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  1. Welcome to the CAG forums

  2. I think the classes need to be split up how we supposed to compete with that little white koi with purplish scales that fish is AMAZING
  3. Ok here are a few of my favs. I also added 2 for Mick (Baitbucket) since I think it is a stunner. And here are my 3 all from Blackfoot Its hard to pick just 3 but here they are
  4. Welcome to the CAG forums

  5. Welcome to the CAG forums

  6. Oh I am just bustin chops I am sure there is nothing easy about it and as you said its even harder when you are so far apart. I will be sitting here patiently waiting lol... Thanks for all your hard work and time for the club.
  7. big congrats on the toe pod lol.... This store I am starting to think is a myth it has been coming very soon for a very long time now what does soon mean? I hope it means SOON LOL
  8. LMAO one of our more computer literate bod guys must have done that haha love it tho wish I had thought of that
  9. Ya know if you look at the pic of neil and his prize turtle he kind of looks like a turtle himself lmao.....
  10. Welcome to the CAG forums

  11. Welcome to the CAG forums

  12. Welcome to the CAG forums

  13. I was going to say welcome but looks like you were here before so welcome back

  14. Welcome to the CAG forums

  15. Welcome to the CAG forums

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