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  1. I bought many times and had no issues with simon ..few emails checking on some products get me reply same day . well i think the case with OP here be one off .. and it may happen man come on , simon may had messed up but he resolved it .. sometime we just gotta give some time. I had very good experience with all the vendors here ..
  2. some question - are the dates should be in sep only ? early in june/july be a possibility ? we some members here are discussing to put entry for MN .. personally i wish the CCC happens in not popular states - you have tons of carp anglers in IL .IN,WI .. should we think to bring it to a different state and give carp a little publicity locally .. that being said anyone can propose venues but hosting this be a big effort - preparation with lot of personal time investment ... i would like to know some info so we can discuss locally and see if its doable before putting an entry .. Is this to happen only in Sep or can be done early June/July ? MN got one Rod Rule - Im sure that will still keep you very busy at some places here.. NO Chum Rule - If picked rite month say june/july you dont need to chum or prebait at places we have in mind.
  3. really .. ? where is this carp haven?
  4. Yeah you are welcome good to know you are a member now.. you will have welcome kit .. and NACA edition quarterly ... this is the best resource i found - lots of good guys .. tons of information ...Carp Lovers ..Im waiting for spring to visit st cloud
  5. Hi Jeremy...it usually takes a month or so .. if it didnt it should reach u anyday soon .. lets give a few more days .... are you the one from St Cloud Area ?? I guess i met you on Hot Spot site ??
  6. The boilies i ordered were shipped the same day and arrived in two days super fast . I try out one of this today and wow carp liked it ..I got some good takes with this one ..worked really well ... Tutti Fruti - Soluble boilie 20mm . I stil have the pop ups from them to try may be tomorrow a small one but landed 3 others on same boilie today... Thank you K1 - Bait .. Jaffar
  7. they are good with super fast shipping... just other day they shipped my stuff only in hour of time from order i made .. they have good prices and shipping rates.. in fact refunded few bucks for shipping too..
  8. my orders were shipped the same day infact few hours after the order they were out .. blazing fast - great service . all came well packed and im happy preparing for spring thanks a million guys... Jaffar
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