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Lost Posts - Dec. 20 To Jan. 5?



It appears as if all posts made on the CAG forum from December 20 through January 5 are no longer on the forum. Will they be recovered and restored to the forum? It's no big deal (it's just carp fishing, after all), but I do feel badly for those who made the effort to submit information, stories, and photos for the past 17 days.

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I said above I've got all the FFF posts.

As for whats going on, it's life. Sometimes the servers will be stable for years :) , then sometimes just like everything in life, they break.

There are small breaks and big breaks, this was a medium break :)

As for finding the forum offline regularly, it all depend on what time of the day/night you log on and I do updates. Updates are done on a weekly basis. Back-ups on a Bi-Monthly basis. Each time I do any of them I must take the system offline.

You can't change the oil in your car while you're driving it :)

Terminology: PHP = PHP is an open source server-side scripting language designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages.

SQL = Structured Query Language - is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing data bases.

Every website you see is hosted by a company, they don't hang around in space. Our hosting company are in the process of upgrading their PHP & SQL on their hosting servers. (They started on Dec 20th)

The PHP upgrade went OK. I just had some minor issues to solve after the upgrade for our site to be up and running.

The SQL upgrade did not go so well. It corrupted our database. The database store all the posts, stats and info we post on the forum.

Our latest Back-up was Dec 18 2012, so our restore is from that date. To recover corrupted data from a database is a lot of work and time. Even then if just one piece of the recovered data is corrupt and you reintroduce it into the database, the whole thing can crash again.

So the only Posts I've recovered in the shape of HTML pages are the FFF 2013 posts since it was our current event.

I'll spend the rest of the week making sure all is stable and getting the FFF info back on the forum.

Tomorrow I'll be unavailable since I'll be in hospital for a heart procedure, but I'll be available again by the evening if the doctor don't screw anything up :)

Our host is doing another (final) upgrade to the server sometime today, so let hold thumbs nothing else screw up.

Overall we can't complain. We've been up for 99% of the last couple years. I've seen servers with more issues.

I'll be looking into alternate hosts for CAG in case these guys don't get their chit together.

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I am glad there is someone like you (Willem) to keep this forum running/recovering, I love my local carp forum but the mass amount of information and entertainment available here is unlike anything elsewhere, your work is greatly appreciated by myself and many others I'm sure.

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Why doesn't the hosting company do a full system back-up before installing any simple or critical software or package update to the system or notify you of pending changes so you can do a off schedule back-up. That way no data or minimal data would be lost. A few hours of lost data is much easier to digest than several days -- The hosting company knows well in advance to software or package updates. Any update is critical -- even simply changes can create problems at times.

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If all planned systems work went without issue, i'd be unemployed ! Given that i've worked in the IT Management field now for 27 years i've seen the good, the bad and the totally unexpected. No matter how much ITIL/ITSM, change control, technical advisory boards, change advisory and review boards, online, or offline backups, detailed plans, back-out plans and testing you perform - chite always happens !

My job is to mitigate customer impact and restore systems to operation asap. The why's, the wherefore's and the blame can follow later. Willem I salute you for all your efforts in getting us any data back at all ! Thanks !



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