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  1. MeshuggahCarp

    2018 Regionals

    Definitely signing up. Will be my first CAG event!
  2. MeshuggahCarp

    Quick Drags

    If I may, I would like to recommend the Sonik Tournos 8000 reels for those looking for a reliable quick drag. Getting used to them after using baitrunners for years was effortless and they've performed flawlessly!
  3. MeshuggahCarp


    Im located in the southeastern side of the state
  4. MeshuggahCarp

    CC Moore Equinox help

  5. MeshuggahCarp

    Bite indication without an alarm

    P.S.: Did you ever get yourself a baitrunner reel?
  6. MeshuggahCarp

    CC Moore Equinox help

    Ok, so I've finished the process and I have 4 Kg of Equinox to work with (for now). If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated!
  7. MeshuggahCarp

    River vs lake/pond

    Rivers and lakes/ponds are two entirely different scenarios. Rivers I feel are a bit more forgiving as you have fish constantly moving (generally) and a current to carry the scent of your bait. Lakes can be quite intimidating as you generally have to spend some time there and identify the Carps' patterns as well as the spots they tend to frequent. When fishing rivers, creeks or canals, look for features that would appeal to the Carp. Areas that transition quickly from shallow to deep, flats, weeds and reeds, overhanging cover, snags, holes, etc. It may seem daunting at first, but once you get the hang of it it'll become second nature. You'll literally have to stop yourself from analyzing a body of water when you aren't Carp fishing. I catch myself doing it all the time!
  8. MeshuggahCarp

    Marchin carp!-BEAUTIFUL MIRROR!!!!

    It's always a great feeling when you catch a glimpse of the fish you've been fighting and it turns out to be a mirror! I swear that they pull just a little harder than the commons do, but maybe its just coincidence...
  9. MeshuggahCarp

    NACA 2017 Printed Edition

    Really looking forward to reading it!
  10. MeshuggahCarp

    CC Moore Equinox help

    I was wondering if anyone here knew what type of pack/method mix I should use in conjunction with the CC Moore Equinox boilies I have made. Should I make an identical mix using the Equinox flavoring or just use whatever? I feel like it may throw them off a bit if I'm using Equinox hookbaits and a Super Peach pack ! This will be my first year primarily focusing on boilies, so I'm going in blind on this one. I also have homemade GLM boilies, but I have CC Moore GLM liquid to pair with that. Also, how much do you guys generally use to prebait a spot with and for how long before you have a session?
  11. MeshuggahCarp


    I'm busy whipping up some Equinox boilies in the kitchen, getting ready to head out as soon as the weather becomes more stable. Do we have any idea of when events may occur yet? I have been promoted at my job and now have a normal schedule, which will allow me to attend some events this year.
  12. MeshuggahCarp

    Bite indication without an alarm

    Well, the best way I found back in the day was to be patient and watch the line. Yes, this may seem like a daunting task, but I assure you, you will learn so much by doing this. When I started fishing for Carp exclusively I was 13 years old. Having a job on a farm bailing hay and shoveling s*** didn't yield much money, so I was forced to make due with what I had. I would go out to nearby creeks and rivers with my Ugly Stik and spinning reel, find a decent sized rock or cinder block to prop the rod on (resting it on the guide) cast out my simple slip rig and wait. I had no clue what a baitrunner was, so I would leave just enough slack in the line to witness the action beneath the surface. When the line began to move, I would slowly pick up the rod and lay the line in the crease of my index finger. It got to the point that I could almost tell exactly what the fish was doing with the bait. It also allowed for some very exciting moments, such as jumping into a river to retrieve my pole after a Carp made a screaming run with it! This is exactly why you want a baitrunner reel for Carp fishing. If you do choose to try this, please, wear polarized glasses. I did this for many years without and would come home with eyes so red you could've sworn I was doing something other than fishing.
  13. MeshuggahCarp

    2016 MI Season Opener

    You guys will be fishing literally right behind my job. Good luck!
  14. MeshuggahCarp

    2016 MI Season Opener

    Is this still happening??
  15. MeshuggahCarp

    Pair of Delkim Plus Alarms (MINT)