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  1. Dave is stupid, don't mind him. Dave I just don't fish with dumb f***s like you any more
  2. :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana: :Banana:
  3. Due to my job been reschedule i will not missed. See you guys tomorrow.
  4. Andy since last time we spoke on the phone I was like 80% sure I was not coming. Now since my job got reschedule it's more of 99.99% I won't be available to make it.
  5. Next time I am fishing this lake I will use grapefruit size boilies Look at that sling banding.
  6. One of few fish we cought 2 weeks ago. Snow a carp the shape of that fish was unique.
  7. Daniel


    I have use this one for many year with out any problem https://www.resistancetackle.com/catalog.php?mode=publicviewitemdetail&ref=5947
  8. Miss you to Dave can wait to see you at the WoodenShoe
  9. Yes Paul thats what they call me here in Michigan
  10. I dont think so, I dont need any of his bad mojo on me
  11. Hey if you cant catchem them with rod and reel then get on your boat and use a BOW :knifefork: :knifefork: :knifefork: :knifefork: :knifefork:
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