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  1. Good video. Bet you use some strong hand soap to get that yellow dye off your hands?
  2. Much appreciated. I’m struggling finding fishable swims.
  3. Awesome fish! Ive fished twice this week, blanked for six hours one day and hit the river the second day when after 4 hours landed a 26.5 oz grass carp. Left my tripod in the car and it wouldn’t have counted to the big 4 anyway.
  4. This is a guy who writes articles for the Missouri Conservation Magazine and has been on many TV programs talking about fishing here. He also shocks many lakes in the spring to assess health and populations. I actually saw them shocking in a John boat one day on a lake I routinely took 5-15 pound carp and only catfish and bluegill were taken. All the carp that used to be regularly stocked have been caught and eaten, or slowly dissipated with the years passing. I’m going to see if I can find some access nearby to the Mississippi, all but a few small locations are on private property, making it difficult to fish if you’re gimpy like myself. Plus, the rivers have been badly flooded this year. My Big 4 is currently ZERO, ZIP, NADA & ZILCH😂🤣😂
  5. Hehe. A guy in his 60’s stopped next to me about four hours into my session and caught several drum, catfish and even a small carp or buffalo using worms. It was depressing! About an hour before I left I tried adding some cc moore pellet mix to a pva bag with an Odyssey popup boilie to at least catch a catfish, to no avail. Fishing for anything with worms was always productive🤪 The lake I was fishing was several feet above flood stage since it’s attached to the river, so that might be affecting things a bit, but that guy next to me was doing just fine. I spoke to a fisheries biologist who has been in the field here in Missouri for 30 years, here is what he said about our local lakes: With respect to accessible common carp fishing opportunities, there simply are not that many. Some large carp do occur in a variety of lakes (including Bee Tree and Creve Coeur), but their numbers are low. Busch Lake 33 does have slightly greater numbers of large carp and given that a mowed levee encircles most of the lake, it is relatively accessible in addition to the floating fishing dock near the dam. The most robust carp population I can think of resides in Sunfish Lake (Spanish Lake County Park in north STL County). Though some larger carp (10-15 pounds) exist, the majority average 3 pounds. Most of the shoreline is wooded, but shoreline adjacent to the parking area is cleared/mowed. Larger brush piles seem to attract carp in this lake, but the northern basin is relatively shallow and seems to hold the majority of fish. I'm sorry I cannot provide more leads for lake/pond common carp fishing near St. Louis. Good luck with your future fishing trips.
  6. Been blanking with oats, creamed corn and pineapple flavoring on my last three sessions. Could be not many carp in the areas, could be the rivers are flooded, could be the wrong pack bait?? Our temperature has been 50-70’s, so not very cold, but I’m struggling to catch fish. Using maize, fake maize, pop up mainline boilies, tigernuts by RH and various flavored RH corn/maize. I’m wondering what I can do to up my game.
  7. Can this be black and white for our pictures?
  8. Nanook

    2019 CCC RESULTS

    Well said, Chad! I’ll send that to my friends/family who are ribbing me for blanking☺️ Great meeting everyone! Learned from Wayne to keep the line in until the very end instead of 3:15! Good to put a few faces with names.
  9. Chad, and all the volunteers who made the CCC possible this year. Thank you! Mother Nature threw us a change up with flooding, but the work you put into making this event possible was extraordinary. It took a lot of time and thought to put it all together. Strong work. Thanks to the folks at Dale’s Athletic Club for hosting the dinner/raffle. Being a new guy, I felt welcomed by everyone and enjoyed the visit. Looking forward to seeing you in the future. Dave
  10. Appreciate your help! I’ve got two big rolls of Korda Touchdown 20 pound mono. For thick hooks, are the Gamakatsu one of the better ones? Lots of choices out there.
  11. I just bought two free spirit ctx 3.25’s from BCT. Did you like them?
  12. Dude, sorry to hear this. People really suck sometimes! Hopefully the cops catch the guy.
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