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  1. Nanook

    2019 CCC angler list

    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Hoping you Illinoisan folk will impart some wisdom to a new carp angler☺️
  2. Wow, awesome fish! Really cool how the orange one stuck near the golden. I wonder if there are other fish in that pond, or just those two pets that someone released.
  3. Nanook

    Perfect morning

    Beautiful mirror! I wish my shorelines were so nice and level! I’ve got great rivers around here but you have to be a billy goat to get down the banks covered in rocks and brush.
  4. Yeah, I watched that a couple of times actually a while back looking for pointers. I typically use a baiting technique with boiled bird seeds, hemp, maize, etc. My go to method bait has been Luke’s recipe of panko, corn and strawberry jello. I’ve caught a lot of carp in our local river with this, but I’m leary it’ll work on a river that gets a lot of fishing pressure. Down here we have three big rivers full of carp and they go for pretty much anything.
  5. Thanks. I’ve got some goodies set aside.
  6. Or is it order and avoid shipping charges?
  7. What’s the discount?
  8. Must be some deep, dark secrets🤣😂
  9. Whoa! Gotta avoid that train track🤣😂😅 Cool picture at 105 years old.
  10. 15 hour day, came home and read the whole thing. Awesome!
  11. I’m pretty new too, but quickly went to maize and fake corn. Sweet corn by itself did the same thing for me. I use boiled maize with a piece of fake corn or maize at the bait stop end. You can pull it in nice and tight and it’s probably tougher for the fish to strip it. But I’m newer and someone else might have better answers!!
  12. Are you using sweet corn? If so, most fish and turtles love it. Maybe try boiled maize, or put a piece of fake corn butted up against your bait stop. That way, you still have “bait” on your hair that may well catch the elusive Carp👀
  13. How is the local neighborhood with car thefts, etc? I’ll probably bring all my gear inside the hotel, but wasn’t sure what the local feel was.
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