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  1. Cool video, loved watching every fish. Nice introduction song too!
  2. This man is a genuine Legend! Are you giving lessons to the less fortunate anglers looking to up their game:)?
  3. Congratulations!! What an awesome fish!! Loved the video showing the release, I kept saying swim buddy swim.
  4. Thanks. I ordered some method leads, that video helps.
  5. I’m new at this and was wanting to see the rigs, as well as how you put the sinkers on, for lake fishing and method fishing. Or is there a link showing the sinker setup?
  6. Nanook

    New here

    I look like the Gordon Fisherman, according to my wife.
  7. Nanook

    New here

    I tried uploading my 3” bluegill but the file was too large.
  8. Nanook

    New here

    How do you post photos here? Tapatalk?
  9. Nanook

    New here

    I ordered a couple Delkim $70 alarms. Not sure I’ll need them but figured what the heck:) I’ll need a cart to haul everything. I got three Sonik Dominator rods and a couple Daiwa BR reels.
  10. Nanook

    New here

    Do you guys/gals use bite alarms?
  11. Nanook

    New here

    That fish looks to be 25 pounds? Nice score! Ive been a catch and release trout fisherman for years but wading just isn’t possible these days. Nothing more exciting than haggling with monster carp and I’ve fished for everything here in Missouri. I’m not a fan of 90 degree sunshine and humidity, but I’ll be trying my luck on cooler, cloudy days.
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