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    Fly Fishing for Carp, Ledgering Techniques for carp, Stripers and Blues in the Ocean, and Smallmouth Bass.

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  1. TommyB89


    My Present and past Personal Best's.
  2. Switching it up.. stripers

  3. This morning I broke a personal best carp.. actually I smashed it.. details to follow tomorrow after a long rest..

  4. Packing for my first overnighter of the year. Can't wait..

  5. Time for my opening day.. carpin style..

  6. Rivers flooded time for some grassers on freelined bread and on the surface fly fishing!

  7. After an epic session last night, Mike Dennis and I are heading down to the CT CAG fish-in!

  8. Took my first vacation time off of the year and heading down to the Golden Bowl for some pigs!The swim is under a foot of water but that doesn't stop us..

  9. Back at it from the Golden Bowl swim.. yesterday Mike Dennis and I had five fish between us up to 24.02.. today looks even more promising..

  10. First session on the river today.. last year Mike Dennis and I were fishing and catching in the river almost in early February. Shows how cold it's been this spring..

  11. You'd think when you buy a $100 Reuben Heaton Scale it would be accurate.. guess again..

  12. Off to the waterhole pond to catch some carp..

  13. Heading out to brave the cold wind for the first small carps of the year..

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