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  1. (TN) Cannonball

    Using New Pack Bait

    Fig newtons???? That is one of my favorite cookies! If I fished with you, I would eat all your packbait........without a glass of milk. That is a quality video. Keep up the good work with fishing for carp and sharing your adventures with the forum. Thanks.
  2. (TN) Cannonball

    Using New Pack Bait

    I have a fish-in this Saturday. Da Sniper Olivier) has used garlic/pineapple and caught some nice fish. He has them posted on FB. Need to scrounge up some garlic juice.
  3. (TN) Cannonball

    Using New Pack Bait

    Nice mirror. Just think how big it will be later this year. Seems like you have a good recipe for packbait. Many of us experiment so we don't condition the fish to ignore the usual flavors.
  4. (TN) Cannonball

    Fishing in eastern wa

    Can't answer your question but I recall an episode of Fly fishing Video with Jim and Kelly Watt several years ago. They were fly fishing for carp in a lake in eastern Washington. They waded the flats like bone fishing in the Keys. Often wonder what happened as they had a great show.
  5. (TN) Cannonball

    Catching Large Carp At The Blackstone River In RI

    Bet it only happened once! I was taking a class in college. My mother saw a soft shell turtle along the road and picked it up. I told her she was lucky as its neck can reach over halfway down his back. This was out in the sticks and she would have had a time with it.
  6. (TN) Cannonball

    Looking for some guidance

    Smaller streams? Gives me an idea. The custodian of the science building in college said his family used to catch carp to eat during the depression. The county is full of small streams and I have one in mind that goes through a city park. Hmmm. Any excuse to catch carp!
  7. (TN) Cannonball

    Catching Large Carp At The Blackstone River In RI

    Once a snapping turtle latches on, it won't let go. I have always been told you have to crush their jaws to get loose. Any other experiences or ideas?
  8. Brad, if you could bring some kind of snacks as cookies, etc. that would be welcome. Just make sure they are tolerant to heat. Supposed to be in the low 90s Friday and Saturday.

  9. (TN) Cannonball

    Looking for some guidance

    Didn't get a bite. That happens. Welcome to the forum. Permit me to suggest you join CAG. As a new member, you get a packet of goodies and access to the Members Only section of the forum. Don't be afraid to ask questions- that is how we learn. I'm sure that there will be many replies from the PA carp fishing community.
  10. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    I'm going to forgo the hot dogs as it is going to be in the 90s on Saturday. Don't feel like slaving over a hot grill in the middle of the day. I'll get a selection of cold cuts, rolls, cheeses, etc. as a substitute. Let me know what you propose to bring in the say of extras.
  11. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    As TN state chair, one of my responsibilities is to organize some fish-ins for the members and guests. To get started, how many would be interested in attending at least two this year? One member suggested this would determine what kind of venue would be needed, both for travel convenience for out of state carpers and TN carpers. Your answer is appreciated. I have some venues in mind but a couple might be limited to the numbers of carpers.
  12. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    Here is a list of carp anglers- John T. spoon Brad Aaron W. Barry Tony Scott Baird- had to cancel due to his wife having a knee injury. wft355- no name for him BTW, invite someone to attend! I'm going to extend an invitation to the parks and recreation director, Steve Harrelson, and contact the local newspaper for a reporter and photographer.
  13. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    spoon, that would be great! Brad, thanks. Is there anyway you and spoon could coordinate your baiting? I'll bring some spod mix to keep them interested during the two days I'll be there. As I mentioned, I'll furnish the Fish-In Filet Mignon, buns, and condiments- mustard, ketchup, chopped onions, relish. We could use chips, nachos, dip and/or salsa, some type of snacks as cookies (something that is not heat intolerant). Brad, I have an Orca ice chest to supplement your Yeti. I'll bring it more storage for drinks and keeping the lunch items cold. I have a list of those who indicated attending. I'll find it and post it here and match it with the previous posts here. I have a 10X10 popup canopy and some tarps that we can use for some shade. If you have one or a bivvy or brolly, bring it. This venue doesn't have trees down to the bank so we will be in the open. Sunscreen is a necessity for this fish-in. Sign up here for your contribution for the lunch and snacks during the fish-in. Many thanks to all for helping with this. Fish-ins are a combination of Food, Fun, Fellowship, and Fish!
  14. (TN) Cannonball

    Carp Cup Tournament

    This is in the Knoxville, TN area. Would love to be a part of it but not able. http://3riverscarpcup.com/
  15. (TN) Cannonball

    Tennessee Fish-in Inquiry

    I'll be compiling a list for the fish-in as to who will be attending or a possibility. I'll furnish hot dogs (known as Fish-in Filet Mignon), buns, condiments. You need to plan on bringing your own drinks as this can be a matter of preference for each person. If you would care to "contribute," let us know here and we can plan on a variety of snacks and other things.
  16. In my haste to process an online order with Big Carp Tackle, my wife noticed that I left out the numbers on our shipping address. I tried to edit it but couldn't edit the order. I called BCT this morning and talked with Zach. He corrected the address and I just got an email that the order has been shipped. Looking at the invoice shows that the address has been corrected and I should get it in two or three days. I even have a link to track the order. Thanks, Zach! Now to catch some big carp!
  17. (TN) Cannonball

    Brown Trout

    Where in NY? That is a big state with a lot of trout water.
  18. (TN) Cannonball


    Jerome's fish might qualify in a few years. My father always said anticipation is greater than realization. Must be nice not to go to the dentist but your habit certainly pays off. Just think......you can buy more carp stuff with the money you save in dental bills.
  19. (TN) Cannonball


    Some thoughts here- 1. MOCarper, is the reason you are always smiling in your photos that you are a dentist or advocating "See your dentist twice a year?" 2. Jerome, would that carp would be the basis for a big pot of bouillabaisse? To all- Tight lines and screaming alarms! 😁😂
  20. (TN) Cannonball

    Walter E. Long (Decker Lake) to be Drained?

    Lobby to keep the lake as a highly regulated fishery for carp and buffalo. No BFing or taking of any fish with any method except rod and reel. Advertise it in the USA and overseas as a trophy fishery. There would be tremendous economic benefits for the area. You recall the ripple effect in economics? Good luck. I might be able to talk SWMBO to fishing there. Could you start a petition that we at CAG could sign? Any way we could help?
  21. (TN) Cannonball

    Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

    The carp came from Asia and I think the rice makes them think they are back home. 😁
  22. (TN) Cannonball

    2018 CAG Ohio - Cowan Lake Results

    I should have never moved from Ohio!
  23. (TN) Cannonball

    Pack bait help

    42 oz. of old fashioned oats, one can creamed corn, and flavor. Pour one half of the creamed corn into the oats. Mix flavor in the other half, mix thoroughly. Pour into the oats/creamed corn mix and mix thoroughly. I mix it the night before fishing, usually before I go to bed. It's ready my morning. It is possible to mix it right before you go fishing. This should give it time for the oats to completely absorb the liquid from the corn. Also, if it dries out a bit, add a bit of water to moisten it. Works great all year! I get my flavors at the grocery store. Ollie's Bargain Outlet or Big Lots has flavors real cheap.
  24. (TN) Cannonball

    How to Make Rice Pack-bait

    This is using instant rice. I tried uncooked regular rice. Didn't work but we have made lots of rice pudding.
  25. (TN) Cannonball

    Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

    needmotime2fish (Barry) has some recipes for rice packbait that use soft drinks, etc. I find the rice packbait to be good.