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  1. think in the bidding process, you ought to contact Carlymoomoo, here in weatherford,,,,,,he's a member and has done a lot for the club before,,keep it local and in house help those that help us,,,,,for years now he has given to the club in the form of ATC peg signs score sheets, maps etc, etc,,,work is quality, and Carl ought to be in the process
  2. Andy you've done one hell of a job with the club,it my pleasure to serve with you on the board
  3. thank you Andy, hopefully the future will be bright ! Can't tell you how much I enjoyed working with you and the others, especially Willem who got my arse out of computer problems all the time
  4. I have had the pleasure of being on the Board for several years, 4 recently, and some 4 or 5 years ago,, I've been active with the ATC and organized several of them over the years, always having a bit of fun with these things, like HOOTERS GIRLS, and TWIN PEAKS discounts, but alas, I must resign as one of your directors,,,,, Been a chore trying to juggle everything and look for KOI at the same time so as soon as Willem can make the changes my resignation will be effective,,,,,been great working with the Board, never have I seen a commonality of purpose so intent on on making your membership in the club a good one ! Can't say enough for Andy, and Willem and Mario, as I've worked closer with them than others but what a kick Arse team we've got, My wish is that Air Force Bob will do his magic and bring the club to another level,,, certainly I 'll be on the forum boards, participating where I can,,,,, thank you all for your support of the events that I've organized--hope I didn't let you down,,,,,,,till I see you on the bank Adios
  5. Pick Marios brain????? well that's a 30 second project
  6. Thanks Dave, I'm sure the teams will appreciate this,,,
  8. mo, that's a weak excuse,,,,,,,go ahead and renew,,,,,
  9. lookie here,,,,,knew it had to be massive, pretty sure this is us, or another ring out there doing the same chit http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/massive-credit-card-fraud-steals-200m/story?id=18409543
  10. I try to order from all the vendors, so yes, I ordered from resistance over the past 3 months....but that was only on one of them ,,
  11. got nailed on 2 cards in the past 2 weeks,,,,,,,,Chase caught them,,,,,,this really sucks,,,,,,but it's pretty wide spread
  12. and Iain, thank you for all you do for the Club,,,,,,,this fella whomever he is is getting one great rod !!!
  13. All I've got to say is,,,,, I have created a MONSTER ;;;;;;; I think, if you're going to the ATC they can be delivered to you there,,,,,,,of course I could be wrong!!! but if I am I;m sure Carl will let y'all know
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