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  1. Fly fishing shows

    Got it. Thanks.
  2. Fly fishing shows

    http://www.flyfishingshow.com Wanted to put this here and on FB. There are several shows that will cover a good portion of the US so it would be convenient for a lot of people to attend. I plan on attending the Atlanta show, depending on what is covered on a particular day. There was one seminar that covered fly fishing for everything but trout. Hopefully, it will cover carp. If not, I will drop a hint to the speaker. FYI, the seminar is by Henry Cowen. It will be Friday, February 2nd, at 4 PM.
  3. Fly fishing shows

    I used to have a customer in Chandler, AZ. Didn't fish for carp then. Look at how much time I have wasted in the 15 years! Like to see what is in your fly box.
  4. Fly fishing shows

    Arizona? Gila trout? San Juan River? Know of a fellow who drives out there each summer, spends a few weeks, and guides on the San Juan. Used to do a lot of trout fishing but age has a way of preventing the rock climbing that is necessary in these parts. May do some this year. Carp fishing is much easier on the knees. Franky, would you share your favorite flies, techniques, and strategies for the group? Thanks.
  5. Fly fishing shows

    Thanks for your reply, Bill. Not enough is known, IMHO, partly because not many people are flinging flies at carp. As for fishing the water column, I feel you are talking about the area between the top and the bottom. Interestingly, my wife and I were in Little Rock, AR this past summer. The F&G people had an aquarium and other things off the downtown area. One of the tanks had a common carp in it. Never gave it much thought but the attendant fed the carp live minnows. The carp chased and inhaled the minnows like any predatory fish like a bass or muskie. In just a matter of second, all the minnows were gone! Would fishing something like a white woolly bugger or a small white Clouser minnow work for carp? I have had good luck with a white WB to imitate the shad die-off on my home trout river. I tie it like a regular WB but tie in a few strands of white pearlescent crystal flash. I have been know to use some silver Christmas tinsel, too. On the surface, we are familiar with the mulberry imitations or insect imitation. I have a place where I can experiment with surface flies. I would like to experiment as I know of a fellow who fishes for carp here in east Tennessee. I'm curious what flies he uses. We normally think of crawfish imitations or nymphs fished on the bottom. Will let the members know what I find. Well, any excuse to go fishing for carp!
  6. Fly fishing shows

    Iain posted on FB- Henry Cowen chases carp in the skinny stick. The NJ show will have additional info on carp on the fly.
  7. Carp Fly Tournament - Golden Bones

    Adding this to the thread. A search would also reveal some carp-specific flies, but I'm of the opinion that there are already flies out there that will catch carp. http://www.cabelas.com/browse.cmd?categoryId=734095080&CQ_search=carp+flies&CQ_zstype=REG https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/439954.Brad_Befus
  8. Carp Fly Tournament - Golden Bones

    Thanks. Good link. Waiting for warmer weather and summer lake levels. Here in the South, lakes are dropped several feet for flood control. I have seen photos of downtown Chattanooga before the dams were built. There was several feet covering the streets with businesses flooded.
  9. Contact with a FFing carper

    Looking to catch some carp on the skinny stick this year. Our local lakes and rivers have mud and silt bottoms. Others have sand and gravel bottoms. I'll be checking a fly shop in Knoxville plus my friend about where to go. Plus, I would love to have SWMBO hook up with a carp. I have an experienced 5 wt. and 7 wt. rods that would be ideal. I'm anticipating tying some flies while the weather is lousy round here- 14 degrees this morning. Next Wednesday is a high of 62- go figure.
  10. Contact with a FFing carper

    I just made contact with a fellow who fly fishes for carp here in Tennessee. We are planning on getting together this year to put some gold in the net by using the skinny stick. Stand by for photos and all the details!
  11. Ny, East River carp

    Sturgeon. When I lived in Queens in the early 60s, there was good striped bass fishing up from the city where the water was cleaner. Only fished the south shore of Long Island.
  12. Sf Bay Area carp

    Scroll down the home page and see Carp-on-the-fly. Welcome to the website. We also have a public FB page plus another for members. Join us for the New Year!!!!
  13. Carp Rod Blanks

    The thing I ran into was people wanted a custom rod at a K-Mart price. I did find a niche as the Dayton, TN area is becoming a mecca for bass tourneys- as many as 400 boats in one tourney. They were dividing them into two marinas for the start. An outdoor expo could be a boom for sales. But, I gave it up as I didn't want a full time job. Retired from one- didn't need another. Plus, the wife retired 18 months ago, so that was also a factor.
  14. Carp Rod Blanks

    No. I build custom rods for 8 years. Mudhole, in Florida, had some but discontinued them. St. Croix has carp rods but I can't remember if the blanks are available. Contact Mudhole.

    MoCarp, not big deal. That would be my son-in-law. He's 6-7. Remember the commercials- it's not nice to mess with Sasquatch.

    Remember, if one does see a Bigfoot, my son says it is necessary to take fuzzy pictures so there is no real possibility of a positive ID. FWIW, we have had two sightings here in SE TN. One was about 8 miles from my house. The other was in the Cherokee National Forest to the east.
  17. Carp Fishing Korea and others

    It looks like he is using a dry fly of some sort. I need to go back and watch more carefully. Maybe I can see the fly. Watch and you will see the swirls where the carp take the fly and take off! As if I need an excuse to watch it again. As I said, do a search for "fly fishing carp Korea," and you will be entertained all day.
  18. Carp Fishing Korea and others

    I recalled a video about carp fishing with the fly rod in Korea. I did a search and came up with a number of links. This one is my favorite. The background music is worth the whole eight minute video. Note the reels in the water to cool the drag- shows how a carp can run! Also, there is a fellow fishing from the bank in the background of a couple of scenes. Enjoy as I always like the action and the music. Note the crowded highway along the river. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=carp+fishing+Korea&view=detail&mid=71EE3FEDA506CD167EF771EE3FEDA506CD167EF7&FORM=VIRE
  19. Username

    Send Willem a PM. Give the info to him and he can change it. He did this for me.
  20. Georgia Carp USA

    Nice video and some real nice carp. Thanks for sharing. I'm sending a PM right now.
  21. Snow? Freezing temperatures? Wind chill? And you have a bunch signed up for this? Oh, well, let the games begin! Good luck to all participants. I do wish we have a venue like yours as many places here in TN aren't conducive (like the big word?) to having a fish-in. We have a few places but need some young guys who are adept at climbing rip-rap.
  22. NACA - 2018 Special 25 Year Anniversary Edition

    What is the deadline for submitting material for the magazine? I have some ideas for it. Just need to stir and bake for about an hour.
  23. FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Sign me up! Participation will depend on the weather as it can be good or lousy here in east Tennessee. I have seen it unseasonably warm or very cold with wind, rain, ice, or snow or all three. Or I might be heading south to north Georgia and fishing with carpers there. Will wait and see how the weather turns out. John Torchick (Cannonball)
  24. Carp Guide services and lessons

    There should be some that would teach you the finer points of carping. Go to the Beginner section of the website and start there. Keep in mind, many of us have adopted the Euro style of carping with the long rods and alarms, etc. but you can start with basic tackle for bass fishing. Whoever "guides" you will be a volunteer, I would think. Here in TN, if you guide for $$, you have to have a special license. Also, look at the calendar of events and see what fish-ins are in your area or within driving distance. Welcome to the wonderful world of carping! BTW, I would recommend you consider a membership.
  25. Error message

    I clicked on the 2012 Q4 NACA magazine and get a 404 error message. What's up?