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  1. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    daiwa igloo. Insane shipping time from tacklebox over in the UK. TEAM SORANO.........stimulating the economy with one carp fishing order at a time lol
  2. (NY) team sorano

    NACA - 25th Anniversary Edition

    Just got the magazine in mail. I made some tea, relaxed and enjoyed. Proud to be part of this great club. Lots of history. And thank you CAG for the pin, the magazine, and all the effort people put into making the articles, magazines, etc.
  3. (NY) team sorano

    Panko Pack Bait

    I use glycerin, karo syrup, hemp oil, or any other flavored glug and coat the entire pva stick. I am not a fan of the rapid break down. pva bags, also not a big fan. Yea they catch fish and work but I am very picky and don't like the break down of the bag. when nash came out with there micro mesh, it was advertised as a prolonged break down. I did testing and it dissolved fast. Did it in different water temps as well. was told they were looking into another pva mesh. But so far nothing came about. I will only use mesh when I am boilie fishing. I like to grind them up and add it to my mix. when I fish particles, pop ups, south african floaties, puffs, I go straight to my method feeder or just mold my method and or packbait around an inline lead. Its more rapid for me as well.
  4. (NY) team sorano

    WE DID NOT EXPECT TO CATCH THIS!!! (River Carp Fishing)

    You guys did a great job making this video. well made.
  5. (NY) team sorano

    Catch and release.....illegal???

    Think we need some of the heavy hitters to create club lakes like they do in europe. pay a fee, carp fish all day catch and release.
  6. (NY) team sorano

    Catching Big Carp in Dale Hollow

    Great looking fish man
  7. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    Little order. Testing out some new bait. Tackleboxuk. came in 3 days. No idea how they do it!
  8. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    Hell yea! That looks great.
  9. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    Hell yea. post up pics when you get your new setup! I figured a unboxing thread would be pretty cool.
  10. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    Everyone should have a pair of vass waders. I tried them on last night and they are amazing. The quality is fantastic. It is a must have. Get on it boys.
  11. (NY) team sorano

    April carpin

    peas are great carp bait. I usually buy a bag of frozen peas and bring them with me when I go float fishing. sometimes I add a little bit of rock salt to them. when I go float fishing, I use my traditional carp baits that people used ages ago. I do mess around with sweet corn and as I mentioned above peas when float fishing but, mostly I use potatoes and corn meal dough that I make. In italy, some anglers rip the waters apart with these baits. The dough bait, they add extra things in it that remains a secret. I don't even know it. You could be standing 5 ft away from these guys and they will make you look like an amateur.
  12. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    wacker baits is back in the house.
  13. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    3 new sonik rods as well
  14. (NY) team sorano

    Unboxing thread

    More unboxing! BCT doin it big this year