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  1. Franklin laws

    Just saw this! My heart is saddened, Franklin was one of the good guys! RIP Franklin
  2. Sharp hooks??

    Sticky sharp will catch you more carp! Savayman's info is absolutely right! Check them after every reeling in to rebait and every catch, sharpen or change them as needed.
  3. Georgia Carp USA

    Very nice! I got Georgia on my mind! Was stationed in Georgia in the Army, loved the place!
  4. Hooked up with Dunkel yesterday for a day of river carp fishing. We managed 13 carp from 8am to 5pm. Caught them on a variety of things. Awesome Possum Corn, Homemade peanut butter boilies, Dunkels Steamies, Cinnamon corn, Grape, Apple Whiskey corn, XXX Red Peach puff. Everything we threw yesterday work except the coconut boiles. .They ranged in size from 5-6lb runt to all the rest from 15-20 1/2lbs. Met a guy who was looking for carping help, we gave him pack, pickups and Hooks on leaders and sinkers. Hopefully he'll come here and visit! Hey we tried!
  5. Two PBs busted in one session!

    Heck of a haul! Way to go!
  6. Poll: Where would you fish this swim?

    I'd set up so I could fish A and B at same time. maybe set 2 rods to each direction. If I had to chose one over the other to start I'd probably fish B and adjust as nessasary. Chum and they will come!
  7. Fantastic new swim!!, great afternoon!!

    Its always fun when a new swim pays off. Looks like you hit a gold mine!
  8. Minnesota fish!!

    Nice assortment of fish, looks like a good time!
  9. How to change the 1 rod rule (Minnesota)

    Also Brain Wingard got Pa. changed from 1 to 2 contact him.
  10. ghost carp?

    Appears to be a common. Ghost are crosses between Commons and Koi and have kind of a skull pattern on there faces
  11. Soak time

    Usually 2-3hrs
  12. Pennsylvania Roll Call!

    Not from Pa but close, Morgantown WV area, I'm about 6 miles south of the Pa/WV line as the crow flys. I do have a Pa Non-Resident Lisc and will be fishing Pa. later this summer.
  13. That's is one touching story Larry! Makes me think back to my mother whos been gone now 26yrs. Think I'm going to the cemetery right now for a visit!
  14. Dead forum

    I'm not sure where everyone has went? Did they all just lose interests or are they all gathering elsewhere. I realize lives change people move on ect maybe that's it?
  15. Dead forum

    Dead and soon gone. Eventually no one will come here to see nothing new. Question to anyone that might know, is the facebook thing where you need a password to get in doing ok as in lots of people lots of post? Or whatever people do at facebook. If so there is the problem, because that's basically telling you/us join that page or lose out! No I will not join.