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  1. Canned sweet corn, flavored and unflavored. Doing an experiment with unflavored corn on the hook and a bare-bones approach to tackle.
  2. Carp are fickle as I have found they will change their minds without notice. I don't stick to one flavor on that basis. I have some flavors from a paylake store in SC. They are concentrated so a few drops will do the job. Mostly, I use flavors from the grocery- vanilla, anise, peppermint, to name a couple. Not much luck with maple or orange. You don't need a lot of flavor; a few drops will be OK. I have caught carp on sweet corn soaked in white vinegar! Don't add a lot of water to the oatmeal when it begins to dry. Just add a few drops at a time. Good fishing!
  3. At least something was biting a lot. Rather it be a carp, though. One is more than zero!
  4. Yes, saw it; was speaking of TN. Should have been more specific.
  5. Chumming, prebaiting, etc, is legal for fishing. Nothing in the regulations to prohibit it. You can go through the guide for the legal and illegal methods for fishing. The same website will also have the latest hunting regulations. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/twra/documents/fishguide.pdf
  6. My question regarding chumming is if the substance/material isn't attached to the hook in any way. I'm an hunter education instructor and I get questions about hunting regulations. Had one student call the regional office and got certain info. Found out that it was wrong. Tennessee doesn't have any regulations regarding chumming or the number of rods you can use. Some of the trout waters have regulations for delayed harvest, number of hooks which do allow a fly and dropper, hours to fish, etc. You can check the regulations at www.tnwildlife.org, go to "Fishing" and pull up the fishing regulations guide. I carry a fishing or hunting regulations guide with me at all times. Working with the TWRA for 19 years, I have numerous contacts so a call or text to the top staff will get an accurate answer. I also note who I talked to so if questioned, more than likely they outrank the wildlife officer.
  7. Wife brought up the weather factor this spring. We decided we would get up, grab a quick bite and a cup of joe, drain the puppies and fish until around lunch when the temps start to rise.
  8. Feeding imaginary ducks will get you real ticket. Or a trip to the psychiatrist.
  9. C'est bon, mon ami! Let's just call it a feeder stream?
  10. I have a suggestion. Move to Tennessee!
  11. Adding: Some possibilities of thundershowers Friday and Saturday but not significant. I'll plan on holding the fish-in. If push comes to shove, we can ride out the brief weather interruptions under the pavilion.
  12. Will plan on 15 for lunch. I'll make sure we have lots of food. Food is one of the main ingredients of a fish-in. Might have a couple of newbies show up.
  13. My post of April 14th included several names. Please reply if you are coming and staying for lunch so I'll know how many to plan for. Lunch will be cold cuts, the trimmings, chips and cookies. Bring your own drinks and snacks to nibble on between fish. This is a city park so adult beverages aren't permitted. However, there is a Calhoun's BBQ at the marina that serves a full line of adult beverages. Weather looks good for Friday and Saturday. A new carper, Buddy, and I will be up Friday to fish and put out bait- cracked corn and whole corn with some sort of flavor. I will have a shelter and will see if I can rig up something to expand the shade; to be around 80 each day and some showers expected. As we all know, that is subject to change hour by hour.
  14. Don, welcome as a guest. Consider joining CAG as it has proved to be very beneficial to me. Fellowship, fun, food and fish make for a great combination that can't be beat! Those are nice grassies. I'm going to be at a place that has grassies but can't fish for them. Might take some bread and cast it upon the waters. Read that somewhere.
  15. I just heard from the coordinator for the parks department. We are clear to fish and there are no activities scheduled that day.
  16. Good time for a fly rod! Edit- adding video. Someone had told me the name of the background music. Please answer again as I can use it for Power Point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnIvE8o24HM&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0ctBf3FRo-AClZcrWxWS-Dyft_9t-yPe9IaclkvMeKzWzf5myxMimJmGA
  17. Bringing this up to the top. Barry Shildneck remarked yesterday that it is three weeks until the fish-in at Fort Loudon Lake outside of Lenoir City, TN. The fish-in is at Lenoir City Park off US 321 east of town and US Hwy 411. Just before you cross the new bridge, the park sign is on the right. Turn left and go around the marina and the dry storage building. Go to the end of the street. Turn left and you will see the playground and pavilion. We will be fishing the open area there around the flagpole. Had a good turnout last year but I was reminded not to have a fish-in during the middle of summer. Some of us will be fishing Friday. One indicate he would be fishing Thursday also. Yarberry Campground is across the lake and has lakefront sites. We will start at 8 AM and fish until about 5-6 PM. Later if the fishing is good. I will host a cold cut sandwich lunch so I need to get a count of those attending. as of today, I have compiled a list of eleven- Dustin, Barry, Tony, Charlie, Jennifer and Brian, Brad, John and Cheyenne, Kelley A., Buddy. Let me know if you plan on attending and if you will be staying for lunch. Invite any newbies as we will have plenty of tackle we can share. Nothing like a person landing a nice carp for the first time. Tight lines, screaming alarms and zinging drags!
  18. Will do. Photo link isn't working for me. Any way what it can be available to forward to the commissioners? They would be the best people to contact to start. Link for contact info for the commissioners who have a big part in setting regulations. https://www.tn.gov/twra/tennessee-fish-wildlife-commission#meet
  19. Looking to catch carp on the skinny stick for this year. Good luck.
  20. Welcome back, Steve! I'm retired so every day is a vacation. Got some friends coming up from GA for a couple of days of fishing and fun. Hopefully, the weather forecast is wrong and rain will bypass us.
  21. I recall carp anglers talking of what they describes as vomit mix. I guess it's a horrid mix used to spod. The name should tell the whole story.
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