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  1. This is a virtual goldmine! I plan on using this in the discussion with a fellow on a bowhunting website. Cut an paste seems to be the answer. This guy might be busy for a while to read all this information. His last post has him dismissing documented history of carp in the USA.
  2. Unusual coloration. That looks familiar from a TV show. Yes, what is it? And welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing more photos of fish you have caught. I take it Brighton is in Great Britain?
  3. Best way to fish any venue is with the bait in the water. ☺️ Did you plan on staying next to the river? Good move as logistics will be easy. Good luck and let us know the results.
  4. Thanks for the interesting thread. I think that we all share the sentiments expressed as we all, more than likely, have someone who has led us to this point in carp fishing. Willem invited me to Kingston, TN in October, 2014 and was gracious enough to share his knowledge, answer questions and allow me to hook, play and release my first three "official" carp. It's been two bunches of fun ever since. I have met a lot of outstanding people from all walks of life, careers, etc., with the common interest in carp fishing.
  5. True! Now it is all about the grandkids.
  6. Czechoslovakia? That must have been in the early 90s before the Czech Republic and Slovakia split? My grandparents came from what is now Slovakia. You can Google and find fishing guides in those countries. My grandmother's town had a huge lake by it. Always wondered if it had carp.
  7. There is nothing as big as the fish almost caught.🤗
  8. Thanks for the report and photos! A good day. It's odd how carp will take one bait and ignore another. My luck is that they ignore all my baits. Surprised that people don't blame carp for the green stuff.
  9. You didn't say how much the carpers weighed.☺️
  10. Canadian geese? Just watch where you step! Watch where you sit on the bank. Tell the lifeguard that you could b a arrested for cruelty to animals. Hmmm. Throwing carp on the bank to die is like throwing kittens in the lake to control the cat population. Is there a difference?
  11. You are waaay ahead of me! Going tomorrow so I might beat you. 😊 What are you using for bait, if it's not a secret? Keep us posted of future captures. May I suggest you get some sort of mat to keep the fish off the ground? Yoga mats can be cheap (like me) and found at the big box stores as Wally World or the exercise area of sporting goods stores. I go through the exercise area to keep in shape. Round is a shape!
  12. Those goldfish are hard to filet! Are they invasive or introduced? We have a PB, Personal Best, and now we have a PL, Personal Least.
  13. Barry, need to try it.
  14. Canned sweet corn, flavored and unflavored. Doing an experiment with unflavored corn on the hook and a bare-bones approach to tackle.
  15. Carp are fickle as I have found they will change their minds without notice. I don't stick to one flavor on that basis. I have some flavors from a paylake store in SC. They are concentrated so a few drops will do the job. Mostly, I use flavors from the grocery- vanilla, anise, peppermint, to name a couple. Not much luck with maple or orange. You don't need a lot of flavor; a few drops will be OK. I have caught carp on sweet corn soaked in white vinegar! Don't add a lot of water to the oatmeal when it begins to dry. Just add a few drops at a time. Good fishing!
  16. At least something was biting a lot. Rather it be a carp, though. One is more than zero!
  17. Yes, saw it; was speaking of TN. Should have been more specific.
  18. Chumming, prebaiting, etc, is legal for fishing. Nothing in the regulations to prohibit it. You can go through the guide for the legal and illegal methods for fishing. The same website will also have the latest hunting regulations. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/twra/documents/fishguide.pdf
  19. My question regarding chumming is if the substance/material isn't attached to the hook in any way. I'm an hunter education instructor and I get questions about hunting regulations. Had one student call the regional office and got certain info. Found out that it was wrong. Tennessee doesn't have any regulations regarding chumming or the number of rods you can use. Some of the trout waters have regulations for delayed harvest, number of hooks which do allow a fly and dropper, hours to fish, etc. You can check the regulations at www.tnwildlife.org, go to "Fishing" and pull up the fishing regulations guide. I carry a fishing or hunting regulations guide with me at all times. Working with the TWRA for 19 years, I have numerous contacts so a call or text to the top staff will get an accurate answer. I also note who I talked to so if questioned, more than likely they outrank the wildlife officer.
  20. Wife brought up the weather factor this spring. We decided we would get up, grab a quick bite and a cup of joe, drain the puppies and fish until around lunch when the temps start to rise.
  21. Feeding imaginary ducks will get you real ticket. Or a trip to the psychiatrist.
  22. C'est bon, mon ami! Let's just call it a feeder stream?
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