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  1. Nanook

    New here

    Rivers are slowly coming down and weather is nice this week, look out Mississippi!
  2. Appreciate the pics! I was thinking braid was all folks use, good to see the flouro being used as well. I bought a hundred or so pre-made rigs so I could get out and fish successfully, but want to tie my own to save money and use my pretty little rig box☺️
  3. Congratulations, Lynn! Great to have a lady leader into carp fishing.
  4. Now I’m wondering if I should ditch the corn and go straight to boilies? Provided I find a body with carp in it!
  5. Awesome fish! I’ve been reading your blog and really enjoy it. Dave
  6. Dang, MO! Nice little spot. Love the pictures and catches.
  7. Beautiful fish! What kind of carp is it?
  8. I’ve got five or six blanks and no carp here in Saint Louis, but I’ll find them!
  9. Nanook

    New here

    Nothing in the public realm fitting that description. I’m going to try Busch 33 next week. Been using the Panko, strawberry jello, sweet corn and hominy on my method lead, along with some Korda IB flavors. I’m hoping once I find a carp water, I’ll hook up. On on another note, I have 250 pounds of grains to boil for my particle bait.
  10. Nanook

    New here

    Well, the carp haven’t showed after fishing there four times. I called the conservation Department and the lady checked with a fishery biologist, who confirmed that this lake isn’t a good venue for carp. He recommended a lake off the Meramec River that has been flooded for a couple of months. This lake also has a large population of Asian carp.
  11. Impressive catches, impressive fishing and dedication! Strong work!
  12. Nanook

    New here

    I’m getting concerned. I did see several 2-3 feet long carp spawning on the bank a few years ago.
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