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  1. Are you selling those alarms? I am interested 

  2. Hi I am on a long term assignment to KC and live in leawood, fishing gear arrived last week , if you get out over any weekend let me know will try to join if not traveling.


    take care 



  3. The member GEFILTA FISHER cannot receive any new messages
  4. Due to the excessive bidding we are extending to 830 final offers only
  5. The member GEFILTA FISHER cannot receive any new messages PAID !!
  6. Should that be net of shipping or gross and payback if shipping is refunded?
  7. Ken, Thanks, big hearted of ya.
  8. Assuming you win or anyone else wants to send this to a newbie I will include the whole package. Good luck 23 hours to go.
  9. Hmmmmmm ................. not sure about that had it been organic I would have been right there with the first bid, need some time to think about the environment make a bid!!No need to get excited !
  10. You guys are anything but newbies good try
  11. If a newbie wins the bidding I will throw in a pack a three waggler floats ( great catching a carp on the float) a Chub sack and weigh sling ( brand new) and an in-line Flat bed feeder.
  12. Bidding closes Friday 11th 8pm eastern
  13. 2 x cabelas 11ft 2 1/4 test curve rods in good condition 2 x Shimano Aero 5010 Baitrunners old but work , spools have had some attention over the years, comes with spare spools that have been used for replacement parts. 2 x Resistance tackle bite alarms , used only a couple of times 2 x resistance tackle swingers as above 1 pod very very old but no rust, missing front legs but usable. I used this equipment in the summer of this year while i was waiting for my gear to come out of storage, caught many 20's and a 30lb+ mirror on this gear, a great starter set for a newbie. I will ship, money will be sent to me and i will deduct shipping before sending to CAG. Starting bid $80. Bidding closes Friday 11th 8pm eastern
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