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  1. I just finished a Hunter Education class this past Saturday. Only one chapter out of ten deals with hunting. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with game laws, ethics and responsibility. Chapter 9 deals with conservation; surprised? "Carrying capacity is the number of animals that the habitat can support all year long." Hunting and fishing are two ways that populaltions are controlled. The state of Tennessee has a 43 page booklet on fishing laws. Why? Each body of water is different- requiring different limits, seasons, etc. One size down't fit all. Which is worse- catching and releasing a fish or shooting it with an arrow and throwing it on the bank while still alive? Two British professors did a study and found that hooking a fish is not what everyone thinks.
  2. FWIW, the custodian of the science building at my Alma Mater said that carp kept his family fed during the Depression. They would catch the carp and put them in a spring fed horse trough for about two weeks to get the mud taste out of the fish. He also you need to get the mud vein out of the back or it will spoil the meat. For me, if someone wants to keep a small carp to eat, I have no objection. That is better than shooting a bunch with arrows and leaving them to rot in the water or on the bank.
  3. Tennessee Fish-In I will be hosting a fish-in at the Lenoir City Park on Fort Loudon Lake, Saturday, May 4th. Access to the park is east on US 321 either from US 11 or I-75, Exit 81. Turn left off US 321 and go behind the marina and you will see the pavilion, boat ramp, and restrooms (Hooray!). We will set up in the open area there. Let me know if you will be fishing as I will have a hot dog or cold cuts lunch on Saturday. Some will come up on Friday and fish. See you there! Keep watch here and the CAG Facebook page for any changes due to weather, etc.
  4. Got one tentatively planned for Lenoir City Park, Fort Loudon Lake, on May 4, 2019. Will be posting later on the forum and the CAG calendar after checking with the park office to make sure it doesn't interfere with any other functions. There will be some of us who will fish on the 3rd and put out bait.
  5. Welcome. We had chatted by PM. Keep an eye on the calendar as there are some fish-ins coming up in GA and TN. M'ville is not far from me so we'll keep in touch.
  6. Nice time and great looking fish.
  7. You might point out that the US government was one of the main instigators for the introduction of the common carp in the US.
  8. Let the sling drain a bit, hang the sling and set the scale to tare weight if possible, the weigh the fish. The dial scales might not be able to do this but my electronic scale has this feature. I'm trying to figure out to set the tare weight to zero and program it to add three pounds.😈
  9. There are fly rods that have as many as seven pieces for backpacking. With any graphite rod, make sure the ferrules are snug. The least little bit of play will cause the female ferrule to crack. Had a fellow who cracked his rod tip by doing this. He asked if I would fix it. He wrapped it with sewing thread and coated it with super Glue! Totally ruined it.
  10. Can't help with your question but I have advocated a 10-13 foot rod with three pieces. My 13 footers broken down into two pieces fit in my Honda Odyssey van but the little Ford Ecosport is too short.
  11. Welcome to the forum. Always room for one more.
  12. That is a memorable catch! Your oatmeal packbait mix is interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Good day on the creek bank. All our lakes and rivers are blown out from all the rain here in the SE. Getting more later this week.
  14. I like the oatmeal mix that I posted earlier. If it dries, as Manosteel said, add a bit of lake or river water to moisten it and fish!
  15. Same goes for Tennessee. Lakes, rivers, creeks are running full and more rain expected tomorrow and Saturday. If it keeps up, I'm going to start baiting the ditch by my house.
  16. A big thank you to Willem for taking this hiccup and getting us going!👍
  17. Good luck on your quest for a campground. Down here, we obviously don't get the snow that you get in Canada. I was born and raised in Ohio so snow isn't anything new to me. We get the snow in the form of rain. My father said the difference between snow and rain is that you don't have to shovel rain.😋
  18. I'll probably get underwear. 😝 Wife says I have enough carp gear and other fishing gear.
  19. Not yet but I checked my address and it is OK. My father always said anticipation is greater than realization. Looking forward to the issue and pin. Thanks, CAG!
  20. I know of people who fish the year around. CAG sponsors an event, First Fish Folly, which is a contest to see who can catch a carp from midnight, Dec. 31st to midnight, January 1st. It is surprising how many carp are caught in the northern states during that time. Surprising that people would actually fish during that time, considering the weather in some places. I'm glad I'm not a koi in your mother's pond. I couldn't think of going all winter without something to eat.😨 Some of the GA folks will chime in here. Where will you be staying in GA? That might give some more definite information.
  21. Hold on for the latest information. There are a lot of GA carpers! Not as many paylakes as North Carolina but a lot of lakes that are fishable.
  22. Why take a chance on the fish while waiting for a scale to be brought to the location? I commend his decision.
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