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  1. Bill Stoltz

    "Finalized" 2014 Ohio Fish In Schedule

    good job bob
  2. Bill Stoltz

    2013 Carp of the Year Vote

  3. Bill Stoltz

    2013 Carp of the Year Vote

  4. Bill Stoltz

    Take a pack fishing!

    I am a scoutmaster for the Boy scouts and a Cub master for the Pack, I have taken many kids out for their fishing merit badge, HOWEVER not carp fishing as you have to prepare and cook for the badge, and I don' t need all the questions as to why we are not cooking our carp....LOL
  5. Bill Stoltz

    Take a pack fishing!

    Btw, these are part of my Cub scouters. Pack 365...They had a blast, had many more pics but could only load so many on my phone.
  6. Bill Stoltz

    Take a pack fishing!

    Well this weekend I took a group of 40 or so boys age 6-11 fishing and camping. My only goal was to catch one carp so they could see the size and fun of catching gold. Well we caught 7 carp from 9-16 pounds and one huge channel cat at just under 6 pounds. Enjoy the pics. Btw..i only got to reel i. One fish and thats because they were all trick or treating at the time. 14 different kids got to fight a fish they will never forget.. All caught using sweet corn as chum and two fake yellow pop up corn...K.I.S.S.
  7. Bill Stoltz

    Delete my account

    Taken care of. Good luck to u.
  8. Bill Stoltz

    Hamilton anglers litter in Cambridge

    Personal comments are not allowed on the public forums. Everyone is warned. Anything posted after this will result in punishment. I will delete all prior personal attacks.
  9. Bill Stoltz

    ohio record broken

    This is sad news to me, as it was taken with a damn bow. But look it up, 53.65 pounds.
  10. Bill Stoltz

    hemp Seeds

    I have a bag of unprepared hemp seeds that weighs 19.6 pounds. I'll sell for $40 shipped to US only. Pm me if interested.
  11. Bill Stoltz

    Cny Carp Candy

    Well i took your word on it, and already received some items from him. I ordered and the next day i had products in the mail. Have yet to open or try them out yet. Im am trying hard to make EH. Cant wait to see what these baits are all about.
  12. Bill Stoltz

    Cny Carp Candy

    Really? Wow, might have to try them out, i trust tribals words but, seeing is believing
  13. Bill Stoltz

    Cny Carp Candy

    I so badly want to try them out, but have no confidence in boilles
  14. Bill Stoltz


    I show 0 warning points, in the future please take this to pm's