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    Big 4 rules

    I have no doubt that someone's intentions were good when he/she/they CAG? decided to transition this tournament into a regional one. But based on the comments here and additional chatter I have heard/read, I think the outcome missed its mark. Encouraging more interest and inclusion from others outside the "advantaged areas" is fine but if these changes put the majority of the paying tournament members at a disadvantage...…. I would think that the move would have an opposite effect in the long run... Regardless, Thank you for encouraging and receiving my feedback. Todd
  2. Todd Richer_7193

    Big 4 rules

    I must say that I too was very disappointed as to how this years Big 4 tournament was conducted and concluded. The first time that I had heard of this tournament being a regional tournament was well after it had begun. Poor communication to members of this group for sure. Secondly, as Dave Pickering mentioned above, prizes and the disbursement of prizes should have been mentioned prior to the beginning of the tournament. Hearing nothing, I assumed that it would be just as it was in the past. Top ten finishers would be recognized and prizes would be given. Again poor communication to membership as this was not done. Very little recognition and acknowledgement were given to most of the members that deserved some. The CAG Big 4 tournament is a premier yearly event that should be showcased much better than this spring tournament was. Very disappointing to say the least. I can only hope that my comments in this post will help to start more dialog and communication within CAG to avoid these issues in future tournaments. Thanks Todd Richer
  3. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Spring Big 4 2018 The RULES

    A official CAG ICE agent will detain you. he he he
  4. Todd Richer_7193

    First MN carp of 2018

    Great effort and great fish. Nice Job.
  5. Todd Richer_7193

    New member

    Welcome! Tony
  6. Todd Richer_7193

    2017 RI Fall Combo Tournament Results

    I was tired of looking at the post titled " Dead Forum" so I decided to bump this....... FYI
  7. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Post ALL Carp Entries/Captures here!

    Congratulations to all who attempted/ managed to catch a fish yesterday. Very impressive on all counts! Great job! Todd
  8. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Frank, Is it my imagination or am I correct when I say that it appears we have an increased amount of participation this year? Very surprising considering the obvious weather temp. forecast....
  9. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Newsletter - December 2017

    Well Written Informative Real Time/ Up to date Now that's a Newsletter! Great job. Thanks
  10. Todd Richer_7193

    Favorite mirror

    Brian, I have caught a bunch of mirrors but none with such a light coloring as that. Nice fish. Congrats Todd
  11. Todd Richer_7193

    FFF 2018 - Register Here!

    Todd Richer Todd Richer_7193 Rhode Island MA/CT Not a junior
  12. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    ok Jerome I did send the pix. Hopefully someday we can get everybody's pix posted even if they did not place in the top spots. (that was what I was referring to originally) Thanks for the additional effort.
  13. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thank you Jerome. I appreciate the reply. Thank you MO and congrates to you also.
  14. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    I understand that the pix on the LB are compressed to small size, but this year I have been unable to view even those small pix. When I click on somebodies name, it just says "loading". Even under my own name.... no pix. I don't believe I'm alone here.. Or am I??? Is anyone else having this issue? But back to my original question... I would think that CAG not posting all of the fish entered onto a "Final Wrap up Post " for one of its premier contests is really a missed opportunity. I cannot think of a better way for our club/group to showcase itself to the masses than by posting all of the great catches made by our members throughout the country. Maybe I am being naïve, and this is a lot more work than I realize or it is just not feasible/ possible for this current forum format. Either way, please receive my comments as just that...comments. As I am not knocking or complaining about all the work you and everybody else has done to put this contest together. Thanks Todd
  15. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    What is the reason we do not showcase all of the fish entered in the contest within a "Final Results" post?? just curious.. Thanks Todd
  16. Todd Richer_7193

    CAG Big 4 Results - Fall 2017

    Thanks to Jerome and CAG for putting on the Big 4 contest. Great fun as usual.. Todd
  17. Todd Richer_7193

    CT CAG Fall Fish-In Sat Nov 11th 2017

    Thanks for the reply..... A friend and I tried our luck also on Saturday. We were also on the river, but more north. We fished an area that had given us great results prior to the big flow and cold temps. Unfortunately, our results were the same as yours. We saw some activity early when we arrived but no takers in 10 hours. Cant say we didn't try..... great effort by all you guys. Thanks
  18. Todd Richer_7193

    CT CAG Fall Fish-In Sat Nov 11th 2017

    How did the fish in go?? Just curious...
  19. Todd Richer_7193

    BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Thanks Jerome...
  20. Todd Richer_7193

    BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Thanks Guys. Sometimes for some, a hundred pounds comes easy. But let me tell you....... This 100lbs did not! Great fun and great company though.... Plus we have one last weekend to go.....
  21. Todd Richer_7193

    BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Here are two photos that did not upload properly on the leaderboard. 1. 25lb 4oz Common 2. 22lb 6oz Common
  22. Todd Richer_7193

    BIG 4 Fall 2017 - Bragging Thread

    Well Done Sir!!!
  23. Todd Richer_7193

    Link to Leaderboard

    The problem I am having is seeing the breakdown of individual(s). Once I click on a entrants name to see the breakdown of their fish...it just says loading. No thumbnail pix either. The overall leaderboard seems ok. Just saying...