worst invasive species
  10. Out again this morning... 715am - 820am Kiwanis Canals Strawberry Oat Packbait Plain Corn Puff Managed to land 1 Grass Carp (had a couple of other runs that came undone), that definitely had some back issues... OUCH!
  11. Kokak

    AZ Canals

    AZ-Fish from the Canals
  12. Well made it out again this morning. Didn't have the camera with me, so sorry no pictures. This morning was just some practice making / using / and re-hydrating Oat packbait. I made a Strawberry / Cream Corn / Oat packbait: 42oz Old Fashioned Oats 1 can Creme Corn 1 package Strawberry Jello Mixed it up in a 3qt Igloo Ice Chest and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the pack had a chance to set I tested how fast it breaks and came up with; with 12 packs (squeezes) it takes 3 minutes for the ball of pack to start breaking up. For the canals, since I am not casting that far, I only packed it 5 tim
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