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  1. Error message

    I clicked on the 2012 Q4 NACA magazine and get a 404 error message. What's up?
  2. Error message

    Right on the words and numbers. Will try again. Thanks. Edit: I can click on any of the back issues and get the error message.
  3. Self Photos with Your Smartphone

    Set the camera timer and run real fast!
  4. Hi from a new member

    Welcome to CAG. I didn't get a chance to try for carp on the skinny stick. May not be too late yet.
  5. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    What a job! Captain D's on wheels? I'm intrigued by the looks on the faces of the kids. May be the only time they have seen a fish up close and their environment. Welcome to the forum.
  6. A quick introduction and my PB carp

    Welcome to CAG.
  7. A GARgantuan surprise!

    Saw a head mount of an alligator gar in a place in Shreveport. Over six feet long and about 100 pounds. That's a lot of fish. BTW, Jeremy Wade, River Monsters, fished with a guide on the Trinity River in Texas. It was a river but looked like a muddy ditch but had big gar.
  8. Throw back pic 06!

    team sorano, you should get the newsletter if you are a CAG member.
  9. Throw back pic 06!

    Nice photo- good to recall the good ol' days. 2006? I could use the first photo as a cover for the newsletter....if that is OK with you. I recognized Ed in the plaid jacket, second from the right, back row.
  10. What are Some Good Carp Waters in Ohio?

    Not familiar with carping waters as I haven't lived in Ohio for many years. Should be some good carping just about anywhere. Get a map and start looking. While there, check out the Amish community. Holmes County has one of the largest populations of Amish in the country. Off topic but interesting trivia. Back in the early 50s, Smithville was known for their speed trap. They cut you no slack whatsoever. If you were clocked at one MPH over the posted limit, you were given a ticket. The town saved up the money from the fines and used it to build a new high school.
  11. CAG Big Four goldfish!!

    You can make turtle soup. The nice is that you turn them upside down and they come with their own bowl.
  12. Most unusual catch ever!!!!-

    Just don't forget to strain the corn from the mixture. Sign in gift shop- I cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in my food.
  13. When can you say you have caught a fish?

    I'm trying to think of the salmon that is snagged as they don't feed during spawning. The fly is cast out and the tippet is allowed to be caught in the jaws of the salmon and the hook is set. Sort of a way of snagging.
  14. When can you say you have caught a fish?

    IMHO, if it's on the mat or in the net, it is caught. I have foul-hooked a couple of trout that way. If you bring it in and unhook it, it is considered caught. Case in point- if you hole out a shot from the tee or fairway, it counts whether you use a wood, iron, or putter. You don't have to use a putter on the green for it to count.
  15. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Quarter stick of TNT will do the job every time! Also known as a DuPont sinker.
  16. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Interesting video, MOCarp. However, I would have lots of questions about the video. 1. Was it the rig itself? 2. Was there some repellent scent on the rig as sunscreen, etc. 2. Was the flavor, if any, indicative of being caught in the past? Bass have been shown to be conditioned to certain lures. That is why bass anglers have hundreds of dollars invested in artificial baits. To me, there are many variables here. Like casting to a bass 25 times and getting a strike on the 26th cast. Why that one cast? One thing would have been to have everything identical except for one hair rig and one with the bait on the hook.
  17. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Try this- when you run the line through the hook eye, make sure it is passed from the back to the front (point). When you pull the line, it will cause the hook point to move up and hopefully make a good hookup. Try it. This is how I do it.
  18. Hair Rigs - The best way to fish them?

    Bait stops? I use short pieces of rubber bands. I can make about 8-10 from one rubber band, depending how precise I am with the scissors. I cut at an angle so I have a point to insert into the hair loop. There are some great tutorials on the forum and on youtube for tying hair rigs. My friend needmotime2fish shared his method- quick and hold up great.
  19. Leader problems...

    Carpers, go to www.animatedknots.com and you can find hundreds of knots for just about any situation or sport.
  20. Hurricaine Harvey Grass carp rescue

    Where were the PETA people? They would rather the fish die than put them back into a favorable aquatic environment? Ah, mesugga! (look it up on hebrew4christians.com)
  21. Dry Dog Food ?

    Phil had some catfish food and canned corn (drained) that he wet slightly and made a packbait from it. I checked it and it packed good and was a bit sticky. He suggested I try this with a small batch of range cubes.
  22. CAG Ohio - Scioto River Results

    A good time was had by all! When I lived in Ohio in the 50s and early 60s, the Scioto River and the Olentangy River were heavily polluted. Anyone remember in the 50s when the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught fire- three different times???
  23. Positive carping!

    A journey begins with the first step. WE are on our way!
  24. First carp on the fly!

    Thanks. Like to get out but the weather is going to be beastly hot next few days. Can't wait until November!
  25. First carp on the fly!

    What is your technique on catching them on the skinny stick? Looking at the water in the background of the first picture.