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    Hell yea. Bow fishing IMO is absolutely stupid
  2. Meccanica rod pods

    This rod pod is bad ass. Pricey. But bad ass. Do want.
  3. New member

    welcome aboard!
  4. carp season is starting!!

    carp is open all season. I just meant carp season for me. I don't fish in freezing weather and snow here in new york. Im past that haha. I need decent weather to fish.
  5. carp season is starting!!

    zach, thats great! Im going to wait until you guys post up more stuff. you already know I will be placing big orders.
  6. carp season is starting!!

    Just saw big carp tackles facebook page. Looks like the 2018 stuff is coming in!! My bank account is going to hate me. You know you are obsessed with carp fishing when you still have payments to make on your credit card, but you are still ordering carp gear and don't care.
  7. Long Island carp jump

    Ed is a very dear friend of mine. we think a like lol. we fished some long island and queens waters together. Good memories. Looking forward to next year ed. Great chattin today.

  9. Long Island carp jump

    merry christmas ed. Ill give you a call tomorrow.
  10. I have I new spot for the boat tried to pm you .....

  11. Long Island carp jump

    lol yep thats def a long island carp. Its under 20 lbs hahaha
  12. A year to remember

    some nice carp right there
  13. usa carp fishing on nash tackle

    oh man you are right. I just went back on there page. They took it off.
  14. Unboxing thread

    Got these today from big carp tackle. Lets see what you guys are getting for 2018!